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Did You Know the 'UN-CONVENTIONAL' #MABshow is an International Event!
That's right, mates! Australia's Wade Kingsley 
is looking forward to "BS-ing" with you from 
the land down under at noon on Monday, March 8. 

All full-conference registered participants will gain access to some of the industry's top minds in sales, management, news and engineering. The March 8-11 sessions also will be made available on-demand for registered participants for 90 days following the event's conclusion. 

Active Promo Codes:
MABSHOW50 ($50 per person)
FRIENDS (2 people for $75)
FOUR (4 people for $100)

Make Big Decisions with Jeff Welton at the #MABshow
For every equipment purchase, whether a new automation system, or upgrading to a newer transmitter, there are steps and processes that can make the transition less painful. From involving everybody who will be impacted, to making sure the shiny new thing will fit where it's going, this presentation will provide tools to make your next capex project flow more smoothly. Join Nautel's Jeff Welton during the 2021 'UN-CONVENTIONAL' #MABshow  when he presents "What To Expect When You're Expecting - Planning for a Purchase."  Discover more sessions and register to attend at

#MABshow Panel: Recruiting, Retention and Diversity Hiring Tools
As a manager, how much of your time is spent recruiting? Just as you fill one position, another person is leaving. Michigan Radio's Vincent Duffy, The E.W. Scripps Company's Chip Mahaney and WBKB-TV's Sherri Stuart will discuss how to build and keep the best team possible with WXYZ-TV's Chuck Stokes moderating the panel discussion. Hear about effective recruiting tools to help bring the best and most diverse people to your team at the 'UN-CONVENTIONAL' #MABshow

Sports Betting Advertising
Q & A Issued
According to an MAB conversation with the attorney for Michigan Gaming Control Board and based on the rules, broadcasters who are required to be registered for accepting sports betting advertising may do so by company rather than per station. If your advertising comes through an ad agency, it is the agency that must register even if the amount of ad revenue received for any single gambling organization reaches the 100K threshold. Read More

Lobbying Firms Kelley Cawthorne, Brown Consulting  Announce Merger
Longtime MAB legislative consultant firm Kelley Cawthorne has announced a merger with Berton Brown Consulting. The combined firm will remain known as Kelley Cawthorne. The merger also launches a new initiative, Kelley Cawthorne Empower. Read More

NAB to FCC: Broadcasters Can Promote Emergency Broadband Benefit
Broadcasters want to get a cut of those billions of dollars in the Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) established by legislation passed last December, according to a report in Broadcasting+Cable. The bill provides for $3.2 billion in subsidies to be handed out by the FCC over a six-month period. Read More

The Return of the Fairness Doctrine - What it Was and Why it Won't Return
By: David Oxenford,
Wilkinson Barker Knauer LLP

It seems like whenever Democrats are elected to serve as President and take control of Congress, there is talk about the revival of the Fairness Doctrine as some panacea for restoring balance and civility to political debate.  In recent weeks, we have seen many articles blaming conservative talk radio for the current divisions in the country and for the widespread belief in discredited claims about political and social topics. Read More

WKAR's Elkins Elected to America's Public Television Stations Board
America's Public Television Stations announced February 16 that Susi Elkins, director of broadcasting and general manager of WKAR Public Media at Michigan State University has been elected to serve as professional vice chair on the board of the nonprofit organization. Read More

Former Detroit TV Anchor Karen Hudson-Samuels Dies
The MAB has learned that former WGPR-TV (Detroit) anchor, producer and news director Karen Hudson-Samuels has passed away.  The Detroit media icon was found dead at her home by her husband last Tuesday (2/9), just one day after taking the COVID-19 vaccine, but the official cause of her death is still unknown. Read More

WWJ's 18th Winter Survival Radiothon For THAW raises $416K in Heating Assistance
Entercom's WWJ-AM (Detroit) held its 18th Annual Winter Survival Radiothon for THAW (The Heat And Warmth Fund) on February 12, raising $416,000 in Heating Assistance for Detroit area residents in need. Read More

