April 2018

There is no greater investment than your family 
and home. Protect them with Lyric.


With Lyric, everything from security cameras, windows, doors, lights and even your thermostat, is monitored with an app you can control from your smartphone, tablet or computer.   
Lyric intuitive technology learns your preferences and daily routine to better protect your property from the inside out with easy to control panels and apps. Forget to close the garage door on a busy morning? Lyric sends an alert to let you know something is different. Need to adjust your thermostat on a hot day? Lyric has you covered! 

Moseley Electronics can install Lyric to give you peace of mind to protect your house and family - even when you are away from home. Contact us online for a consultation or more information about how Moseley Electronics can protect your family with Lyric! 

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