Hello my friends, 

I hope this Newsletter finds you well in the sense of the classic Aspen trio: body, mind and spirit.  As for me, the spirit was crushed, the mind was boggled and the body held firm.!

"I am Woman. I am Invincible. I am Tired"

This tee shirt I am wearing belonged to my mother. I wear it with great joy as she surely was all three.  As for me, it cannot be disputed that I am woman and I am tired. I am now locked in a battle of the invincible versus the invisible. I am healthy, having done due diligence by staying sheltered at home since March 13th.  As of May 4, I was allowed to open the gallery and so I return to the harsh, cruel world where the invisible lurks and where I will deal with the closing of Toklat Gallery.  

I powered through the Great Recession and then again through the Great Fire and have neither the stamina nor the wish to power through the Great Virus. That is because I foresee no end to the economic, social, and cultural upheaval brought forth by the Covid-19.  So I cede this round to the invisible, but not the next.

To that end, I invite you click on this link:

That will take you to Dropbox. There you will find folders containing photos and information on the  inventory in the gallery. (Antler Carvings available only until May 18).  You will be tempted to purchase a few items to help me keep my status of  invincible by reducing my inventory to - well zero could be nice!  Please note that creating the folders has been a singularly tedious task.  Should you open a folder and find it empty, please try again in a couple of days. 

Payment is over the phone (970-618- 1722) with your credit card.  I can ship your items or you can pick them up at the gallery.  Toklat will be open Tuesday through Sunday from noon to 5, or by appointment by calling the above phone number.  The gallery will be open until June 15 and on 

June 21/Father's Day we are going to party all day!! 

I leave you with this maxim from the Spanish poet Juan Ramon Jiminez:  "Let us seek the great happiness of having done not of doing."

Artists:  As soon as I have finished the dropbox I will be contacting each of you.
Toklat Gallery, on Two Rivers Road  at Riverside Plaza
(intersection of Two Rivers Road and Midland Avenue)

 Sandy and Ol' Goliath
 Larry Lefner, Sculptor