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May 2017
Happy Memorial Day!
"Honoring those heroes who served to hold our flag high"
Hey Mom
Thank you for
walking me and
Loving me and  
Feeding me and 
Playing with me and  
Giving me treats and 
Picking up my poop.
Mostly for picking up my poop
That's kind of gross
Happy Mother's Day 
MABTR FaceBook Auction Recap  
Thank you to all those that donated and bid on the 146 items in the MABTR April FB Auction. 

After shipping fees we deposited $3,238.52!!! 
Recognizing Symptoms That Tell Us Our Dog Is Sick 
Regardless of your dog's age, you play a key role in helping them combat illness and remain as healthy as possible.

Remember, your dog cannot describe symptoms to you, but they can show you signs of disease and/or illnesses. 

Awareness of the signs of the most common diseases is one way to help reduce your pet's risk of being affected by them, or in some cases, catching it before it's too late to provide care or treatment.

We all have bad days - including our pets! - but if things prolong longer than 72 hours, you need to reach out to your vet immediately.

Also note that as your dog gets older, his body and needs for care will change. Visiting your vet once a year is required, but if you can afford it, every six months is ideal.

The top signs that your dog may be ill:
  1. Bad breath or drooling
  2. Excessive drinking
  3. Excessive urination
  4. Appetite change associated with weight loss or gain (no longer eating as much, or cannot feel content with the amount requiring more food)
  5. Change in activity level (e.g., lack of interest in doing things they once did, sleeping more than normal, no longer able to walk as far without breathing heavily)
  6. Addition of behaviors never seen before (pacing, walking in circles, crying, shaking of the head, constant licking)
  7. Stiffness or difficulty in rising or climbing stairs or getting out of bed
  8. Coughing, sneezing, excessive panting, or labored breathing
  9. Dry or itchy skin, sores, lumps, excessive shedding than normal
  10. Change in bowel movements (stool formation change such as hard to soft, straining, pooping more than normal, mucus or blood in stool)
  11. Digestive upsets (vomiting, foaming)
  12. Dry, red, or cloudy eyes (including squinting)
A doctor cannot tell you what is wrong with your pet just by looking at them, so it is critical that you approve some testing. MABTR always starts off with blood work and a urine analysis, as those tests can say a lot and direct your doctor into additional tests based on the result, or no need for additional test.

Note: all the items below have to be done at once. You can baby step into each test based on the results of the test before that.
  • A complete blood count to rule out blood-related conditions
  • Urine tests to screen for urinary tract infection and other disease and to evaluate the ability of the kidneys to concentrate urine
  • Chemistry and electrolyte tests to evaluate internal organ status and ensure your dog isn't dehydrated
  • Tests to identify if your pet may have heartworm, tick-borne or other infectious diseases
  • A thyroid test to determine if the thyroid gland is producing too little thyroid hormone
  • An ECG to screen for an abnormal heart rhythm
Common Boston Terrier Health Problems
Every breed has common health problems. The list below includes the common health concerns but not limited to others.  For Boston Terriers: 
  • Allergies (environmental or food-related)
  • Luxating patella: Bad knee caps, which may require surgery due to discomfort and pain. This is common in small-breed dogs. This could be the issue if your Boston is only using three legs.
  • Tumors: This includes both fatty/benign and mast cell/cancer tumors.  Plus brain tumors.
  • Thyroid disease: Low thyroid is common. A dog may test in the low-normal range. Medication is recommended if 1.6 and lower. Tests should include the T4.
  • Heart disease: This could include a heart murmur, which requires medication, or congestive heart failure.
  • Kidney disease
  • Seizures: If you dog has more than one seizure in a 30-day period, consult your veterinarian immediately. Medication will be required, usually Potassium Bromide or Phenobarbital.
  • Juvenile cataracts
  • Eye injuries (ulcers/scratch of the cornea):  due to the setting of the eye
  • Cherry eye: a prolapse of the gland of the third eyelid that is genetic in origin. This is corrected with surgery - inserting the gland back to the original position.  DO NOT REMOVE THE GLAND as it will result in dry eye.  
  • Breathing difficulties: elongated soft palate - the soft palate develops further back and can extend into the larynx; effectively it is too long for the length of the mouth. This can partially block the entrance to the trachea, or windpipe, and increases airway resistance which can lead to breathing difficulties. Surgery is needed to correct the main problems of narrowed nostrils and elongated soft palate; the nostrils may be widen by removal of a wedge of skin from each nostril and the soft palate may be shortened.
  • Megaesophagus: This is a defect in the structure of the esophagus that causes a dog to regurgitate its undigested food.   There are techniques to feeding your dog to decrease vomiting. 
  • Reverse Sneezing: gulping air and wheezing.  
  • Overheating: Bostons are indoor dogs and should NOT be left outside or in your vehicle for any length of time.
  • Anal gland infection 
  • Gas: Bostons have sensitive stomachs, so feeding them the right food is important. Many foods will cause gas. Recommended dog food to eliminate gas problems in Bostons is Purina One Sensitive Systems, Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Stomach, or Natural Balance.  
MABTR Alumni - Johnnie
Hey MABTR! Here's an update on Johnny! It's been two years since he joined the family. 
It takes a lot to discourage us from our daily walks. We have traveled a good portion of our Greenway in Cheyenne, WY, and there is not a human or dog Johnnie doesn't like. No such thing as a stroll with him, so I've personally benefited with a 10-pound weight loss. 

