Volume 12 | Number 10
Luvk9s October monthly newsletter
Fall officially arrived this week. Fall thankfully signals the start of cooler weather but also means school is back in session. Could your dog benefit from going back to school? October's newsletter is early to give you the opportunity to consider some fall classes for your dog. Happy fall and happy training! 

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Impulse control - game #1
Photo courtesy of Charles Deluvio, unsplash.com
One of the most common issues clients have with their dogs is a lack of impulse control.
Instead of jumping up on visitors to say hello or pulling towards something on leash, clients want their dog to have the self-control to sit or approach calmly. I believe the best way to teach a dog impulse control is with fun and rewarding games.
Click here to teach your dog his first fun game - leave it! Practice makes perfect, so be sure to practice this exercise daily.
Stay tuned for more games in the coming months.
You want me to LEAVE IT?
My Labrador retriever gets fed every morning at 6:30. If I get busy and lose track of time, he quickly lets me know. By 6:45, his frustrated, high-pitched barking lets me know that I have fallen down on the job.
I know dogs cannot tell time, but HOW do they do that? Numerous theories abound.
Upcoming educational opportunities
Photo compliments of pixabay.com  
Classes in BIg Canoe
Basic class starts Thurs. Oct.1 at 9 AM
Canine Good Citizen starts Thurs. Oct. 1 at 10:30

Classes in Ball Ground
Puppy class starts Fri., Oct. 2 at 10 AM
Basic class starts Sat. Oct. 10 at 9:30 AM
Canine Good Citizen starts Sat. Oct. 10 at 11 AM

Luvk9s is offering in-home
private consults.
Contact us for more information.