Volume 14 | Number 03
Luvk9s March monthly newsletter
Spring - and daylight-saving time - is right around the corner. While we humans will miss that hour of sleep, the switch to daylight-saving time can also affect our dogs.

According to dogtime.com, "Animals don’t set their routines by the clock that we use as humans to keep on schedule. They have their own circadian rhythm – a biological clock that helps them know when to eat, sleep, go potty, and do everything else in their day. So when humans change the clock for the start of daylight-saving time, it can affect dogs more strongly."

Click here to read more about how "springing forward" can affect your dog.

Don't forget to set your clocks ahead Sunday, March 13th!

Enrichment activity - game #8
Photo by Kay Malsbury
This month's enrichment activity is to take your dog shopping with you! It's a great socialization experience and your dog will enjoy sniffing out new environments.

You'd be surprised at how many stores welcome well-behaved pets. The list includes Home Depot, Lowes, Tractor Supply, The Apple Store, Bass Pro Shops, Harbor Freight and Tool, Cabela's, Orvis, Barnes & Noble, TJ Maxx/Marshalls, Pottery Barn and even some Macy's stores. Dogs are always welcome in most pet stores.

Click here for more info and details about pet friendly shopping. It's always best to check and call before you go!
Capture and reward desirable behaviors
Clicker versus verbal markers
Training a puppy or newly adopted adult dog can be challenging. The reason dogs don’t do what we ask is because they may not understand what we want. We don’t “speak” dog and our canines don’t understand English.

In order to improve communication, we need a way to clearly let our dog know when he is doing the right thing - or when he isn’t and needs to try something else. This is where reward (and no-reward) markers come into play.
What are reward and no-reward markers?

Richard prepares to reward Winston with a treat after marking the requested "sit" with a verbal "yes" marker. (Photo circa fall of 2016.)
Upcoming educational opportunities
Photo courtesy of brgfx at freepik
Thursday classes in Big Canoe - starting March 24
Basic obedience class 11 AM - FULL-CLASS CLOSED
Canine Good Citizen (obedience level II) starts at 1 PM

Friday classes in Ball Ground starting March 11
AKC STAR Puppy class starts at 11 AM
Basic obedience class starts at 1 PM
Combo class starts at 3 PM

Saturday classes in Ball Ground starting March 12
AKC STAR Puppy class starts at 11 AM
Basic obedience class starts at 1 PM
Canine Good Citizen (obedience level II) starts at 3 PM

Luvk9s also offers private, in-home consultations.
Contact us for more information!

COMBO CLASS - a little of everything!

Do something different each week:
  • Basic obedience review
  • Intro to agility
  • Noseworks 101
  • Tricks
  • Week #5 - students choice