Volume 13 | Number 1
Luvk9s January monthly newsletter
Happy New Year! Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

January is National Train Your Dog month, a movement started by the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT) in 2010. The CPDT, Pet Professional Guild (PPG) and AKC websites are excellent sources for training tips and behavior advice. The Luvk9s website also offers training tips and better yet, will be starting up group obedience classes next week!
Quick Clicks - training help

Impulse control - game #4
Photo compliments of freepik
The WATCH ME cue teaches your dog to make eye contact with you when asked. This cue can be used in a variety of situations, such as getting your dog to “sit” and “watch me” instead of chasing after a squirrel, lunging at a passing dog, or jumping on a passerby.
Start out by having your dog facing you.
  • Take a treat out of your pocket and move the treat from your dog’s nose to your face, and then out to the side (extend your arm out to the left or right), and ask your dog to WATCH ME.
  • When your dogs eyes (finally!) move from the treat to your face, praise him and reward him with the treat.
  • Repeat until your dog “gets it” and immediately makes eye contact when cued.
  • Now ask your dog to “watch me” by pointing at your eyes with one hand and hiding the treat in the other.
  • When your dog makes eye contact, praise and reward him with the hidden treat
  • Once your dog gets good at this, extend the time he makes eye contact with you before you give him the treat.
  • You can begin randomly rewarding with food but always verbally praise!.

Teach your dog any cue in 5 easy steps
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Cues such as sit, down, come or leave it are crucial to having a well-behaved dog. You can teach your dog any new cue (like a high five) by following these five easy steps:

Upcoming educational opportunities Photo compliments of Constant Contact
Classes in Big Canoe
Basic class starts Thurs. Jan. 14 at 11 AM
Canine Good Citizen starts Thurs. Jan. 14 at 1 PM

Classes in Ball Ground
Puppy class starts Fri., Jan. 15 at 11 AM
Basic class starts Sat. Jan. 16 at 11 AM
Canine Good Citizen starts Sat. Jan. 16 at 1 PM
Community Canine starts Sat. Jan. 16 at 3 PM



Luvk9s is offering in-home
private consults.
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