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The Texas Redistricting Case Headed to Federal Court, Again!

By SVREP Vice President Lydia Camarillo

Every ten years, immediately after the US Census counts the nation’s population, the US embarks in the redistricting process – some states lose congressional seats, while others gain them.


SVREP called it! We projected that Texas would gain 2 to 4 new congressional seats and that New York would lose at least 1 seat, however could draw a new congressional Latino-majority seat. New York did draw a new congressional Latino-majority seat, which is currently held by the first Dominican member of congress.


Texas will likely gain another 2 to 4 congressional seats after the 2020 census count; this would give Texas the 2nd largest number of the electoral votes - 40 to 42 electoral votes. Only California will have more electoral votes than Texas, as it currently has 54 votes. Our projected Texas seat increase for the previous redistricting, as well as for the upcoming one, have stemmed from the rising Latino population.


Just look at the statistics from 2011. Texas gained 4 new congressional seats. Texas populations increased by 4.3 million, and 65% of whom were Latinos. Despite the significant Latino population rise, the Texas legislature still determined that it would steal away one congressional seat, rather than provide the Latino community with real representation. Texas retrogressed congressional District 23.


With 7 Latino-majority seats drawn to provide Latinos the opportunity to elect the candidates of their choice, Texas drew its congressional maps where Latinos lost seats. The Latino community started the redistricting fight with not 9 or 10 congressional Latino-majority seats, but merely 6. The State House map is no different – Latinos are left behind and lost representation and the opportunity to elect candidates of their choice.


Texas has a long, extensive, history of passing laws that discriminate and violate our civil and voting rights. Texas is not shy to promote systemic barriers that block the Latino political clout. These acts are intentional, methodical, and designed to undermine the Latino vote.


SVREP sued Texas. But we didn’t just start with a lawsuit.


SVREP organized, took part in numerous meetings, presented our own sets of maps – we organized city and county redistricting committees and a statewide committee. The committees where inclusive and diverse. They included leaders, business men and women, activists, and elected officials from every corner of Texas – from the Rio Grande to El Paso, to Dallas, to Houston, to Corpus, to Austin, to San Antonio.


We did this in partnership with other Latino leaders, groups including the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF), Texas Mexican American Bar Association (MABA), TX-HOPE, NOMAR, William C. Velásquez Institute (WCVI), Southwest Workers Union and many other groups from throughout Texas.


Ultimately, the Texas Latino Redistricting Task Force formed and sued Texas. The membership of the Task Force that sued Texas is made up of MALDEF, WCVI, TX-MABA, TX-HOPE, NOMAR, SW Workers Union and SVREP. MALDEF is our legal representative and I serve as the Chair of the Task Force.


The lawsuit gave way to Federal Court in San Antonio drawing remedy congressional and state House maps. Our lawsuit barred Texas from retrogressing congressional District 23, as well as it created new Latino-majority districts in the CD33 (Dallas/Ft Worth Metro-plex) and CD35 (San Antonio to Austin). The CD27 was lost, but Latinos gained a seat that starts in Brownville, and moves up the state all the way to Corpus. Texas voters have cast their vote under these maps in the – 2012, 2014 and 2016 elections.


Since we sued, the Federal Court found that Texas did draw redistricting maps with the intent to discriminate and dilute the Latino vote. It found that the 2011 maps are illegal, racially gerrymandered and unconstitutional.


Next week, the Federal Court will address several issues at the hearing set on July 10th to 14that the San Antonio Federal Court House. During this court hearing, SVREP's legal battle is to keep HD90 a Latino-majority seat.


Just in time to get ready for the 2018 elections and the next redistricting fight.

And it won’t be the last time we end up suing Texas, either. Sad, but true. 



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"The Secretary of State's office will provide the Election Integrity Commission with public information and will protect the private information of Texas citizens while working to maintain the security and integrity of our state's elections system," Pablos said. "As always, my office will continue to exercise the utmost care whenever sensitive voter information is required to be released by state or federal law."

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The only Democrat to win a special congressional election this year still hasn’t shown up for work more than three weeks after winning his race - and more than six months since the seat became vacant.

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An anti-"sanctuary city" protester was arrested for brandishing a gun in a gas station after a city council meeting in Cudahy on Monday night. The weapon was pointed at local activists in the parking lot of a Circle K about a block away from the park where the council meeting was held. The individual brandishing the weapon—a white male who appeared to be in his 40s—was in the driver's seat of a white Toyota Corolla at the time. There were three other members of the pro-Trump, anti-immigration group in the car at the time of the incident.

Along with a number of other small, largely Latino cities in southeast Los Angeles County, the tiny city of Cudahy  has become a flashpoint in the "sanctuary city" debate . Like several of its municipal neighbors, Cudahy voted to call itself a "sanctuary city" a few years back. Despite being largely symbolic, the designation has still brought protests and ire from anti-immigration groups since it passed in 2015—and tensions have increased drastically since President Trump took office in January. The predominantly working-class, 96% Latino city of Cudahy is located about ten miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles. ....Read More

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The campaign needed to come up with 63,593 total signatures by mid-October to force a recall vote in Senate District 29. The signatures must be certified by election officials before the measure can qualify for the ballot.

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He had been battling Alzheimer’s disease for several years and had retired in 2016.

Nina Duran, his daughter and successor, took to Facebook Sunday to announce his passing.

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