Vol. 1 #9 June 5, 2017
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Texas did not disappoint us. Once again, the Texas members passed legislation that violates Latino voting and civil rights.

By SVREP Vice President Lydia Camarillo  @lcamarillo1

Texas Governor Abbott signed several bills that will violate the voting and civil rights of the Latino community: Senate Bill 4 (SB4) and Senate Bill 5 (SB5).

SB4 is the “show me your papers”, anti-Latino, anti-immigrant law, and, SB5 is a bill that attempts to fix the constitutional violations of SB14. (More on SB5 later).

The controversial SB4 was one of the bills proposed during the Texas 85th legislative session.

The session was one of the most divided and tense sessions in modern time. The session ended with a public fight on the House floor between members who supported and those who opposed SB4.

SB4 is one of the most outrageous, xenophobic, anti-Latino, anti-immigrant law passed. SB4 will take effect on September 1st unless the United States Federal Court can block it.

It will allow local law enforcement to ask college students and families for their immigration status and act to like ICE officers. Local governments can be fined from $1,000 a day, up to $25,500 for subsequent violations if they do not comply with the law.

On the closing day of the legislative session, Rep. Matt Rinaldi, republican member representing Farmers Branch, proclaimed that he was calling ICE on the protestors.

Latino members felt insulted and disrespected. That very act was an affront on all Latinos, US and the immigrant community alike. SB4 has nothing to do with public safety. It will do just the opposite. Texas Sheriffs and Police Chiefs from throughout Texas testified during the legislative session to this point. Latino communities must trust the law enforcement that was hired to protect them, not attack them.

SB4 empowers local law enforcement to violate the civil rights of all Latinos. Rep. Rinaldi showed us how hateful SB4 can be and will be.

Under what conditions can one know without proof whether a Latin@ is a US citizen or living in the US without documentation? There is no way of finding that out without targeting students and families by the color of their skin, by their dress, or by the neighborhoods where they reside.

SB4 must be repealed and ripped from the Texas books. It’s 2017, Texas must leave behind its racist acts and attacks on Latinos and other ethnic communities.

It is time to organize and to mobilize the Latino vote.


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