Volume 197 | December 16, 2020
Möet Hennessy Takes Stake in WhistlePig

Möet Hennessy has agreed to add WhistlePig to its spirits portfolio in exchange for a minority stake in the company. WhistlePig's successful launch in the UK led it to seek a partnership that would facilitate more rapid and profitable international growth. WhistlePig's operations in North America will not be impacted by the deal as the partnership will be focused on growing the brand in international markets.

"The arrangement with Moët Hennessy marks a significant moment for WhistlePig," says Jeff Kozak, CEO, WhistlePig. "We could not be more pleased to align our brand with the leader in luxury wines and spirits and are excited about the future collaboration with Moët Hennessy’s team in the international market."

Further reading: PRnewswire
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