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Volume 1, Issue 2                                                 January 2015

MSOE Newsletter
Memo from Matt Simberg M.Ed


Before winter break, Brin bought me something very special that I know I will always use.  It is a book called "Sacred Seed". The book has essays from different spiritual leaders that give their perspective of what the seed represents.   Since it is January, I thought it would be fitting to talk about the seed, Montessori Seeds of Education, and your children.


When we think about a seed and its origins, as we know what its potential is, if placed under the right conditions. The Elementary curriculum has a particular lesson about the seeds. The picture depicts a mother talking to her child saying "Go my child and remember that you belong to the noble dissent the monocotyledons. Wherever you go, maintain our tradition."


The next part of the lesson shares all different ways in which seeds travel to hopefully reach their destination so that they may grow and become what they what are meant to be. Your children are in the process of traveling through life to become and do what they are meant to. Fortunately, you have chosen the Montessori philosophy to guide and nurture them along this process.


Montessori Seeds of Education was a thought, a seed, and it broke open with the right support and conditions on September 2, 2014. Now it is in the process of having its roots take hold so that it can flourish and become what it is meant to be. I understand that the right amount of patience, nurturing, and action is needed at this time. Furthermore, I appreciate that you understand that too and are willing to be part of creating the right conditions! Thanks to Brin, I have met with an architect several times and we have a plan that will be created within the next few weeks. There are several projects going on to make the plan a reality on a site that best serves the mission and vision of Montessori Seeds of Education!


In 2005, I already knew that I would be the head of school one day.  At the time, I thought that I would be the head of an already existing school. So, I learned more than a few things since that time. One is that a seed, a thought, might be what it essentially is, but it might not manifest in the way that it is expected. We can only do what we can do for that seed. When we put our expectations or judgments on it, we limit its potential.   Coincidentally, the same can be true for what we do with our children. Montessori Seeds of Education truly appreciates all of your support. We have also been welcoming professional support from our community, and I will be communicating that  support over the next couple of months. Additionally, I am grateful and excited to announce that we have been getting many new families in for tours and I will update you when things are definite for the 2015-16 school year.

The Secret of the Seed by Sraddhalu Ranade in the book "Sacred Seeds", states that "it is said that the tree lies waiting in the seed, and when the circumstances are right, it grows out and reveals itself in the world." Let's keep the momentum and support going! This way we can create the right circumstances for the roots of Montessori Seeds of Education to take hold and be where and the way we all want it to be. We have done a great job in a short period of time! Our community is on the right track! We continue to welcome ideas to strengthen the bond now and for incoming families.
Primary Update
by Brin Burnham

Happy new year to all!

We started back to school by reading a book about New Years. The children talked about how they celebrated and what it means to them. Then we looked around our classroom and noticed what was new, including what was moved around. We also took notice of what was the same. We reviewed our classroom foundation goals (guidelines) that help us to function well and ultimately develop to our fullest potential. This helps the children to thrive as unique individuals and as a group. 

Speaking about the new year peaked an interest on the subject of time. So we dove into the study of measuring time. We started this study of time by looking at our (analog) clock. First, we started with what was familiar, such as the numbers. Then, utilizing song and movement, the children began learning the names and functions of the parts of the clock. To reemphasize this, we got string and measured the string around the clock twice. Next, we stretched out the string to create a linear "clock." The children embellished it with numbers and drawings of the sun, moon and activities corresponding to the hour. Taking the lesson further, we continued our measurement of time lessons by creating a calendar (abstract concepts made visible).

On a different note, I would like to share how much I enjoy parent conferences. As much as I love to work with the children in the classroom, I find it energizing to spend time with the parents reviewing the lessons given and goals set for each child. It is wonderful to work in an educational system that allows for long term relationship building. We truly can be a support for the home as well as home supporting the school. Thank you for taking the time to meet with me.

It has also been a wonderful and exciting experience to work with our new tracking system "Montessori Compass." I believe it has served our community well by keeping the parents informed about their child's work.  


A gift of 150 embroidery floss was given to the school to incorporate it into the classroom for sewing. The children are preparing the lesson by first organizing it by color, which reinforces groups, matching to the closest color tablet. In the third color box (gradation of a color), each step is done by the children, utilizing fine motor skill and total concentration from skein to divided and cut to length, wrapped and set out as a lesson. Thank you to the Esmail family! 




MSOE Gives Back: Update

Our friend and partner, JB, returned from Haiti and had a successful trip.  There were some hardships and lessons learned, but more inspiring was JB's willingness to go above and beyond. Click here to learn more, see pictures and videos.
AMI Refresher Course

From February 12th - February 16th I will be in Atlanta attending the Administrator's Workshops for the AMI-EAA 2015 Refresher Course. In addition to the common workshops offered, I am also taking a Montessori Advocacy workshop, and two inclusion leadership workshops. If you are interested in seeing details please click here.  Additionally, I am setting up several meetings with certain key people to make the most of my time there! I look forward to sharing some of the details with all of you when I return.

MSOE Phone Line 

It was brought to my attention that, even though our school's phone number is on the website, some parents may be unaware of its existence.   As you may know, the staff keeps their personal phones with them for emergencies.   However, it is important to start to get in the habit of contacting the school at (609) 832-2546. You can expect Wendy to answer the phone 99% of the time. Our personal numbers can be used as an alternative.
 Thank you! 
501(c)3 Update

It was a long and arduous process that included the help of two parents over the summer, but the 501(c)3 application was submitted to the IRS by the beginning of November, 2014.   Upon receiving a letter a few weeks later, I was informed that I would hear something between 90 and 180 days. It was a little disheartening and even more so to hear the horror stories of it 

taking on average up to 18 months to receive.  


Yet, just a few short days ago, I received a letter in the mail stating that MSOE now has its tax exempt number effective as of July 22, 2014! 


To me, this is practically unprecedented and exciting! Furthermore, for those of you who don't know, this means that we are free of paying federal and sales tax. Additionally, MSOE may now receive gifts and monetary donations, which are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.

MSOE Facebook Page

In case you were not aware, we have a Facebook page!  We are using Facebook as another avenue to share updates and happenings at Montessori Seeds of Education.  It is also being used to hopefully inspire others and get the word out about our school.  

Presently, we have 104 likes, which is very good, for the short amount of time that it has been up and running. I would like to request that, if you have not done so already, please like our page and share it with family and friends to do the same. The more likes we have, the wider the scope of our feed's reach.  

Simply  visit   our   website,
and click on the Facebook icon at the top right corner, or if you are viewing our mobile friendly site, it is at the bottom of the menu, and then click the like button on our Facebook page.  

Even more helpful than liking our page, we ask parents to give us 5 stars and write a positive review for our school on Facebook and any other sites including Google+, Google Maps, etc... Please continue to spread the word on and offline. Thank you so much for your support and willingness to contribute in ways such as this!
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Matthew Simberg, M.Ed.
Montessori Seeds of Education