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Top of the News:

* Nominations for 2019 Lifetime Achievement, Hall of   Fame Awards Due by April 25
* Advertising for CBD - Safe for Broadcasters?
* House Passes Open Records Expansion
* FCC approves $150M in Repack Funds for LPTVs,   Radio
* MAB Teams Up With MSU to Promote Media Sales   Careers to Generation Z
* Step into the World of Virtual Reality ... Career Fair   Edition

All this and more below
Nominations for 2019 Lifetime Achievement, Hall of Fame Awards
Due by April 25
It's time to make your nominations for the MAB's annual Lifetime Achievement Award and Hall of Fame inductees. The 2019 award ceremony will be take place following the MAB Advocacy Conference on August 6 in Grand Rapids. Nomination Forms can be found here.

Nominations Now Open for the 2019 MAPB Public Media Impact Awards
There will be up to two awards given - one Professional (all professionals including volunteers working in public broadcasting) and one Donor (individuals or foundations). The recipients will be recognized following the 2019 MAB Advocacy Conference on August 6 at the JW Marriott in Grand Rapids. Learn More

MAB's Annual Capitol Day Will Connect Broadcasters and Lawmakers on May 14
The Michigan Association of Broadcasters invites its members to be a part of its annual State Capitol Advocacy Day on May 14, 2019. This is a great opportunity to  engage state lawmakers to showcase television and radio stations' commitment and investment in their local communities. Register Here
Advertising for CBD -
Safe for Broadcasters?
By: David Oxenford
Wilkinson Barker Knauer LLP

In the last few months, we probably have had more questions about advertising for CBD products than any other topic. At this point, CBD products seem to be sold in nearly every state in the country, and discussions about CBD's effectiveness seem to be staples on national and local television talk programs. Broadcasters naturally ask whether they can advertise these seemingly ubiquitous products.  Read More

State/Legislative Update

House Passes Open Records Expansion
The Michigan House has passed a package of bills adding the Governor's office to the Freedom of Information Act and creating Legislative Open Records Act (LORA) for State Legislature.  Read More

State Supreme Court Orders Arguments in FOIA Case Involving Schuette
The Michigan Supreme Court will hear arguments on whether state government can claim immunity as a defense for disclosing public records.  Read More

DC-Capitol_100 Federal/Regulatory Update

FCC approves $150M in Repack Funds for LPTVs, Radio
FCC Commissioners unanimously voted to approve $150 million in funding for low-power TV and FM radio stations that are disrupted by the post-spectrum auction repack. Read More

Upton to Co-Chair Public Broadcasting Caucus
Four seasoned federal legislators - two Democrats and two Republicans - will co-chair the Public Broadcasting Caucus in the 116th Congress.  Read More

WKAR's Elkins Talks Federal Funding, ATSC 3.0, Serving the Audience
As technology continues to expand at a fast pace, people are consuming WKAR content through a variety of platforms beyond the traditional broadcast signal.  Read More

'Free Beer & Hot Wings' adds Cheese
The syndicated "Free Beer & Hot Wings" show, based at WGRD-FM (Grand Rapids)  has announced the addition of Kelly Cheesborough (aka Kelly-Cheese) to the program, beginning April 1.  Read More

Newago/Whitehall: WLAW, WWSN to Swap Frequencies
Radio Insight reported on Thursday that Cumulus Media will be swapping the dial positions of its country-formatted WLAW-FM (Newago), currently 92.5, and adult contemporary-formatted WWSN-FM (Whitehall), currently 97.5.  Read More

WCEN's Moose New Country Ale Hits Retailers This Year
Last summer, your MAB newslette reported that Alpha Media's WCEN-FM (Saginaw) teamed up with Mountain Town Brewing in Mt. Pleasant in offer its own brand of beer, Moose New Country Ale, which was available at restaurants and bars in the station's service area. After much success last year, the station and brewer have expanded distribution, making it available for purchase in 16-ounce cans for listeners to enjoy at home.  Read More

Post NAB Detroit 2019!
Key Code Media is bringing the best of the NAB 2019 show back to Detroit on Tuesday, May 21 at Punch Bowl Social ... as well as over 30 leading vendors showing the latest in media and entertainment technology.  Read More
'Snack and Learn' With the MAB
The MAB would love to come "snack and learn" with you!
Invite us to your office and get informed about all the services offered by the MAB. We'll bring the snacks! Schedule your station's 2019 "Snack and Learn" with the MAB! Contact Jackie at

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It's Simple: Click Here

Note:  These are custom awards and may take up to 12 weeks for delivery.

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April 18, 2019 | 1:00 - 2:00 p.m.
with Wilkinson Barker Knauer, LLP

Nearly every broadcaster has a website, an app, or both - and these outlets serve as key channels for reaching listeners and viewers.  Apps and websites also bring together a wide range of activities and information, including payments, promotions, and licensed content.  Online advertising, personalization and other data-driven activities are also part of the picture and implicate consumer privacy issues.

Terms of service and privacy policies are critical to governing your relationships with your users and business partners.  This webinar will cover legal considerations and best practices for these essential documents - and provide a look at the consequences of getting them wrong.

Course Description:  Building your professional network should be a well-thought-out process. You want to include people who can help you further your professional goals. Connecting widely is okay, but you need to use discretion so you're growing your circles in the right way. That's what this course is all about. We'll go over how to properly use technology to grow your network. We'll also discuss the importance of "connectors" and "influencers." Other topics we'll cover include how to make a good introduction, looking for mutual connections, and creating personal messages. Click here to log in and watch this course.
Support: For questions, support or additional information please contact our amazing support team by email at or by phone at (888) 944-9377.

Don't miss out on your opportunity for free, online training as an MAB member! Sign your staff up today! 
MAB Teams Up With MSU to Promote Media Sales Careers to Generation Z
The 2018-2019 MSU school year has been a learning experience for MSU sales students and MAB members alike. It's also been a very rewarding experience! Since September, MAB member stations have participated in the Sales Leadership Program at Michigan State University. Read More

Step into the World of Virtual Reality ... Career Fair Edition
The MAB Foundation is excited to host an upcoming media career fair event that is completely online!  You can sort through candidates and set up meetings without having to leave your comfortable office. Learn More

Meet your MAB Foundation Board Member of the Week: Steve Schram 
Steve Schram is Executive Director and General Manager of Michigan Public Media, overseeing Michigan Radio-WUOM, the NPR news and information public radio station at the University of Michigan.  Read More

Stop Hating Agencies And Be More Like Them Instead
By: Paul Weyland
Paul Weyland Communication Strategies

Just for kicks, let's take off our broadcast shoes and try on the shoes of an advertising agency executive. I have always believed we could learn a lot from the agencies about selling and then keeping accounts long-term. How do they do that? Here's how.  Read More

10 Pieces of Sales-Related Content That Should Be on Your Radio Station's Website
By: Seth Resler
Jacobs Media Strategies

When I speak to radio broadcasters about pulling all of their different digital tools together into a coherent Content Market Strategy, I am usually talking to people in the programming department who want to reach more listeners. But Content Marketing is also an effective strategy for the radio sales team looking to generate more leads.  Read More

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