Older child adoption can feel intimidating, and often the fear associated with the unknowns prevents us from taking a leap of faith.  This program has been established to give children who have often been overlooked, a chance to find their family. This experience will change the life of an orphan forever, as well as the lives of you and your family!

The ultimate goal of the Reverse Hosting Program (also known as In-Country Hosting Program) is for orphaned and vulnerable children, specifically those who are older and have special needs, to find permanent, stable, loving, qualified families. The program accomplishes this by allowing approved liaison families to travel to Colombia, accompanied by MAA staff, to meet and spend time with children who are available for adoption. The wish is for each child to find their own family by either the liaison family personally adopting them, or through the liaison assisting MAA in advocacy for that child. 
In this program, aside from exploring the beautiful and welcoming country of Colombia, individuals and families will have the unique opportunity to play an integral role in finding permanent homes for vulnerable children by visiting them and spending a week together. Each liaison will have a designated child (or children) deemed a good fit, to accompany them throughout the tours and activities of the In-Country Hosting Program. During this time, the liaisons will be gathering information about the child; by the end of the week, the liaison will have a unique perspective about the child’s personality, social ability, peer relationships, physical abilities, medical needs, etc. As an advocate for that child, you will be their best representative to a potential adoptive family! And do not be surprised if YOU are that family! Which is why we require full home studies on all our liaison families. 

Applicants for this program must be in good health, mentally and physically, without communicable diseases of public health significance. They must have an approved home study BY AUGUST 1st containing an approval that matches the criteria of the child they intend to host.  They must be flexible, go with the flow, optimistic child advocates.  Remember friends, international travel and adoption are not for the faint of heart!

The dates of the reverse hosting program are currently scheduled for October 11- October 20 th . Host families and children will stay in the lovely Plaza Suites Hotel located in a beautiful and very safe area of Bogota, the capital of Colombia. Bogota is a city surrounded by mountains and with a nice cool weather all year round. It is very diverse city with extensive entertainment options and historic places to sight see and explore. The family accommodations are two- bedroom suites, with two bathrooms and a kitchenette, allowing families to have some privacy while keeping the group together. 

If you would like more information or to apply for the Reverse Hosting Program, please visit our website and submit the Hosting Application which can be found under the ‘Hosting’ tab. If you have further questions regarding hosting requirements, training, costs, or other details, please contact Adriana Chaves
Calling all Illinois and Missouri Families - Host a Chaperone from Colombia!

Would you like to proudly show off your city? Want to immerse yourself in another culture this summer? Care to polish up on your Spanish? Hoped to participate in the summer hosting but could not commit to three weeks? We have the answer! MAA is searching for loving families who can host a chaperone this summer. We specifically would love adoptive families with children already home so can show off how well your children are doing.   Your guest can stay as few as 2 days or as long as a week. This is a great experience for your entire family to learn about Colombia, the Colombian adoption program and Colombian culture, while you and your family share your own? Please contact
Adriana Chaves if interested. Thanks!  
Attention Families who have adopted from
Baoan SWI:

We wanted to let you know that Baoan Social Welfare Institute will be moving by the end of the year. The children will be moved to a new facility for 5 years while building a new permanent location. We are told that there will be a subway built where the current institution is located.
We would love to create a book for the staff of Baoan. If you have a Baoan child, we would love to include you! Please send Lindsey Gilbert  the following items/information:

1-       Early photo(s) of your child, from referral or from an MAA trip
2-       Photo(s) of your child now
3-       Child Chinese name
4-       Child current name
5-       Child DOB
6-       Child date of adoption
7-       Fun fact or description of your child

Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you!
Bulgaria grant extended!

MAA is still offering a $1000 grant for families submitting a dossier to be matched!   Please  visit our website  if you are interested in learning more about this wonderful program, and the beautiful children who wait for you! Or, email Sarah Hansen  for more information.
Join us in officially welcoming Samantha Speck to the MAA Team!

Samantha has been crucial behind the scenes at Madison since late last year. It was such a great fit that she is officially coming on as an International Adoption Specialist/Adoption Assistant.

Samantha started working with children in 2007 as a certified early education teacher for almost four years before becoming a stay home mother. While staying at home she earned her Bachelors in Psychology at Wilmington University in 2018. Samantha held internships with at risk youth in the Juvenile Probation Unit, and also with Brandywine Counseling in the drug prevention and counseling sectors, both out of Wilmington, DE.

Samantha loves to read, travel, bake, and spend time with her family. Samantha also has a passion for helping children and families, and she is looking forward to working closely with the families of MAA. She is happily married with three boys.
See who came home in May!
The photos below say it all! You are super heroes in our eyes, and forever impacting the lives of children all around the world. Check out this father-son video , it truly captures what Father's Day is all about.