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February 2021
Senior Living & Home Health Care
Two bites of an apple... by Steve Zacharias, Managing Partner for Transact Capital
As an owner, have you been thinking about cashing out due to the low capital gains rate, easy money environment, and high price multiples? Those aspirations are not only realistic but remarkably lucrative in today's market. Here's why.

Telehealth Finance Variables and Successful Business Models by Bryan Arkwright, Advisor for Transact Capital
The financial details of telehealth programs, initiatives, and companies are central to program viability and sustainability. This article defines and articulates the financial variables and business models that are the lifeblood of today's successful telehealth programs.

Top Home Care Trends for 2021 by Robert Holly for Home Health Care News
There are several emerging trends in the home health segment in 2021. Experts predict the fragmented market will roll up and move towards franchising, new methods of care management will become common, and the demand for companionship will continue to rise.

M&A Forecast 2021: Telehealth is Suddenly the Norm and Deals Follow by Keith Button for Mergers & Acquisitions
Telemedicine will remain popular after the COVID pandemic, citing care quality, cost savings, national markets, chronic condition management, and a flurry of potential buyers as the core drivers.

Certificate of Need Markets Can Mean Big Business for Home Health Buyers, but Opportunities are Growing Scarce by Andrew Donlan for Home Health Care News
Home Health operators in Certificate-of-Need (CON) states see a 30 - 75% increase in selling price when compared to an identical agency in a non-CON state. These operators have a more stable competitive landscape and are typically larger and healthier than their counterparts in other states.

Top 10 M&A Mistakes Series:
Transact Capital Managing Director, Jonathan Brabrand, authored and released $100 Million Exit: Your Roadmap to the Ultimate Payday in April 2020. The book analyzes large M&A successes and failures to draw practical, actionable advice that company owners can implement to increase the value of their business and be better prepared for an exit. The following is the third in a running newsletter series Top 10 M&A Mistakes detailing passages from Jonathan's book.
M&A Mistake #9: No Strategic Plan
If you are looking to exit your healthcare business, your ability to show potential buyers how you created strategic plans and executed upon them in the past will be critical. Buyers must have confidence in your strategic plan and believe their capital will help support it going forward.

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