Love spoiling him, although he's not a big fan of putting on his coat in winter!
Adoption is the only way we would consider having a pet, and knowing that Johnny was not working out with his previous family only served to strengthen our resolve to provide him a good home. We would not have Johnny today if it was not for his foster family who shared that first photo. Every rescue deserves a good life, and we are glad to provide what we can for Johnnie and what he gives us in return is pure love. Thank you MABTR for what you're doing to save dogs! 
Adoptable Dog of the Month

My name is Copper. I am 3 years old and weigh 25 pounds. I need a new home because I was was picked up as a stray. I am being fostered in Kansas City, MO.
**Asking for a local adoption where foster parents can bring Copper to his potential new house for a meet and greet plus review training techniques that work for him!!!! I also require a home with one other dog.**

Just look at my pretty spots and big brown eyes! I am what is known as a splash (a white boston with red markings), but I am all Boston and have the headstrong attitude to prove it!
I am really a 3-year-old puppy, very spirited and energetic, and my new family will need to be able to keep up with me! I love to play with toys (tennis balls are my favorite), and also sticks in the yard. I will show them off to everybody, toss them in the air, and chew on them. I love them so much I won't give them back!

I have some food and crate aggression issues that I've been working really hard on, I have improved a lot while in foster care and I truly am a good-hearted boy. I just need lots of love and lots of patience, because the thing is, everything is mine. Due to these traits, my foster parents think it is best for me to meet you in person if you would like to adopt me.

I get along with other dogs and like to play, but I am bossy and want to be the alpha. I am not the alpha in my foster home - when I got there, I tried really hard at first to forge a new world order in the house with me as the Leader of the Pack, but I was not able to overthrow the government. Maybe I will try again at your house!

I sure love lap time, and nap time in a nice soft warm dog bed, and I love for you to talk to me and tell me about your day and scratch my pretty neck. It takes me a while to trust you, but when you get my trust and I love you, there is nothing like it!
Colorado - Iowa - Missouri - Nebraska - Wyoming

Ask Jennifer

Q: My dog licks his paws excessively. Should I be concerned?  

A: First thing I suggest is giving him a bath in case he walked into something that is causing his feet to itch or be irritated.  If it continues, it could be one or more of the following items.
Do not just assume behavior.  Always weed out medical concerns.
  1. has a bad tooth - make sure to check mouth and smell of bad breath
  2. yeast infection between the toes.  Check between the toes for what I describe as slime.  The medication you use for ear infections you can use to clear up yeast between toes
  3. has allergies - may need to look at the diet and if environmental allergies make sure his feet are washed down every night
  4. side affect to medication - consult with your vet in lowering the dose and gradually working up to the full dose
  5. comforting motion
Allergy session is here
Did you know your dog or cat can suffer from seasonal allergies just as you do? 

Your pets need you to recognize the signs of their discomfort and act on it.   
Pets may have some of the same symptoms as humans.  Because their symptoms are different than ours, their suffering often goes unnoticed. But they can be just as miserable.

Remember that environmental allergens stick to a dog's coat. Make sure to wipe them day every night with a damp cool wash cloth and give them a bath once a week 
Here are 7 signs your pet has allergies:
1)  Chewing or licking their feet
You'll notice redness between their pads or toes from excessive licking or chewing.
2)  Constant scratching, licking of their body or groin
If the licking continues, this can cause loss of hair, redness, scabbing and hot spots.
3)  Rubbing their face on furniture, carpet, grass, walls
Excessive itchiness is so uncomfortable, your pet will rub against anything to relieve it. The stress of itching and scratching can even cause loose stools.
4)  Inflamed, red, stinky or infected ears
Head shaking, ear scratching, hair loss, odor or discharge around ears, are signs there's a problem.  Allergies can cause yeast or bacteria to grow in the ear resulting in infection.
5)  Recurrent hot spots (dogs) and loss of hair
The scratching can make your pet's skin inflamed and infected.  In dogs, a hot spot may form.  This is a loss of hair on a patch of skin that becomes red, oozy and inflamed.  On your cat, you may see scabs on the face.  Not likely hot spots though. 
6)  Wheezing
Pets rarely have the same respiratory allergy symptoms as people. But it can happen. The may wheeze, particularly cats. Or they may have a runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing or coughing.
7)  Generalized redness or puffiness of eyes, oral tissue, chin, paws, and anus
The inflammation caused by an allergic reaction to something in your pet's environment can cause their mucous membranes to become inflamed and red.
See more: Link to our FAQs here   
Let's... go... SHOPPING!!! 

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Ashley Reid Pet Portraits 
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MABTR 2017 Birthday Cards 

A set of 5 cards (one of each design) with birthday greetings on the inside .  Includes envelopes.  Sell for $10 plus shipping
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Why you aren't seeing
our Facebook Posts 
Have you noticed that you aren't seeing our Facebook posts very often? Well it's not just you! Due to changes in the way Facebook works, less and less of our posts are showing up on your timelines. If fact, less than 5% of you see our posts daily! And sadly, this means you are missing a lot of our amazing rescue stories and videos!

The good news is Facebook has created a way around this using new settings.

Read the instructions below, go to our Facebook page and update your settings on your desktop or mobile device so you won't miss a thing!
  • Visit our FB page -
  • Make sure you have clicked the "LIKE" button on our page.
  • Click the "Follow" button.
  • Under the "Following" drop down menu, select "See First" in your news feed.
  • Under the "Following" drop down menu, select "On" for notifications.
And last but not least, be sure to routinely "Like", "Share" and "Comment" on our page. If Facebook doesn't see that you are interacting with our posts, they will remove us from your Facebook Feed.

Plus, by sharing our posts, you are helping our mission in educating and rehoming bostons. 
Heartworm Safety 
-Heartworm testing needs to be done yearly-
Dogs become infected with heartworm via mosquito bites from infected mosquitoes.  Heartworm CANNOTbe transmitted fromdog to dog  

When a female mosquito sucks blood from an infected dog, it also draws up many microfilaria, which then continue to develop inside the mosquito. After 10 to 30 days, these microfilariae make their way into the mosquito's mouth. Mr Mosquito then goes on his merry way, spreading heartworm.

From the dog's end of the equation, once bitten by an infected mosquito, the microfilariae make their homes in your dog's soft tissue for a period, then migrate into their bloodstream and into the heart. From here, it will take a further two to three months before the young heartworm develops enough to reproduce (this cycle takes six to seven months to be completed this why testing puppies under six months old is not required) and then  breed up to 300 adult worms. They can survive in your dog's body for up to five years, and a female heartworm can spawn millions of babies.
There are no specific characteristics that increase a dog's risk, so age, breed, weight or diet don't make a difference.

Signs and symptoms
The signs of heartworm infection will vary based on a number of factors - how many adult worms are present, where the worms are located, how long they've been present and the degree of damage caused to the heart, lungs, liver and kidneys from the worms. Because heartworms cause disease by clogging the heart and major blood vessels leading from the heart, it means the supply of blood to the other organs in your dog's body is compromised, especially the lungs, liver and kidneys. This can lead to these organs malfunctioning.
Be on the look out for the following signs:
  • coughing - usually a soft, dry,
  • chronic cough
  • exercise intolerance
  • lethargy
  • fainting
  • weight loss
  • labored breathing
  • swelling of the abdomen
  • coughing up blood
If any of these signs are present, your vet will assess your dog's symptoms and give it a physical examination. They will also take blood for testing including heartworm and may undertake X-rays and an ultrasound.

Treatment and cures
If the dog is healthy enough, your vet will treat it with adulticide therapy, which kills the adult heartworms in the heart. Your vet will discuss the full course of treatment and home care if necessary.  SIX months after treatment, a blood sample is taken to test for the presence of adult heartworm.  That is how the vet determines if treatment has been successful or not.
Boston FaceBook Groups to 'Like'
Did you know that there might be a Boston Terrier fan page on FB in your area?
 You should consider joining in!
It is simple to join - click the on the state below and click on 'LIKE'

Kansas City
Colorado Springs
Central Missouri
The goal of these pages is to bring Boston owners and lovers of the breed together through the sharing of stories, providing tips/advice, celebrating our Bostons, participating in contests and announcements/reminders of upcoming MABTR events - including playdates! 
Share your travel plans with MABTR and  
in return help out a Boston 
As many of you know MABTR covers 13 states. 75% of our adoptions occur between foster homes and adopters in different states, requiring MABTR to set up a transport by car.  We do not fly our dogs.

Many of us travel for business or pleasure by car so we ask that you share with us your travel plan should you have room for a Boston to hitch a ride.

Just some examples, and not limited to, of routes completed.  Note that some routes are short distances where others a whole day:
  • Colorado Springs, CO to Cheyenne, WY
    • Omaha, NE to St Louis, MO
      • Omaha, NE to Boise, ID
        • Des Moines, IA to St Paul, MN
          • Kansas City, MO to Springfield, MO
            • ... the list goes on 
Share with us your travel plans - even those scheduled in the future. 
It is simple.  Just email your starting and ending location, date(s) of travel, and your name and phone number.  We will file the travel schedule shared and if the need approaches we will contact you with details.

Most of our dogs ride well in cars without a crate, but if you require a crate we can supply one. 
The doggies thank you for allowing them to hitch a ride!!!!!  Without drivers we would struggle moving our dogs closer to their forever homes.
Remember that you can write off at tax time your gas or mileage when transporting our Bostons.  

Thank You for Your Donation! 
$50 In memory of Bronco
$520 LMEPAC Charity
$326.44 United Way    
$125 Claudia M
$120 Raymond N 
$105.03 Rocky Mountain CFC
$100  Steven D
$85  Benevity Community Impact Fund 
$50 Audrey C, Caroline W
$45 Petfinder
$40 Pfizer Your Cause  
$30  Lori L, Leslie M, Kelly B, Cynthia K
$25 Charity C
$20  Susie M, Matthew S, Pam M, Diana Z, Sara S, Michael M, Ashley H, Denise S, Gerald P
$10 Andrew B, Katherine F, Lisa B, Angela P, Mart D, Robin B, Lori D, Angela C, Danielle K, Veronica Z 
$5 Angie V, Dainty Itty Bitties 
All donations are tax deductible!

Wall of Fame  


Quick Links
All donations
(monetary or items)
are tax-deductible.

100% volunteer-driven. Your entire donation amount goes towards rescuing, rehabilitating, and re-homing Bostons in need in foster care.
Employer Match Programs
Did you know that many employers will match your donation to a 501(c)3 organization? Some even pay a flat fee to the organization for volunteer hours! 
Check with your human resource department for details!
A few companies we know of are:
  • AT&T
  • Wells Fargo
  • MidAmerica Energy Holding Comp.
  • Pfizer
  • Allstate
  • CenturyLink
  • CNA Surety
  • CSG
  • 8z Real Estate
  • Great Western
  • Thrivent Financial
  • Western Union
  • SalesForce
  • Microsoft
  • United Way
  • First National Bank
  • Lockhead Martin Corporation
  • Benevity: Apple, Google, ADP
  • Johnson and Johnson
  • United Healthcare
Fundraiser Results
KC Birthday Bash - $1063
NE Jewelry Making
- $250
NE Puffins - $470
St Louis Celebration of the Dog - $1271.50
CO Egg Hunt - $305
CO Bunny Photos - $360
Facebook Auction - $3238.52    Thanks to ALL  
who participated!!!
  Adoption Corner...
~~Happy Tails~~

 7 dogs rescued

in April!


68 dogs rescued to date in 2017


3,176 dogs rescued since November 2005!


We ask that you help us educate the public about their options when looking for a new pet. We appreciate the fact that you are not purchasing your pet from a pet store that sells lives animals, since 98% of all puppies in a pet store come from terrible situations such as puppy mills. For more information on puppy mills visit our site and read all you need to know about puppy mills.


If you are interested in a breed other than a Boston check out the links below.


-Rescue list by breed 

-Google search under

" "breed" rescue"

AGE is just a number
I wish applicants would make personality and behavior priority when adopting a dog but the truth is that a majority are not even interested in learning about a dog if it is out of their age range.

Remember that just because a dog is young does not guarantee he/she will live to be 14. MABTR cannot promise anyone how long a dog will live. We unfortunately have experienced the loss of a life at a very young age unexpectedly.

