Volume 15 | Number 03
Luvk9s March monthly newsletter
Spring seems to have sprung in Atlanta - and with the changing of the seasons comes the switch to daylight savings time. Have you noticed when we "spring ahead" or "fall back" that your dog seems affected by the time change as well? Can dogs tell time? Check out the next article to learn more about this phenomenon. And don't forget to set your clocks ahead one hour this weekend,
Can dogs tell time?
Photo courtesy of freepix.com
My dog gets fed every morning at 6:30. If I get busy and lose track of time, he quickly lets me know. By 6:45, his whining and pawing reminds me that I have fallen down on the job.

I know that dogs cannot tell time, but HOW do they do that? Numerous theories abound.

Reading your dog's body language
Chart courtesy of Boogie, 2011, Lili Chin
"But he was wagging his tail before he bit me!

Many dog bites could be prevented if humans were better at reading dog body language. Contrary to popular believe, a wagging tail does not always mean a dog is happy. The position and speed of the tail wag, in addition to the dog's posture, ears, eyes and mouth can tell you volumes about whether the dog is happy, fearful or highly aroused.

Most animals are masters at reading body language. Humans also have this ability, but we tend not to utilize this skill because we rely so much on verbal communication.

Upcoming educational opportunities
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Friday classes in Ball Ground starting 3/31
Basic level II - CGC - Canine Good Citizen - 9 AM
Basic obedience level I - starts at 11 AM
Basic level III - Advanced Canine Good Citizen - 1 PM

Saturday classes in Ball Ground starting 4/1
AKC STAR Puppy class - starts at 9 AM
Basic obedience level I - starts at 11 AM
Basic level III - Advanced Canine Good Citizen - 1 PM

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