College Savings Mississippi Giving Out Scholarships at the State High School Football Championships
If you plan to be in Oxford for any of the six MHSAA high school football championship games on December 1 st and 2 nd , please come by the College Savings Mississippi table to register for your chance to win one of our $529 MACS (Mississippi Affordable College Savings) scholarships.

The cost of tuition, of room and board, and of textbooks is vastly outpacing the rate of salary growth and even inflation. But, all indicators are that a person holding a college degree on average makes double what a person with just a high school diploma makes. And, the unemployment rate for college graduates is about half what it is for those with just a high school education. So, a post-secondary education can truly change the trajectory of a person’s life.

It is our mission at College Savings Mississippi to make higher education accessible for all Mississippians by providing ways for you to stretch your college savings dollar through tax-advantaged programs, like MACS and MPACT (Mississippi Prepaid Affordable College Tuition). We use opportunities like the MHSAA state football championships and even the Egg Bowl later this week to not only make sure that everyone knows how to start saving but to jump-start people’s savings with these scholarships.

Go to my website for the rules and more information about how you can register to win one of these scholarships too!
Unclaimed Property Events Distribute over $34,000 to Rightful Owners
Our unclaimed property team has been hitting the road this month to host events in Winona, Pearl, and Myrtle where they help local citizens look for and claim their money.

We don’t have final numbers from Myrtle yet, but between just Winona and Pearl, they have helped individuals reclaim more than $34,000. And, the room was always full at Myrtle City Hall, so we expect to have similarly strong numbers from that event, too.

Since I took office in 2012, my staff and I have helped to reunite people with more than $76 million in funds that they didn’t even know the State was holding for them. That’s over 42% of all the money that has been distributed through this program since it began in 1982. Our strong efforts are the result of great partnerships with State legislators, community groups, and mayors, like those in Winona, Pearl, and Myrtle, who help us locate the rightful owners of this property.

Right now, banks and other holders of unclaimed property are reporting to the State new funds for us to distribute. Make sure to look to see if you have any money waiting for you by visiting my website .
Women in Politics Class at Millsaps Next Spring
I am very excited to announce that I will be joining the Millsaps College staff next spring as an adjunct instructor in their Political Science department. I will be teaching Women in Politics, a four-credit class, open to all students.

Encouraging young Mississippians to get more involved in civic life, whether it is through elected office or other public service, has been a top priority for me throughout my career. This class is an opportunity to share my experiences and understanding of political life with students and hopefully encourage them to become more engaged themselves.
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