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Why M.W. Watermark?

M.W. Watermark wants to make a difference. We are passionate about the world's water. We are innovative, focused on customer service and always try to exceed expectations.  We are an environmentally conscious company with people who are energized, encouraged and inspired to make a difference on our planet by helping to keep our shared, finite water supply clean and usable for generations to come.  We build amazing, custom water and wastewater treatment equipment. 

Together, we can make a difference.
Fil ter Pres ses

New and rebuilt equipment available for rental or purchase.

In addition to new filter presses built to customer specifications, we offer rebuilt presses with strict quality standards that offer a great value for our customers. 

We also buy and take in on trade used filter presses. 

Capacities range from .01 to 600 cu. ft. to meet all filtration, process and dewatering needs.

Filter Press Parts and Retrofits for
Most Manufacturers

M.W. Watermark™  stocks a large variety of aftermarket parts for many filter press makes and models.

Popular categories:
  • Filter Cake Discharge Options
  • Plate Shifter Parts and Retrofits
  • Hydraulic Systems and Controls
  • Piping and Manifolds
  • Filter Press Controls
  • Pump and Precoat Skids
Hydraulic and shifter retrofitting is also available. 

Visit our Filter Press Parts webpage or contact us to learn more.
Retrofit Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)
If you are in need of an emergency fix for your hydraulic pumping system, but are not ready to replace or rebuild your filter press, then M.W. Watermark has a great solution for you.

M.W. Watermark has designed a stand-alone hydraulic power unit which serves as a universal retrofit for older-style filter presses.

Aftermarket Accessories
Need tools and accessories for maintaining your filter press, plates and cloths?

We keep many aftermarket accessory products in stock and ready to ship.

Filter Cake Dumpsters
Did you know that we offer filter cake dumpsters in a variety of sizes to fit the dimensions of your filter press?

Custom Filter Cloths 

M.W. Watermark™ stocks over 20 different fabric types to provide the quickest delivery for the widest variety of applications. We also keep a large inventory of finished cloths in-stock and ready to ship.  

M.W. Watermark can make filter cloths for virtually any make and model of filter press.

We manufacture filter cloths for both gasketed (CGR) and non-gasketed (NG) filter plates. 

Customized filter cloths can be sewn to the exact specifications of your filter press, providing for a perfect fit. 

We can also add rubber barrel necks, hook-and-loop material and latex, which can improve sealing on non-gasketed cloths. 

All cloths are made in the U.S.A. in our facility in Holland, Michigan.  

Filter Cloth Installation Service

Filter cloths are the front line in the dewatering process. Keeping cloths in good condition is key to running your filter press at its peak level of efficiency.

Click to watch video on our website

Filter cloths eventually need to be changed, and M.W. Watermark has the equipment and staff to handle this task for you.

We have an area in our facility dedicated to filter cloth installation, featuring the latest in automation to increase efficiency. Our factory-trained installers are second-to-none when it comes to fast, quality workmanship. 

High-Quality Filter Plates

M.W. Watermark maintains a wide inventory of stock high-density polypropylene filter plates for many makes and models of filter presses - in-stock and ready to ship!

Is it time to replace your filter plates?

Or, perhaps your operation has grown, and it's time to increase the capacity of your filter press - by replacing the expansion piece with additional plates. 

Whatever your situation, we understand you can't afford much downtime.

When you order from M.W. Watermark you can expect great service and a speedy turnaround.

Visit our Filter Plates webpage to learn more.
Continuous Sludge Dryers

Designed for volume and weight reduction of metal hydroxide plating waste.

Reduction of waste volume ranges from 2:1 to 5:1.

Solids are dried up to 75 percent*, leaving a granular material for disposal in a barrel, bag or dumpster.

*Typical results. Actual results may vary.

The M.W. Watermark Continuous Sludge Dryer is a leader in the industry for innovation with superior design - for both efficiency of operation and ease of maintenance.
Slant Plate and Low Profile Clarifiers

Looking for tough, dependable 
inclined plate clarifiers that won't break the bank or dwarf your production space?

Slant Plate (SPC) and Low Profile (LPC) Clarifiers from M.W. Watermark are designed for extremely efficient solids removal from process liquids and waste.
Dissolved Air Flotation Clarifiers (DAF)

The M.W. Watermark
Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) Clarifier is a very effective tool in removing suspended solids, fats, oils, metals and non-soluble BOD from a waste stream.

Sizes range from 60 to 1,000 GPM.
Oil Coalescing Separators (OCS)

The M.W. Watermark Oil Coalescing Separator (OCS) is designed to remove free non-emulsified oils, diesel, gasoline and fuels from a waste stream, resulting in an effluent quality of 10 mg/l or less of contaminants 20 microns and larger.

Sizes range from 15 to 5,000 GPM.
Laboratory Services

M.W. Watermark has re-modeled and updated our in-house laboratory facility, offering a full range of dewaterability laboratory services.


Laboratory services can help determine the most effective filter press equipment, equipment sizing, filtration media required, and dewatering techniques for your specific application.

M.W. Watermark has recently added Frazier® Air Permeability Testing to our growing list of laboratory services. This allows us to determine the air permeability of a particular filter cloth fabric, utilizing the ASTM D 737-96 standard test method for textile fabrics.

Filter press pilot units are also available for rental or purchase. 

Field Services

M.W. Watermark offers many services to help reduce your costs and make your water and wastewater treatment equipment run more efficiently.

Service professionals are available to visit your job site to start-up new equipment or troubleshoot and repair existing equipment. 

Services Available:
  • Start-Ups, Training, Installation
  • Mechanical Repairs and Troubleshooting
  • PLC Programming and Troubleshooting
  • Process Review and Improvements
  • Engineering
  • Rebuilds

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All of our products are proudly manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A.

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