Volume 10 | Number 08
Luvk9s October monthly newsletter
Halloween is just around the corner; keep your pet safe by following these simple guidelines:
  • Keep human candy out of dog's reach.
  • Supervise your dog around decorations and costumes.
  • Make sure your dog is wearing an ID tag in case he slips out the door.
  • Better yet, keep your dog in a separate (safe) room during prime trick-or-treat hours.

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Anthropo what?
Dressing your dog up for Halloween is a harmless form of anthropomorphism, particularly if your dog enjoys the attention. Photo courtesy of Joani Shepherd
I have to confess that anthropomorphism is one of my favorite words, even if it took me a while to learn how to pronounce it. (It is pronounced an-thruh-puh-mawr-fiz-uhm.)

What is anthropomorphism and what does it have to do with dogs - and Halloween?

Breed of the month: PUG
Photo courtesy of Charles Deluvio
It's believed that pugs originated in China and lived pampered lives as lap dogs for Chinese emperors.

But did you also know that:
  • Pugs were bred so the wrinkles on their foreheads created a pattern that resembles the Chinese character for "prince?"
  • Pugs can be all black colored as well as the more common colors of fawn, apricot and silver?
  • Pugs can be prone to "eye proptosis" where pressure around the neck can actually result in the eye popping out? (Your pug would need to get to the vet ASAP.)

Upcoming group classes
Just in time for the holidays
Group classes will be starting on Thursday, Nov. 1, at Red Barn Kennels just in time to get some training in before the holiday season begins.

Luvk9s will be offering:
  • Basic obedience
  • Basic obedience level II (Canine Good Citizen and Intro to Therapy Dog Work)
  • Agility level I
  • Agility level II

Luvk9s will also continue to offer private lessons in Big Canoe. Contact us for more information.

"The journey of life is sweeter when traveled with a dog.”
Bridget Willoughby