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April 2016
Spaying & neutering is not just to control the overpopulation of unwanted pets...  

Spaying and neutering is just plain smart!!!
Here are some excuses people make about spaying and neutering and the truth behind them:

 -- "I don't want my dog's personality to change."
It's true: spaying and neutering has a reputation for staving off undesirable habits such as marking and humping. However, allegations that spaying and neutering will make a dog fat, lazy, less loving, less protective, or less playful are categorically unfounded. Additionally, dogs do not have a concept of sexual identity and ego like humans, so they will not feel or act like they are "missing something" after the procedure.

 -- "I don't want to give my dog unnecessary surgery."
Not only do the procedures prevent unwanted pregnancies, but spaying a female before her first heat significantly decreases her risk of developing mammary tumors later in life.
     Neutering males prevents testicular cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.
     Studies show that spaying and neutering young dogs (approximately six months old) generally results in less bleeding, quicker recovery, and increased skeletal bone growth.  Spayed and neutered dogs live up to three years longer than their unaltered counterparts.

 -- "My dog is always on leash and doesn't have the opportunity to 'get it on'."
At times, dogs escape, or they at least escape your field of view when you're talking to the neighbor who is out for a walk with the dog.  It doesn't take long for accidents to happen, resulting in you becoming responsible for the care of not just one dog, but maybe even eight dogs.

 -- "Spaying and neutering is too expensive."
Find a local low cost clinic where you can get your dog spayed or neutered for less than $150.  Low cost spay and neuter clinics exist in every state.  Many local shelters are also offering the service to the public now.  Plus there are online grants you can even locate for financial help.

Click here for a flyer to share with someone you know who needs to be convinced to alter their pet.

***NEW*** addition to the Colorado Dinner
Special Guest - Artist Helen Rivera.  She will paint a picture of a Boston on site that will be auctioned off at the dinner.

Click here to purchase your dinner tickets !!!

Boston Birthday Bashes
have been scheduled 

Scroll down for details
Kansas City - May 14th
Omaha - May 22nd
Littleton - June 4th

*Jennifer Misfeldt will be present at each location* 
Tax Deduction Reminders

As you are finalizing your taxes this month, did you make any charitable donations to MABTR during 2015?  If so, you may be able to take a deduction on your taxes!

Is your dollar to MABTR tax deductible or not?
Ask yourself... did you receive something in return for that dollar? 
If YES then the dollar given to MABTR is NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

Examples of what is NOT tax deductible:
- adoption fees
- purchase of chances towards raffle items, football squares, etc
- amount paid towards an auction item
- purchase of items from The Boston Bay
- money spent at events (entrance fee, food, raffles)

Examples of what IS tax deductible:
- the value of donated materials or items (used or new) (food, blankets, bedding, harnesses, crates, etc)
- gas or mileage when a MABTR was in the vehicle being transported
- donations made in excess of the stated adoption fee
- monetary donation when nothing was received in return

Adoptable Dog of the Month

My name is  Ali.  I am a 10-year-old Boston / Beagle Mix.  I weigh 15 pounds. I have a long history but have been in the same family since I was a puppy. Recently my latest owner had a stroke and is bed-ridden. I am being fostered in St Louis, MO.

Since I like to go for walks, car rides, and play in the backyard, the extended family decided it was best to find me a home where I can do all of these things.

My BT traits include being your shadow, sleeping in your bed at night, and cuddling on the couch.  I have a Beagle body style and short legs like a Beagle.  I use my legs to my advantage though.  I will climb on a chair to get on the table, I need more than a baby gate to keep me in a room because I will climb it too, and I have been known to climb a chain link fence.

~*~Eligible for the Golden Paws Program!!!~*~
  Adopters 60 yrs and older adopting a dog 7 yrs and older get $50 off the adoption fee !!!
Ask Jennifer
Q: My dog licks his paws excessively. Should I be concerned?

