Volume 12 | Number 2
Luvk9s February monthly newsletter
Did you know that February 22 is "National Walk Your Dog" day?
If you're having difficulty walking your dog, click on some of the links below for help.


Stylin' at the dog park
Dog parks - canine professionals either love them or hate them. When asked if I am a fan of dog parks, my response is "it depends." There are many factors to consider before deciding whether a dog park is right for your dog.

Not all dogs are good candidates for the dog park. Senior dogs, fearful dogs, reactive dogs or introverted dogs might do better in a different venue. Most people don't consider their dog's SIZE or their PLAY STYLE.

Wrestling matches are often supervised by the "fun police." Image by Katrin B. from Pixabay
Breed of the month: Shih Tzu
Image by Cesar Abud from Pixabay
The Shih Tzu is believed to be originally from China and was bred to resemble the lion. In Chinese, the name translates to "lion dog." But did you also know that:

  • The Shih Tzu was the house pet for most of the Ming Dynasty?
  • The Shih Tzu was bred to spend most of their day inside the royal palace and therefore make an excellent inside pet?
  • Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor, Brooke Shields, Betty White and Beyonce' all had Shih Tzu's as pets?
  • Their long silky coat requires daily grooming, which is why many owners often cut their hair short?

Upcoming group classes
Luvk9s will be offering classes at Red Barn Kennels Wednesdays and Thursdays in Dawsonville (Big Canoe):
  • Puppy class (starts February 27)
  • Basic obedience (starts February 27)
  • Agility I (starts February 26)
  • Agility II (starts February 26)

Luvk9s also continues to offer private lessons in North Georgia as well as Canton, Ball Ground, Woodstock, Marietta and surrounding areas.
Image by Beverly Lussier from Pixabay
"A dog is one of the remaining reasons why some people
can be persuaded to go for a walk. "
Orlando Battista