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"Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us" Hebrews 12:1

Fall 2021 Edition
Subcontractor Highlights
Salem Christian Academy
John Miller's crew installed the Shaw Luxury Vinyl Plank in the corridors and the Interface walk-off carpet at the exits of the Salem Christian Academy.

Brian Johnson's crew installed the Patcraft carpet on the stairs.

This is a beautiful install by both crews.

The church was very pleased with the final product.

Great job John and Brian.

Pictures courtesy of Bill Lowen.
MVCTC White Rock
Moss Installations, our certified Altro crew, installed the Altro Whiterock Hygienic Wall System at the Miami Valley Career Technology Center.

This wall system was installed in the veterinary surgery area, it is a great choice for areas where hygiene is a priority.

The silver trim piece really adds a nice accent to the white walls.

The next phase of this project goes in 2023, watch for more pictures to come.

Great job Moss Installations.

Pictures courtesy of Bill Lowen.
Staying Healthy - Body, Mind & Spirit
Health & Wellness

Tips for staying motivated

Motivation is what drives you toward a goal, gets you up in the morning, and keeps you working through a task, determined to succeed when things get tough.

  • Set goals. When you set a goal, you make a decision to act in a way that will help you achieve what you want. Goals give you a direction to focus on - one that's measurable and has an endpoint. This can help you to stay motivated.

  • Choose goals that interest you. You're much more likely to stay motivated if you're working toward something that you genuinely want to do or achieve, rather than what other people want from you.

  • Find things that...
Our 7th Annual M & S Flooring 5K Run/Walk with a Purpose was live this year and a huge success! We got to run/walk on the bike path in Miamisburg and then had a buffet dinner at Bennett's Publical.

$4500 was raised from our valued vendors, employees, subcontractors, people we ran into at the race and t-shirt sales. This year's recipient, Second Chance, is a non-profit helping those coming out of incarceration.

We had the biggest crowd and one of the biggest donations yet and we had so much fun at the dinner that a sing-a-long broke out.

Since 2015 we have raised:

Find out more in the tabs below.
M & S Flooring, Inc. Employee Highlight
Lonnie Carter - Project Manager
Lonnie Carter just celebrated 2 years as a Project Manager with M & S Flooring, Inc. on Sept. 9th.

Lonnie has been around since M & S Flooring began. He was the lead of one of our best ceramic crews until he decided to get off his knees and come sit behind a desk.

We are so glad he did, we love having him around the office. You're doing a great job!
Annual Canned Good Drive & Employee Give Back Fund
Each year we host the "Annual M & S Flooring/Shotwell Dr. Canned Good Drive", collecting skids of non-perishable food items along with cat/dog food to donate to the Franklin Food Pantry.

We are gearing up for this years drive. If you would like to donate please drop off at our offices.

Since 2016 we have collected:
17 skids of food!
We also collect monetary donations through our "Employee Give Back Fund" to donate to various non-profits we have partnered with over the years.

If you would like to donate please contact Kris in our office @ kmoss@msfloor.com.

Since 2011 we have collected:
From the Desk of Mike Webster

Three quarters of the year down and one to go. The year, so far, has been a challenge but I am very optimistic for Q4 and 2022. Bid activity has picked up and existing customers are beginning to cut loose PO’s again. We have a lot to be optimistic about and thankful for.

I recently went through an exercise of examining our Vision, Mission and Core Values to ensure they are still relevant for M & S Flooring and the future direction of the company. I was thankful to realize they are still relevant, yet felt I needed to add clarity in some areas. I would like to share them with you:

MISSION: “To be BEST IN CLASS in the Commercial Flooring Industry”. (We have been diligently working on process improvements to establish a foundation which will allow us to reach this goal. We measure our success by utilizing customer satisfaction surveys and those who respond have noticed the improvements by providing us with top marks.)

VISION: “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you.” Matthew 12:7a (I’m sure...

Our Our new website is up and running. See more project pictures, leave us a great review and learn more about who we are. We can be found at:
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