A: First thing I suggest is giving him a bath in case he walked into something that is causing his feet to itch or be irritated.  If it continues after the bath, it could be one or more of the following items:
  1. has a bad tooth - Make sure to check mouth and smell for bad breath.
  2. yeast infection between the toes -  Check between the toes for what I describe as slime.  The medication you use for ear infections can also be used to clear up yeast between toes.
  3. has allergies - You may need to look at your dog's diet and consult with your vet to determine if your dog needs different food.  If, on the other hand, the allergies are just environmental and not dietary, be sure to wash the feet down every night.
  4. side affect to medication - Consult with your vet in lowering the dose in the short term, and gradually working up to the full dose.
  5. comforting motion - Some dogs lick their paws simply because it's comforting to them.
Alumni Feature - Finny (formerly Fenway)

"Once upon a time, there was a scared little Boston named Fenway.  We don't know too much of his history, beyond the fact he was an owner surrender from an owner that had too many animals.  His foster mom said he wouldn't come out of his crate when anyone was watching him for days.  She sat on the floor and coaxed him with lunchmeat and cheese.  He liked his foster siblings, and warmed up a little to his foster mom.  
   Then a nice lady named Erin and a nice man named Jay came to see him.  They had one Boston boy at home and a Rat Terrier little girl.  The meeting went well, so the foster mom and dad decided to take him to Erin and Jay's house to meet potential new family members.  The introductions went well, and when the foster mom saw how much he loved their big back yard, she decided it was meant to be. 

     Erin and Jay had so much trouble getting him inside, foster Mom and Dad had to come over and help.  For a few days his new Mom and Dad had to leave him on leash so they could get his attention but still leave him a little personal space.  He slept in his crate, followed his canine sibling around, and formed a quick friendship with the Alpha Cat.  Mom and Dad changed his name to Finneaus (they call him Finny), and he started to relax.  He loved cuddling with his siblings, and saw how much they loved Mom and Dad, and started to get the idea that they might be pretty cool. 

     Within a few weeks he was tolerating scratches and pets.  Within a few months he was sleeping on the couch.  By Halloween, he even tolerated a costume and a photo shoot.  Now, 16 months later, he has to sleep in the exact middle of the bed, so he can cuddle with everybody.  That scared little Boston named Fenway is now a happy boy named Finny that wears a giant Boston smile every day!"   --  Erin & Jay B.
New Boston Shirts! 
Limited time offer 
MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue  
has teamed up with iBostonTerrier! 
iBostonTerrier has 2 new t-shirt designs that will earn MABTR $3 for every shirt sold
between now and April 7th
Both come in a women's & men's fit.
All shirts are preorder and
will ship between 3-6 weeks after purchase!
Please click here to order yours today. 
Thank you for your support of MABTR!
Allow a Boston to Hitch a Ride

Many of us travel for business or pleasure by car. We are looking for you to help us transport a dog from one state to the next to get him/her into foster care or towards their forever home.  

Share with us your travel plans even those scheduled in the future. Email your starting and ending location, date of travel, and your name and phone number. We file the travel schedule and if the need approaches we will contact you with details.


The doggies thank you for allowing them to hitch a ride!!!!!


Remember that you can write off at tax time your gas or mileage when transporting our Bostons.

Thank You for Your Donation! 
$365  in memory of Robert Behmer
$75  in honor of Dennis
$50 in honor of Jack
$20 in memory of Mike Hatch
$1,000  - Century Link
$530  - Lockheed Martin Corp.
$480  - Chuck and Don's
$250 - Ryan P., First National Bank
$200 - Mary B.
$120 - Raymond N.
$50 - Audrey C., Caroline W., Briana C., Walter W.
$35.96  - Giving Campaign
$30 - Lori L., Leslie M., Kelly B., Cynthia K.
$27.76 - iGive
$25 -  Ann A., Charity C.
$20 - Nancy S., Susie M., Sara S., Matthew S., Pam M., Michael M., Ashley H., AT&T, Gerald P.
- Angela C., Katherine F., Robin B., Angela P., Mart D., Lisa B., JoAnn F., Veronica Z., Marsha H. 
$5 - Angie V.

All donations are tax deductible!

Wall of Fame 

Omaha event

Kansas City event

Nebraska event

Birthday Bash 
June 4th
Details coming soon

Make a donation
in Memory of..
in Honor of...
of someone special
(human or pet)
MABTR has a program that will mail your special someone a card recognizing the individual pet or human
that your donation was made in behalf of.

  Donate here
No anesthesia Dental Cleaning
Boulder, CO
Well Animal Institute offers dental cleanings that are anesthesia-free.

So many dogs are in need of dentals; however, health concerns may deter them from getting what is needed. 

Here is your solution for only $185!

For every dog that  comes in and gets their teeth cleaned, 
$30 goes towards a rescue.

Win-win for MABTR and the dogs!

Quick Links
All donations
(monetary or items)
are tax-deductible.

