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We are Still in a Seller's Market

Here are the residential sale numbers in the DMV:
Coming Soon: 584 homes.
Active listings: 6,428 homes.
Under contract: 7,107 homes.

Active and coming soon are roughly unchanged, currently under contract listings are up from last month by roughly 1,600 units.
Trailing Twelve Months Market Statistics
Average Days On Market: DC Metro Area
Video: What types of food should not go down your kitchen drain?
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Low-E and argon gas windows explained. Should you upgrade?
By Jim Roy
Windows, great for light, air, and views but not efficiency:
Most heat is lost (or comes into the property) near windows and doors. This is why most homes have their vents or radiators near an exterior wall and more specifically near a window. High performance Low-E and Argon gas windows do a great job of saving you money in your heating/cooling bills by making your windows more efficient keeping heat where you want it.
What does Low-E mean? How does it help?
Low-E, meaning low emissivity, is a very thin layer (or several layers) of metal that block longer wave lengths like heat. However, they let visible light pass through. These are most often found in newer windows that have 2 layers of glass and a space in between.
Single pane windows
Older, single pane windows offer very little efficiency. You can feel the cold outside by touching the glass inside a home on a winter day. Single pane windows can be helped if storm windows are used but the air in between is no different from the air we breathe. Storm windows can be installed for winter and removed for summer and add a bit of protection from the cold.

High performance windows are designed to cut down on heat transfer, and subsequently, your heating and cooling bills. They look better, increase the value of your home, and often tilt in for cleaning.
So should you upgrade and what should you use?

It depends.

Replacing windows right before selling may not net the cost of their installation. It is typically only profitable if the windows are in great disrepair. You may not get a 1 to 1 return if the current windows are old but still in decent shape. Many buyers don't pay enough extra for brand new high quality windows to make it worth it to change out decent windows that still have life.

If, when selling a home, I have one window that is completely fogged and the rest look great, I'll definitely fix that one. People often get fixated on the one imperfection. I refer to this as the broken tile syndrome where the entire mosaic is perfect but there is one chipped tile and that's all anyone can see. Note: it may be less expensive to replace than to repair a window.

However, if I'm going to own and/or live in the property for years, I do see the value in replacing old windows. I justify the expense based on the following:
1. Increased enjoyment of living at the property with nicer windows,
2. lower utility bills,
3. increasing rentability, and
4. increasing the overall value of the property.

There is a huge range of quality. It would not make sense to put low quality but new windows in a $2,500,000 home. Similarly the buyer of a $250,000 townhome won't pay 25k more for that property even if the most fancy windows, costing $25,000, are installed in it.

Check with a LuxManor Realtor if you're not sure of how to proceed. We can discuss if it makes sense and what level of quality matches the home.
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Home Maintenance Reminder
Keep your ground drains clear. Buildup here can result in flooding in your basement.
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