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May 2021
Healthcare Technology & Software
The Train is Leaving the Station... by Steve Zacharias, Managing Partner at Transact Capital
As an investment bank and M&A firm, we are seeing an unusual amount of owners approaching us to sell their company “before the end of 2021”. Some want to exit completely; others want to continue running it but take money out now at a low capital gains rate while it exists.

You can do either if you move quickly, but we believe the window is rapidly closing. Based on our research and experience, here is what Transact Capital sees ahead of us:  

New Opportunities for the Expansion of Telemedicine during the COVID-19 Pandemic by Bryan Arkwright, Transact Capital M&A Advisor for the Wake Forest Journal of Science and Medicine
Transact Capital M&A Advisor, Bryan Arkwright, compares industrial evolution elements and outlines the popular COVID-19 telehealth use cases in the market today as well as emerging future trends and opportunities.

What's ahead for biotech: Another wave or low tide? by Laura Cancherini et al. for McKinsey & Company
While most sectors have experienced significant challenges because of the pandemic in the last year, biotech is experiencing the opposite. Government, media, and public attention has reinforced the perception that biotech acquisitions are a good investment. Overall, biotech has outperformed many healthcare sectors, and acquisitions, partnerships, IPOs, and fundraising continue to increase.

Telehealth use up 50-fold for privately insured patients in first months of pandemic by John Commins for healthleaders
A new study shows telehealth accounted for 24% of outpatient consultations among privately insured working-age adults during the first four months of the pandemic in 2020. Patients in COVID hot spots, urban locations, younger patients, and those with two or more chronic conditions were more likely to utilize the service.

AI expected to supplant telehealth as top investment priority in next few years, survey finds  by Rebecca Pifer for healthcaredive
While 64 percent of healthcare executive respondents say they are focusing on telehealth investments today, there is a growing interest in prioritizing AI investments soon. 34 percent of respondents say they are currently focusing on AI investments and that number grows to 74 percent by 2024. 

Top 10 M&A Mistakes Series:
Transact Capital Managing Director, Jonathan Brabrand, authored and released $100 Million Exit: Your Roadmap to the Ultimate Payday in April 2020. The book analyzes large M&A successes and failures to draw practical, actionable advice that company owners can implement to increase the value of their business and be better prepared for an exit. The following is the sixth in a running newsletter series Top 10 M&A Mistakes detailing passages from Jonathan's book.
M&A Mistake #5: Pre-Judging Potential Buyers
It is critically important for business owners to fully understand the various options available to them, both in terms of buyer categories and specific companies within each. Depending on the seller’s desired outcome, their options may include domestic and international strategic (corporate) buyers, private equity, and other types of financial buyers, or both. It also may include groups that will take a minority stake in your business, in addition to those groups who look to acquire controlling majority positions in companies.

Who is Transact Capital?
Transact Capital Partners is a full-service mergers and acquisitions advisory and investment banking firm headquartered in Richmond VA with offices in Roanoke VA, Chicago IL, Orlando FL, and Lexington KY. The firm's strong network of relationships with private investors, senior lenders, private equity firms and professional advisors offers a significant advantage in representing business owners for the sale of their business. Transact Capital's experienced and motivated team of 17 professionals are dedicated to helping business owners identify and achieve their vision for the potential future of the company.

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