Volume 10 | Number 07
Luvk9s August monthly newsletter
The Labor Day holiday is just days away! Google defines Labor Day “as a public holiday or day of festivities held in honor of working people.” This Labor Day, why not honor your dog by giving him a job to do? Read the next article for more info.
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In keeping with the theme of working dogs:
Labor Day
Does your dog need a job?
Have you ever been told that your dog needed a job – and then wondered what in the world that meant?

While it would be great to have your Great Pyrenees guard livestock, your border collie herd sheep or your Labrador retriever bring back downed ducks, most of us aren’t in a position to offer our dogs this sort of job opportunity.

Breed of the month: BOXER
Major, a rescue, lives the good life in Milton GA
Boxers were developed in Germany from the old English bulldog and the now extinct Bullen Beisser, literally translated as bull biter.

Did you also know that:
  • Originally bred as a hunting dog, the large jaw enabled the boxer to hold onto large prey until the hunter arrived?
  • That Boxers really don't "box" with their paws; they do box with their heads or snouts.
  • Boxers are friendly, lively companions that make a great family pet.

Upcoming group classes
Group classes will be starting on Thursday, Sept. 6, at Red Barn Kennels.

Luvk9s will be offering:
  • Basic obedience
  • Agility level I (Level II is closed / full)
  • Combo class (different activity / sport each week)

Luvk9s will also continue to offer private lessons in Big Canoe. Contact us for more information.

"Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job.”
Franklin P. Jones