Volume 12 | Number 1
Luvk9s January monthly newsletter
Luvk9s Dog Training wishes you a peaceful and joyful 2020! Happy New Year!

January is "National Train Your Dog Month." The Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers and Pet Professional Guild websites are good resources for "all things dog" including training tips, behavior advice and lists of positive reinforcement trainers near you. Luvk9s also offers training tips.


Indoor winter activities
Image by Doris Dressler
Exercising your dog when it's cold, wet and miserable outside can be a challenging proposition. But there are fun and easy indoor activities you can do with your dog to work off excess energy.

Bring out your dog's "inner wolf" by encouraging him to work for his food. There are also simple indoor activities you can do to tire out your dog.

Breed of the month: DOBERMAN
Image by Yama Zsuzanna Markus from Pixabay
The Doberman pinscher was developed as a guard dog in Germany by Karl Doberman around 1890 to protect him during his rounds as a tax collector. But did you also know that:

  • The U.S. Marine Corps adopted the Doberman Pinscher as one of its official war dogs in WW II?
  • In 1972, a film called THE DOBERMAN GANG featured six Doberman's that robbed banks?.
  • Initially bred for protection, aggression is being bred out of many bloodlines but training is still critically essential?

Upcoming group classes
Luvk9s will be offering classes at Red Barn Kennels Wednesdays and Thursdays in Dawsonville (Big Canoe):
  • Puppy class (starts January 16)
  • Basic obedience (starts January 16):
  • Agility I & II (starts January 15)
  • Combo class (starts January 15)

Luvk9s also continues to offer private lessons in North Georgia as well as Canton, Ball Ground, Woodstock, Marietta and surrounding areas.
Image by markito from Pixabay
"A dog can snap you out of any kind of bad mood that you're in
faster than you can think of."
Jill Abramson