Volume 13 | Number 10
Luvk9s November/December monthly newsletter
There is no better time than the holidays to reminisce on the past year. I have had the privilege to work with so many of you this year and have enjoyed working with many more of you in prior years. I love what I do and thank you for trusting me to help train your four-legged best friend.
May you have a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

Enrichment activity - game #5
Photo by Doris Dressler
This month's enrichment activity is a DIY nosework game where you can put all those Amazon (Christmas order) boxes that have accumulated to good use!
Select one box as the "food" box and put a smelly treat into the box. Place the box on the floor and let your dog find it. Praise and add additional treats to make the discovery extra special.

Repeat, but slowly add more boxes so your dog has to use his nose to find the "food" box.

Click here for more details.  

In this 2017 photo, Dekker searches for the "food" box containing the smelly treat!
Holiday introductions
(How to introduce canines and humans safely)
Photo courtesy of Pexels from Pixabay  
Families are planning holiday gatherings this year after the pandemic put the kibosh on festivities last year.

Has quarantining made you nervous about making safe human and canine introductions, especially with young grandchildren? Never fear; here are a few helpful hints to make those introductions go smoothly.
Prepare children and canines to be
comfortable around each other.
Upcoming educational opportunities
Photo compliments of Freepik
Friday classes in Ball Ground
Puppy class starts Jan. 7 at 11 AM
Basic class starts Jan. 7 at 1 PM
AKC Novice Tricks class starts Jan. 7 at 3 PM

Saturday classes in Ball Ground
Puppy class starts Jan. 8 at 11 AM
Basic class starts Jan. 8 at 1 PM
Canine Good Citizen starts Jan. 8 at 3 PM

 Luvk9s is offering in-home
private consults. Call, email
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