Ready to Run on August 19 in Jackson

I am very excited to be the keynote speaker for the Stennis Center for Public Service Leadership’s Ready to Run program on August 19 in Jackson.  This one-day workshop gives women the opportunity to learn about how they can get involved in public service.

There are sessions that will set women up for running for office or running someone else’s campaign for office.  And, there are sessions on learning how to effectively lobby or make your voice heard in your community.

As I said in an op-ed carried by both the Clarion-Ledger and Sun-Herald last month, though women make up just over half of our population, they are vastly under-represented in Mississippi’s political ranks.  Only 14 percent of our Legislature are women and we’re one of only two states in the U.S. without any representation ever in Washington, D.C.

You can learn more about the Ready to Run program in this video here or check out the full agenda here.

No matter what capacity you want to participate in your government, I hope you will come out to find out how you can make the most of your voice.  We all benefit when more women bring their skills and ideas to the table.  I hope to see you on Saturday, August 19!

Another Great Year at the Neshoba County Fair

It is never just another day when you’re at the Neshoba County Fair!  I had the honor and privilege of speaking at this year’s Fair and loved the opportunity to mix it up with crowd and see lots of dear friends.

I tried to give a positive, upbeat talk about how we can all work together to move Mississippi forward and meet our State’s challenges head-on.  My office reaches out and tries to collaborate with as many partners as possible to serve Mississippians.

In fact, with the help of Mississippi legislators and other public officials, we’ve seen a more than 70% increase in new College Savings accounts over last year.  Similarly, working together, we’ve reunited Mississippians with over $69 million in unclaimed property just since I took office in 2012.  And, of course, my public-private partnership, Treasurer’s Education About Money (TEAM), has brought financial education into our schools, reaching almost 69,000 students and training over 1,000 teachers – all at an average cost of just $1.11 per student. 

In Mississippi, there are no strangers when we sit on our front porch and there should be no strangers when we sit down to chart Mississippi’s destiny either.  Working together, Mississippi wins.

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