Townsquare Announces First Ever Kalamazoo/Battle Creek Townie Awards
Townsquare Kalamazoo/Battle Creek has announced its inaugural Townie Awards for 2021.  In a release, the company said they are committed to standing with local businesses, and the people who bring them to life and make them special. Local businesses have always been an integral part of the fabric of their community, and supporting these businesses has never been more important. Read More

Art Vuolo Produces Rush Limbaugh Tribute 
Radio's Best Friend and Michigan's very own Art Vuolo, Jr. has put together a tribute video to the late Rush Limbaugh, who passed away this past week of cancer at the age of 70. Whether you agreed with Rush or not, his impact on broadcasting, especially AM radio cannot be denied. Art reports that he spent a good five hours putting together this 20-minute presentation, part of which was recorded at WXYT-AM in Detroit. Watch here:

WXSP to Air Grand Rapids Griffins' Home Games 
Nexstar's WXSP-TV has announced that it will air all 15 Grand Rapids Griffins home games this season.  Larry Figurski of sister station WOOD-TV will handle play-by-play duties while Bob Kaser, the voice of the Griffins, recovers from his recent open-heart surgery. Figurski will be joined by commentators Lou Rabaut, a longtime analyst on Griffins broadcasts, and Mike Knuble, the Griffins' assistant coach. Read More

MAB To Offer FREE Sales and Leadership Helpline
Understanding how important it is to get the Michigan Economy back up to full vitality again and that many of you are working with reduced staff at least until the economy improves, MAB has hired two of the best sales and leadership consultants to help you. Read More

Traffic Director Spotlight: Simone Rossato
Simone Rossato is the Traffic Manager for Results Broadcasting in Iron Mountain. If you would like to participate in our Traffic Director Spotlight, please fill out the survey hereRead More

The 2021 Student Awards will be Virtual, You Can Help Make it Great!
We'll be honoring Student Broadcast Award winners with a virtual celebration in April 2021, and we want to make the experience special for them! The MAB Foundation is looking for volunteers to help present the online awards. If you're an on-air radio or television personality, we want to get you involved!  Media students from across the state will LOVE  seeing and hearing from familiar faces. If you're interested in creating a fantastic virtual experience for the award winners, let us know! We also have sponsorship opportunities for giveaways, Station of the Year presentation, and more!  Contact Rachel at or 517-484-7447 for details.

 It is common to run into difficult selling situations in the field.  Whether it's an overzealous gatekeeper, a client who thinks that they know more about advertising than you do, or just trying to find an angle to get a new prospect's attention, we are here to help!  Let us know what we can help with and we will get your question in front of our seasoned broadcast professionals who will get you a personalized response with real strategies for your specific situation!

For Sales Meetings
 Turn your sales meetings into "meaningful moments" by including professional broadcast training as a regular part of the time you spend with your team!  The grid below features 99 short sessions (most are between 4 and 8 minutes long, but there ARE exceptions!) that focus on different aspects of the sales process - note that this is a SMALL sample of the hundreds of segments you can find on the site!  There are enough sessions here to cover almost two sales meetings per week and there are more than enough selling skills videos on the site if you wanted to use one per day for the entire year!!

LBS WEBINAR: "How to Get More Appointments!" 
with Paul Weyland,
LBS Broadcast Selling Expert

February 24, 2021 | 1:00 p.m.
Would YOU return YOUR cliche voicemail, email and text messages? Then why would you expect a potential client to return them? In this session, Paul Weyland explores how to create messages that will compel local direct decision makers to return your calls. Do you find it more awkward to ask for appointments today? Are you finding your clients and prospects a bit more cranky? Your daily broadcast and digital appointment setting challenges can be accomplished in today's environment successfully with less stress.

12 Proven Strategies to Grow Ratings
By: Gary Berkowitz,
Berkowitz Broadcast Consulting

One of the most exciting parts of my job is to work all over the US in many different markets. In this post, I will share the important points that come up most often in market after market. Read More

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February 24 | 1 p.m.
LBS Webinar: "How to Get More Appointments!" with Pay Weyland  (Learn More)

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