V olume 2, Issue 7 | April 2016
Message from Matt Simberg, M.Ed.
It is so hard to believe that the end of our second school year is right around the corner. To me, May showed up even more quickly than last year and last year felt like a blink too.  But, in that blink, there have been so many great memories shared and still more memories to make and fun activities to look forward to. 

There are a couple of fun little surprises on the horizon for the children to experience. The elementary and adolescents have a camping trip coming up in three weeks. We have our end of the year school event. Plus, we are going to confirm a day soon and invite everyone to come out and bring the children to Funplex to simply cool off and enjoy everyone's company to kick off the summer. While families are enjoying their summer, we will be too and hopefully working on a few projects, in addition to usual summer activities regarding the school. 

I know parents are anticipating and wondering what next steps are being taken. Where is MSOE going to end up? Your patience, understanding, support and excitement is appreciated. I don't want to share too much before I know things for sure. Yet, I want you to know, in addition to everything else being worked on, I am very proactive about building plans. First, I want to assure you that no big decisions about locations will be made without a communication with parents. For instance, there is not going to be an announcement that our main location will be in Westhampton (for example) and we look forward to seeing you all there. However, I will share that I am meeting with the Mayor and my architect the second week in May about three buildings. I am also meeting with the Board of a township (Yes, I'm being discreet) because they are interested in hearing about my ideas to give us a variance for a potential location with land! And, if all of that were not enough, I am also sifting through applications and interviewing for toddler and primary teachers and assistants. 

Our school continues to grow quickly!  My intention is to prepare a foundation of staff that will harness the opportunities for your children to experience great work and play! Just based on the feedback and interest, I know that once we get a bigger place and a couple of locations for different levels, the mission and vision of MSOE will be closer to becoming fulfilled (always getting closer). The great thing about the MSOE vision is that it will never be fulfilled. It was created with the intention to always have room to grow and evolve. To never be limited just as we do not want any child to be limited.

Toddler/Primary Update

This past month, in addition to great math, language, science, sensorial, and practical life work, we continued to study the parts of the flower. The children did water color color blending and acrylic color blending to make beautiful designs. They learned about the number of petals on flowers, the different types of flowers, and they drew and painted flowers. Students learned about the animals on the farm life cycle. The children love reading a series about farm animals and what they do on the farm. Some older Primary children are doing more advanced work in multiplication and division.  For Earth Day, we made planets and we talked about the continents and major oceans. Younger students traced continents and made beautiful booklets. 
We welcomed, Georgia (18 mo.), a new member in our class, as well as Ms. Anne, a new assistant, to help with the Toddler/Primary children. It's been wonderful having Ms. Anne for the rest of our school year. She has over 30 years of experience in the Montessori School in Moorestown and the children love her.  The children are looking forward to celebrating mother's day and are practicing a sweet musical number, which they will share with their mom. 

Elementary/Adolescent Update

As you know from Transparent Classroom there have been so many activities, lessons and work taking place, between acting, writing, creating timelines, and of course, math and geometry. At least as important, I have been working with the children on concepts of what it means to be self-centered, that being self-centered can be a good thing, being aware, and the importance of being mindful to help yourself and others. If you would like to know more about what I'm working on with all of your children with regards to these qualities please review my blog by clicking here.

On a different note, many of us have known Kenny for up to 5 years.  My perspective is that this is not an easy transition for the elementary children who have a relationship with him. There are even younger children who don't know him that well, but have expressed that they will also miss him. Please take this time to chat with your children about change, transition and talking about feelings. I would appreciate it and I'm sure they will too. 

Also, a big thank you Mr. Matos for getting photo books put together for our families and students that participated in the MMUN trip.  I am still open to ideas or thoughts parents might have with regards to having small visits to different places or parents coming in to teach a skill.  Actually, I just recently learned about one parent who can make all sorts of knots. This is an example of a fun activity and useful life skill for the children to experience.

A Special Thank You!

A big thank you to Mr. Atiq Ebady, owner of the Kabob House in Merchantville, NJ. When we called them with regards to our celebration for Kenny, they offered a complimentary catered lunch for all of us! The food was delicious, the children loved it, and Mr. Atiq was very nice! Feel free to like his page on Facebook by clicking here.

Calendar Highlights

Here are some upcoming important dates. 
  • May 10-12: Standardized Testing
  • May 18-20: Camping Trip
  • May 30: Memorial Day - No School

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