Lying Because They Have No Argument

by ALADS Board of Directors
ALADS is a strong supporter of the " Reducing Crime and Keeping California Safe Act of 2018 ." We have recently been informed that some retail businesses who are supporting the initiative have become the target of initiative opponents. In these attacks, the opponents deliberately lie about the purpose of the initiative. 
The initiative is consists of common sense proposals to do the following: ensure criminals who commit violent crimes, such as rape of an unconscious person or assault on a peace officer causing injury, are not eligible for early release because those crimes are labeled "non-violent" by Prop 57; reform parole policies so parole violators must appear before a judge upon a third violation; restore DNA collection upon arrest for certain misdemeanor crimes; and increase the penalties for repeat theft offenders and organized theft rings.

Rather than debate the merits of these proposals, opponents, such as a self-described "faith-based group" called  PICO California  and another group called  Real Justice , have resorted to misleading claims that the goal of the initiative is to build more prisons. They resort to this falsehood rather than explaining why they think crimes, such as rape of an unconscious person, assault with a firearm, or assault on a peace officer causing injury, should continue to be classified by Prop 57 as "non-violent." The fact that they have to resort to a lie about the initiative is because that is the best argument opponents can invent to attack the initiative.  
The reforms proposed by the initiative enjoy widespread public support. In fact, one enjoys widespread legislative support. The parole provisions of the initiative are based on legislation that unanimously passed the legislature in 2017 before being vetoed by Governor Brown.
Unlike initiative opponents, we don't need to  resort to lies  about what the initiative does while debating the initiative. We will continue to set the record straight regarding the purpose and provisions of this initiative because it fixes some of the real flaws in AB 109, Prop 47 and Prop 57.
The refusal of opponents to directly address the changes sought by the initiative, instead of substituting insults and misleading statements for argument, simply reinforces the fact the changes are common sense proposals which advance public safety.
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