FALL 2018
Monterey One Water (M1W) is dedicated to providing reliable, efficient wastewater services for the community. To ensure this, financial stability and stewardship are high priorities for the Agency. Each year, a detailed budget is prepared by our staff to reinforce the Agency’s mission, to support the goals of our strategic plan, and to prepare M1W for the coming years.
As a public, not-for-profit agency, we strive to keep our operating costs as low as possible. This includes ensuring right-sized staffing, energy conservation, smart materials purchases, and cooperative partnerships. About 90% of the power needed to operate the Plant is generated on site using collected methane gas from the treatment process, in addition to utilizing solar energy. 

For 2018-19, the Agency’s residential rate for treatment services is $19.15 per month. It is important to remember, however, that the provision of sewer services in the M1W service area is a shared responsibility. Collecting used water from homes and moving it the Regional Treatment Plant is the responsibility of individual cities and districts. Treatment and proper allocation of the treated water is the responsibility of M1W. This is reflected on customers’ bi-monthly bills with the following designations:
  • City Sewer System Charges: varies by region and goes directly to the member entity in which the customer’s residence is located
  • Monterey One Water: is a consistent rate and the Agency’s primary source of funds
For a more detailed look at our financials, I encourage you to explore the updated “ Financial Matters ” page on our website. Reworked with easy drop-down menus and new categories, you can dive into the specific areas that interest you. For those looking for a quick snapshot of our revenues and expenses, we’ve created a new “ Budget in Brief ” document. In just two pages, it gives a quick and visual understanding of our budget basics.
Full transparency is a core value at M1W, and I hope you see this in our reporting and resources like the One Exchange . Enjoy this edition.

Fred Marsh
Chief Financial Officer 
Getting Connected:
Wastewater Project for Farmworker Housing Nears Completion

Monterey One Water’s new tagline, Providing Cooperative Water Solutions, highlights the Agency’s strategic approach: working together. Through this commitment to local and regional partners, new doors have opened for other opportunities such as converting a local farmworker housing complex from septic to sewer. This project will provide additional wastewater that can then be used for water recycling and is another step in becoming better stewards of groundwater resources. 
The farmworker housing complex houses a limited number of year-round workers plus a significant number of temporary laborers each year. While the project is expected to be complete by early 2019, the original conversations about this opportunity started in 2016. In addition to designing and managing the construction of a pump station and pipeline to get the small complex connected to the regional wastewater collection system, M1W worked with Monterey County LAFCO to get an administrative annexation of the property into the existing Agency’s service boundaries. The project’s importance and benefits were recognized in 2017 when M1W applied for and received a grant from the State Water Resources Control Board’s Small Community Wastewater Program to help fund the project.

The Agency would like to thank the staffs and employees from Monterey County LAFCO, Monterey County Environmental Health, the City of Salinas, Schaaf and Wheeler Consulting Engineers, and Monterey Peninsula Engineering for their efforts in making this program a reality.
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New Online Billing Portal Open
This spring, Monterey One Water launched a new online billing portal. Customers can manage their accounts online to set billing preferences, see past statements, enroll in paperless billing, and more. For those who haven't signed up . . .
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For step-by-step instructions on creating an online account, follow the guide here.

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Pure Water Monterey:
Independent Advisory Panel Workshop
With 2019 right around the corner, so is the #FutureOfWater . Using a proven, advanced, multi-stage purification process, the PURE WATER MONTEREY Groundwater Replenishment Project (PWM) will turn used water into a safe, reliable, and sustainable water supply. All project components are under construction and a successful dialog was held with the Project’s Independent Advisory Panel (IAP) in October. The IAP – which includes independent industry experts – and representatives from varying departments of the State Water Board received a detailed project update, and in turn, provided impartial feedback for our team of engineers and project specialists. The IAP was established in 2013 and has played an instrumental role in helping develop and fine tune all elements of the project.