December 21, 2018
Lyon Families,

To best meet the needs of the students and families we serve, Lyon Elementary focuses on continuous improvement. To do so, it is vital that we collect feedback from you, our stakeholders. In October, we distributed a survey to our parents and community in an effort to determine areas of celebration for our building and our district as a whole, and also to identify areas that need improving.

Over the last few weeks we have been examining the results from this survey. Below you will see those aforementioned celebrations and opportunities for improvement (OFI). Also identified are action steps we have created for each opportunity for improvement in an effort to better meet your needs.

In addition to the summarized information below, CLICK HERE to see the full results of the survey. 

Celebration #1: 
My student's school celebrates students who achieve personal/school goals. (score 4.45)
Reflection/notes: This was an Opportunity for Improvement (OFI) from the 2017 survey, with action steps being implemented to strategically develop a plan to communicate students/classes meeting goals through Facebook, and celebrating classroom goals through Leader In Me assemblies.  Based on survey results, the action steps were successful due to an increase of .19.

Celebration #2: 
I know how well my student is doing in class. 
(score 4.47)
Reflection/notes: This was an OFI from the 2017 survey, with action steps surrounding Leader In Me.  Lyon staff received Creating Culture training within Leader In Me, implement SMORE as their method of sending weekly classroom newsletters, and many teachers implementing SeeSaw (an electronic application that allows easy communication between teachers, students, and parents).  This question had an increase of .09 from last year.  Although Lyon did see an increase and we celebrate our current action steps, Lyon will continue to monitor therefore it has also been added as OFI with an altering of action steps.

Celebration #3:
The school encourages parents to be involved. (score 4.53)
Reflection/notes: This was an OFI from the 2017 survey, with action steps encouraging parent participation, both mom and dad.  Parents As Leaders (PALs) was developed and is currently being implemented within its initial stage, with high parent participation thus far in the winter of 2018.  Personal invitations to families when their Lyon student is being celebrated have also increased parent participation within our monthly assemblies.  Based on survey results, the action steps were successful based on an increase of .23.

OFI #1: 
I know how well my student is doing in class. (score: 4.47)
Below 4.5, Lyon's goal as the mean for all survey responses
Action Steps: 1.) Lyon staff will receive Leader In Me: Aligning Academic training in Fall 2019.
2.) Lyon administration will look into possible electronic progress reports sent home.
3.) Lyon staff will be encouraged to utilize See Saw, an electronic application, which allows parents to receive real time communication regarding their child's goals, academic progress, and/or current learning target.

OFI #2: 
If my student were having difficulty in school I am confident the school would provide assistance. (score: 4.43)
Below 4.5, Lyon's goal as the mean of all survey responses. Also an important survey question to place focus on since Lyon is currently restructuring their Student Intervention Process, as well as, Response to Intervention (RTI).
Action Steps:  
1.) Lyon administration will communicate with parents surrounding current interventions/tutoring available for students.
2.) Lyon counselors and administration will hold monthly meetings to monitor attendance, discipline, literacy, and numeracy standards for all students.
3.) Lyon will develop a systematic process to identify students who need additional assistance, with the basis of this system resting on a district universal screener (STAR assessment).
4.) Lyon administration will monitor students who are reading below grade level, determine an intervention plan, and communicate with parents multiple times throughout the school year.

OFI #3: 
Our school has a program that teaches and reinforces student self-discipline and responsibility. (score: 4.45)
Reflection/notes: Below 4.5, Lyon's goal as the mean of all survey responses.  
Action Steps: 
1.) Lyon will focus on developing a strong Student Lighthouse Team that will work alongside administration and counselors to make building-wide decisions.
2.) Lyon staff will received additional Leader In Me training in the Fall of 2019.
3.) Lyon staff will work to embed the 7 Habits into daily lessons and discussions.
4.) PBIS action team will continue to monitor office discipline referrals monthly, and develop action steps based on data.

Thank you to those who took time to provide the vital feedback for our survey, as well as, all of our families who contribute daily to Lyon! If you have questions or concerns, please contact our building office at 732-3630.

We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable break!

Your Partner in Education,

Casey Mitchell
Lyon Elementary