College Savings Expansion Makes Payroll Deposit an Even Better Benefit
As you may recall, Congress has expanded 529 college savings plans to cover tuition at elementary and secondary public, private, and religious schools. The new law became effective with any distributions made after December 31, 2017. That means you can now use your Mississippi Affordable College Savings (MACS) plan funds to pay your child’s tuition before he or she gets moves on to that post-secondary degree.

With this change, offering College Savings Mississippi through payroll deposit is an even better benefit to your employees. We have more than 150 employers across Mississippi who already offer their employees the ability to save for their children’s future through automatic payments from their paycheck, making it easier to put that money away each month. 

According to the Wall Street Journal , this “is a simple and inexpensive way to help attract and retain employees” and an “effective way to strengthen company culture.” And, that was before Congress allowed your 529 plan dollars to be used for K-12 education!

Our College Savings Mississippi staff can help your HR department set it up easily and at no cost to your company. Contact them today at 601-359-5255 to find out how you can help your employees start saving for their children’s education.
Another Push for Pay Equity in Mississippi
Today marks the first day of the 2018 Regular Session of the Mississippi Legislature and I remain hopeful that this will be the year that they pass gender pay equity legislation into law in Mississippi. As one of only two states in the nation with no wage discrimination law on the books, passing a law to close the pay gap will not only be an important economic boost to the state and an economic life vest for many families struggling to rise out of poverty, but also a significant sign to Mississippi women that we value their contributions to our economy and our workforce.

Many people have told me that closing the pay gap is a Democrat agenda item only. But, I disagree. And, so do many other Republicans. As we head into this new session, I wanted to share with you two op-eds I co-authored last fall with other Republicans on this issue:

Time is now for Republicans to take back the lead on pay equity with the new Mississippi Federation of Republican Women president, Vivian Dailey

Following Clinton’s example to close the pay gap between men, women with Clinton Mayor Phil Fisher
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