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August 2
Cable and Satellite Royalty Claims Due to the Copyright Royalty Board. (Read More)

August 10 | 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
MAB Annual Business Meeting & Advocacy Conference (Virtual). Read more below!

August 11 | 2:20 p.m. Eastern
National EAS Test. Backup date is August 25. (Read More)

August 19 | 1:00 - 2:00 p.m.
Free Webinar: "Copyright Issues for Broadcasters" with David Oxenford, Wilkinson, Barker & Knauer, LLP.
Held via Zoom Conference August 10 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Registration is free but you must be registered to attend.

Guest Speakers: 
Curtis LeGeyt,
Chief Operating Officer,
Rosemary C. Harold
Chief of Enforcement Bureau
David Oxenford,
Wilkinson, Barker & Knauer,
And, a special Report from the MAB Transition Committee on their search for the NEXT MAB President. Click here to see more and register today.
The Michigan Association of Broadcasters and the MAB Foundation are pleased to announce the 2021 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, Hall of Fame inductees, and several other award recipients who will be honored as a part of the virtual 2021 MAB Awards in September!
MAB Lifetime Achievement Award
Ed Love
WDET-FM (Detroit)
In his adopted city of Detroit, Ed Love has become a musical institution. Generations of Detroiters know Ed as the voice who guided us through almost 60 years of "Destination Jazz: The Ed Love Program," playing the classics and introducing us to new music each week on WDET-FM. Read More
Michigan Broadcasting Hall of Fame 2021 Inductees
MAPB Public Impact Award Recipients
WNMU Public Media (Marquette)
WNMU Public Media (Marquette)
2021 MAB Foundation Young Professional Awards Recipients
2021 Carl E. Lee
Engineering Award Recipients
Community Broadcasting Champion Award
Jamie McKibbin
McKibbin Media Group (Jackson)
Could a Supreme Court Decision Affect Disclosure Obligations on Political Advertising?
By: David Oxenford, Wilkinson Barker Knauer LLP
We thought that we should highlight another decision of the Supreme Court, a case called Americans For Prosperity Foundation v. Bonta, Attorney General of California, that could have an even more direct effect on the political advertising disclosure obligations of broadcasters.  Read More
More Michigan Congressmen Sign LRFA
The MAB is pleased to announce another cosponsor has signed on to H.Con.Res.33, the House Local Radio Freedom Act. Congressman John Moolenaar (R-4) has joined fellow Representatives Jack Bergman (R-1), Debbie Dingell (D-12), Fred Upton (R-6) and Tim Walberg (R-7) in support of the resolution. Read More
DASDEC Releases Required Update
Following last week's advisory from Sage regarding the availability and required installation of an update due to the expiring IPAWS digital certificate, DASDEC has announced their firmware update to meet the August 21, 2021 deadline. Read More
Allen Media Buys Gray Television's WJRT-TV
Gray Television, Inc. has reached an agreement to divest WJRT-TV, its ABC affiliate for the Flint-Saginaw, Michigan television market, to Byron Allen’s Allen Media Broadcasting, LLC for $70 million dollars in cash. Read More
Longtime Michigan Broadcaster Don Backus Retires
Veteran Michigan Broadcaster and broadcast equipment marketing professional Don Backus has announced his retirement. Backus spent two decades on the station side, in ownership, management, sales, on-air and news. He is also known for this work representing companies like Rohde & Schwarz, ENCO, BE and Audio Broadcast Group.
WCSX-FM Morning Personality Big Jim O’Brien Signs Multiyear Renewal Deal with Beasley
Beasley Media Group has renewed a multiyear deal with WCSX-FM (Detroit) morning personality Big Jim O’Brien. The veteran Motor City on-air personality, who has been officially serving as the morning host for the past six years, has worked at the station for a total of 18 years Read More
WILX-TV Announces Sports Team Changes
Gray Television's WILX-TV (Lansing) has announced that longtime Lansing sports reporter Fred Heumann will take on the role of co-Sports Director with the WILX Sports Team on August 1, 2021. Heumann will play a pivotal role in the day-to-day operations of the sports department. Read More
WADL To Become Detroit’s MyNetworkTV Affiliate
Adell Broadcasting's WADL-TV (Detroit) has announced that it has secured the market’s MyNetworkTV affiliation, and will make the switch September 20. Scripps-owned WMYD-TV is the current affiliate of the network in the city. Read More
FREE WEBINAR: Copyright Issues for Broadcasters
with David Oxenford, Wilkinson, Barker, Knauer

Thursday, August 19, 2021 | 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. Eastern
Whether on-air or online, broadcasters constantly face copyright issues in their operations. Music licensing is always so confusing – who are all these organizations that want money and why should I pay them? How much will my radio station pay to make its programming available on various digital platforms? Can I use pictures or content from other sources in my newscast without getting permission from the originator? What can I put in a podcast without permission – or what can I use in a commercial without getting into trouble? How about online – can pictures on my website get me into trouble – and how about material that is posted on my website by users?
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It’s Time for Radio to Rethink Contesting
By: Seth Resler, Jacobs Media Strategies
Perhaps no other medium still relies on contests as much as the radio industry. When I was a Program Director many years ago, I held a weekly staff meeting that revolved around the question, “What are we giving away on the air this week?” For many radio stations, not much has changed since then. Read More