100% volunteer-driven. Your entire donation amount goes towards rescuing, rehabilitating, and re-homing Bostons in need in foster care.
Employer Match Programs
Did you know that many employers will match your donation to a 501(c)3 organization? Some even pay a flat fee to the organization for volunteer hours! 
Check with your human resource department for details!
A few companies we know of are:
  • AT&T
  • Wells Fargo
  • MidAmerica Energy Holding Comp.
  • Pfizer
  • Allstate
  • CenturyLink
  • CNA Surety
  • CSG
  • 8z Real Estate
  • Great Western
  • Thrivent Financial
  • Western Union
  • SalesForce
  • Microsoft
  • United Way
  • First National Bank
  • Lockhead Martin Corporation
Fundraiser Results

MO Bingo
- $196
CO Super Hero Photos - $350

MO Freddy's - $57.60

Thanks to ALL who participated!!!
 Adoption Corner...
~~Happy Tails~~
 29 Bostons rescued

in March!


69 Bostons rescued so far in 2016!


2,912 Bostons rescued since November 2005!


We ask that you help us educate the public about their options when looking for a new pet. We appreciate the fact that you are not purchasing your pet from a pet store that sells lives animals, since 98% of all puppies in a pet store come from terrible situations such as puppy mills. For more information on puppy mills visit our site and read all you need to know about puppy mills.


If you are interested in a breed other than a Boston check out the links below.


-Rescue list by breed 

-Google search under

" "breed" rescue"

Raffle Results
Congrats to Diane B  of CO who won the Boston school bus, which raised $150 !

Thanks to everyone who participated!
Monthly Raffle for April
Boston Terrier Solar Light 

This adorable solar light is the perfect addition to your garden, just in time for Spring!  The light can be used outdoors or indoors (assuming it gets enough sunlight) and measures 9.5" tall by 4.5" wide.

Boston FB Groups to 'Like' by city
Did you know that there might be a Boston Terrier fan page on FB in your area?  You should consider joining in!

Click below for the link in your area! 

St Louis
Des Moines
Saying Goodbye
"Keep their memories close to your heart and remember in another time, in a beautiful place, you will see them again."
   Golden Paws for Golden Years

Did you know
that MABTR has such a program where an adoptor 60 or older adopting a Boston 7 years and older receives $50 off the adoption fee?

FB Photo Contest Winner

March Theme -
Boston MIXES
Congrats to  

April contest will be of Action Shot

Join us on FB to part-take in our monthly photo contest. 
Volunteer Opportunities

Our rescue organization has a very hard-working and dedicated crew of volunteers committed to improving the lives of Boston Terriers and Boston mixes across 13 states.


If you are interested in helping please email your interest and contact information to


Also make sure to add yourself to our email list by clicking here Include your state so you get the proper notices. 


You're in for a rewarding experience! Opportunities to help include:

  • Newsletter articles
  • Volunteer at local events
  • Fundraising
  • Fostering
  • Babysitting
  • Transporting
Local MABTR Events 
Join us!
~all breeds welcome~

Sat., Apr 30
Littleton, CO
5th Annual For the Love of Bostons Dinner and Silent Auction
6 to 9:30pm  
SMDRA - 7899 S Lincoln Ct.
Click  here for tickets!

~~KC area~~
Sun., May 1
Kansas City
9am - 2pm
Rosa Zona - 8640 N. Dixson Ave.
Click here for details!
Sat., May 14
Kansas City
Birthday Bash
Flyer to the left with details 
Sun., May 15
Blue Springs
Pooches in the Park
10am - 4pm
Rotary Park - 600 NW Vesper St.
Click here for details!   
~~St. Louis area~~
April 5th - 23rd
Jefferson City
Humane Days
State Capitol 
3rd floor rotunda
Sat., Apr 23
St. Louis
Play Date
AKC Museum of the Dog in Queeny Park - 1721 S Mason Rd. 
Click  here for details!
Sat., May 21
St. Louis
Bark in the Park 2016
Forest Park
 - A 5K, 1 Mile Walk and Festival Fundraiser   
Sun., May 22
St. Louis
Play Date
AKC Museum of the Dog in Queeny Park - 1721 S Mason Rd. 
Click here for details!
Sun., Apr. 24

Spring Terrier Games 
Noon - 2:30pm 
Chalco Hills; 154th and Giles.  Free nail trimming and $25 micro-chipping
Click  here for details!
Sat, May 14
PetSmart National Adoption Weekend
11am - 2pm
PetSmart West Maple - 17035 Evans Plaza
Sun, May 22
Birthday Bash
Flyer to the left with details 
Stay Connected...

You can find us under MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue