March 2018
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New and Rebuilt Filter Presses for Rental
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New M.W. Watermark 630mm Filter Press
Stock Press: Please Contact Us for Current Availability

RE00205 - Used and Rebuilt Perrin 1200mm Filter Press - 60 cu. ft.


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Filter Press Parts and Retrofits for Many Manufacturers

To better serve our customers, M.W. Watermark maintains a comprehensive inventory of replacement parts and retrofits for many filter press manufacturers.

Below is a list of our main categories of filter press parts and retrofit components with links to each product page on our website:

Need accessories for your filter press, including spatulas, cloth installation tools or bulk bags? Download our Aftermarket Accessories Sheet.

Looking for self-dumping cake hoppers? Download our Filter Cake Dumpster Sizes and Accessories Sheet.

Are you in need of an emergency fix for your filter press hydraulic pumping system? Download our Retrofit Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) Brochure to learn more. 

The expertise of our sales staff, engineers, and technicians serves to make M.W. Watermark an industry leader. Our large selection of filter press parts is regularly replenished to minimize our customers' downtime and reduce potential waste. 

Contact us today for more information on parts, retrofits or accessories.
Filter Press Maintenance and Critical Spares

A filter press is designed to consistently perform in industrial environments that are oftentimes hard on equipment. With a proper maintenance routine, a filter press can last for many years. 

Our recent blog posting provides an overview of recommended maintenance for your press and important spare parts to keep on hand to help minimize downtime.

Read more on our blog. 

Contact us today for a quote. 
Industries and Applications Spotlight:
Filter Presses and Cloths for "Lees Filtration"

How the Filter Press is Used in Winemaking

Filter presses are used for separating solids from liquids across many industries and applications. In the wine industry, the filter press is often referred to as a "lees filter."

Lees is the sediment at the bottom of fermentation vessels and includes solids such as grape skins, pulp, stems, seeds and residual yeast. Lees also contain a high percentage of recoverable product, with solids concentrations typically in the range of 20-30%, which lends itself well to dewatering via filter press. 

A filter press is also well-suited for this type of application as the lees filtration process generally results in a filter cake with low residual moisture (a relatively dry cake). The lees slurry is usually combined with a filter aid such as DE (Diatomaceous Earth) and fed into the filter press using an AOD pump.     

Learn more on our blog.

Visit our Industries and Applications webpage.
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