Volume 10 | Number 03
Luvk9s March monthly newsletter
March 23 is National Puppy Day. This is a day to celebrate puppies and promote adoption. To see photos of the latest Luvk9s puppies who earned their AKC S.T.A.R. puppy certification, click here.

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Can dogs tell time?
Prepare to "spring ahead" this weekend
My Labrador retriever, Drop, usually gets fed every morning around 6:30 a.m. But if I get busy and “forget”, Drop sure doesn’t! Usually by 6:45 a.m. or so, the staring, nudging, whining, groaning and finally high-pitched frustration barking makes me look at the clock and realize that he hasn’t been fed!
I know dogs can’t read a clock, but how do they do that? How do they tell time?
Breed of the month: poodle
(Dublin, a standard-size poodle and Luvk9s graduate, resides in Bent Tree.)
Despite their "froufrou" appearance, poodles were actually bred to be hunting dogs (specifically water retrievers.)

Did you also know that:
  • Poodles were named for the German word for puddle (Pfütze)?
  • Poodles are the only breed that comes in three sizes (full-size, miniature and toy)?
  • Tuffs of hair around their joints keeps the dog warmer when in the water?
  • Poodles are ranked #2 in intelligence (only beat by the border collie)?

Upcoming group classes
Classes will be starting in 2+ weeks. It's time to register if you haven't already!

In addition to regular obedience, Canine Good Citizenship and sport classes, we'll be offering a new class called the COMBO CLASS, which will introduce your dog to a different sport/activity every week!

"A dog can change the way you see the world.”
Gila Kurtz