MABTR is not prejudiced when it comes to rescuing. A life is precious no matter
*gender   *age
*disability  *health

has NO
age limit!
Photo Contest 
Congrats to Boston and owner Samantha T for winning the April FB Contest theme,
"Sunday Best"

May th eme: 
" Playing OutsideBest"

     Thanks to ALL  
who participated!!!
Raffle Results
Congrats to
Jennifer M of CO    
who won the Boston cookie jar basket,
which raised
$110 !

Thanks to everyone who participated!
Monthly Raffle
Boston S/S RING 
The lively Boston terrier breed of dog energizes this hug ring from Dog Fever. Crafted in sterling silver, it features the full body of the "American Gentleman" with its paws extended to embrace your finger. You will feel as loyal to this Dog Fever ring as BTs do to their families. Comes in small, medium and large. Winner picks the size. Valued at $245. Donated by
In addition the donor will give 10% of all sales of dog rings to MABTR when MidAmerica Boston Rescue is mentioned at time of sale 

Make a donation
in Memory of..
in Honor of...
of someone special
(human or pet)
MABTR has a program that will mail your special someone a card recognizing the individual pet or human
that your donation was made in behalf of.

  Make your donation here
Boston FB Groups to 'Like' by city
Did you know that there might be a Boston Terrier fan page on FB in your area?  You should consider joining in!

Click below for the link in your area! 

St Louis
Saying Goodbye

"Keep their memories close to your heart and remember in another time, in a beautiful place, you will see them again."
   Golden Paws for Golden Years

Did you know
that MABTR has such a program where an adoptor 60 or older adopting a Boston 7 years and older receives $50 off the adoption fee?

Local MABTR Events 
***Join us!***
~all breeds welcome~
Saturday, May 6
Mother's Day Open House
11am - 3pm
2926 S Upham St. (private residence)
Stop by and find a gift for all the Moms in your life!
See flyer at left for details! 
Saturday, May 13
6th Annual "For the Love of Bostons" Dinner and Silent Auction
6 - 9:30pm
7899 S. Lincoln Ct.
$55 per person
Tickets must be purchased in advance!
See flyer at left for details! 
Saturday, May 20
10am - 5pm
Carpenter Park Fields, 108th and Colorado Blvd.
MABTR will have a booth  - come see us!!
Click here for more info  

May 27 - 29
Boulder Creek Festival
10am - 5pm
Downtown Boulder along the Boulder Creek corridor. The Festival stretches from 9th Street to 14th Street (east to west) between Canyon Blvd. & Arapahoe Ave. (north and south).
Click here for more details!

Sun, June 4 - rescheduled from April 29
Scavenger Hunt
1 - 4pm
350 Terry St., Ste 130
$10 per person and kids and dogs are free.
Click here for more details!
~KC area~
Sunday, May 7
Kansas City
9am - 2pm
Zona Rosa Town Center  
Walks, entertainment, raffles, vendors and more!
Click here for more details!

Sunday, May 21
Blue Springs MO
Pooches in the Park
10am - 3pm
Rotary Park.
Vendors, games, demonstrations and a walk.
Click  here
 for more details!
~St. Louis area~ 
Saturday, May 20
St. Louis
Monthly PlayDate
1:30 - 3:30pm
AKC Museum of the Dog: 
1721 S. Mason Rd.
$5 per dog - all dogs welcome!
Click here for more details!
Sunday, May 21
Pints and Paws Pub Crawl
5 - 6pm
$25 in advance, $30 at the door.
Click here for details and tickets!
No anesthesia Dental Cleaning
Boulder, CO
Well Animal Institute offers dental cleanings that are anesthesia-free.

So many dogs are in need of dentals; however, health concerns may deter them from getting what is needed. 

Here is your solution for only $185!

For every dog that  comes in and gets their teeth cleaned, 
$30 goes towards a rescue.

Win-win for MABTR and the dogs!

Volunteer Opportunities

Our rescue organization has a very hard-working and dedicated crew of volunteers committed to improving the lives of Boston Terriers and Boston mixes across 13 states.


If you are interested in helping please email your interest and contact information to


Also make sure to add yourself to our email list by clicking here

Include your state so you get the proper notices.


You're in for a rewarding experience! Opportunities to help include:

  • Newsletter articles
  • Volunteer at local events
  • Fundraising
  • Fostering
  • Babysitting
  • Transporting
Stay Connected...