Volume 12 | Number 7
Luvk9s July monthly newsletter
Happy 4th of July! Did you know that this is the busiest weekend for animal rescues and shelters? Be sure to keep your dog secured safely inside during fireworks and double-check that your dog's ID tag on his collar is up-to-date. See our article below for tips on how to help your nervous dog survive the holiday. Be careful, be safe and stay well.
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Tips to survive 4th of July fireworks
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While many localities are cancelling 4th of July fireworks, some cities aren't - plus, depending on where you live, folks may be shooting off fireworks in your neighborhood. Here are some tips to help calm your nervous dog.
  • Stay home. Your presence will help relieve your dog's stress.
  • Be calm; dogs pick up on our nervousness.
  • It's OK to hold your dog; you'd comfort your child the same way.
  • Minimize the intensity of the fireworks by closing windows and drawing the shades, turning on a sound machine or playing calming music.
  • If your dog has a severe reaction to noise, consult your vet for medication to help.
Imagine this scenario. You are outside with your dog for a quick bathroom break when he notices something moving. As he runs across the street to investigate, you call him to come and to your delight, he immediately turns around and runs back towards you. Suddenly, you notice a car coming down the street. What would you do?

Being able to get your dog to stop – and drop – from a distance is a life-saving skill every dog should learn.

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