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November 2017
  MABTR would like to thank our...

-foster homes 

for all you do for the animals throughout the year.  Without your support and dedication to the well- being of these creatures, MABTR would not have been able to help the 200 plus Bostons so far this year, and over 3,300 since November 2005.  

We wish you and your families a very happy holiday season.  We look forward to continuing to build our relationship in the coming years!
A Success Story of 12 Bostons
We want to share an example that just comes to show how MABTR's family works great together to achieve the goal in placing Bostons in great forever homes.
MABTR Transporters, Foster Parents, Babysitters, and Adopters Kick Ass!!!
The weekend of Oct 27 was a crazy one with 12 adoptions across multiple states.
We pulled it off getting all them traveling by car into their forever homes by end of day Sunday, Oct 29.
Just to share a few routes these dogs are traveling
1 Boston mix - St Louis to Wisconsin
2 Bostons - St Louis to Colorado
2 Bostons - Kansas City to Denver
1 Boston - St Louis to Montana
1 Boston - Des Moines to Kansas City
1 Boston - Topeka to Joplin
1 Boston - Omaha to Fort Riley, KS
1 Boston - St Louis to Sioux Falls
1 Boston mix - Dubuque, IA to Tonganoxie, KS
1 Boston adopted locally 
Interested in transporting or have a trip coming up with room for a Boston?   Email your contact information to 
Click here to learn more about Volunteering   

Thank you again everyone for making this happen!  

Dog to Dog Aggression - Part 2 
In September there was an article on dog-to-dog aggression which provided a very good description of this problem. I would like to share our story and what we've learned from living with Zoey for over 9 years.

Our Boston Terrier, Zoey, started showing dog-to-dog aggression towards dogs outside our home when she was just 3-4 months old. She is a small sized Boston, so imagine our shock when our tiny, adorable Boston turned into Cujo and charged an adult male Pitbull!  Fortunately her leash ran out before she reached him, and he was so mild mannered and well-behaved/trained that he just looked at her and then looked away.  After having a similar interaction with another dog we then began to watch and control her interactions with other dogs away from home, but did not have any problems with our other two dogs at home. Unfortunately this changed by the time she turned 1, and this began our journey.
We utilized various resources for advice, tried different things, and struggled with her for several months. We were fortunate in that she was the smallest of our three dogs and when she attacked the other two retreated, they did not fight back so we did not have any severe injuries (other than a couple I received in trying to stop her).  We also learned early on to keep a leash on her, have her drag it, so she was easier to stop. We finally received life-saving advice, to go see Dr. Hunthausen, a vet who specialized in animal behavior. I say life-saving because our two dogs were showing signs of stress and there were no options for rehoming Zoey, so we either had to "fix" Zoey or euthanize her.
When we started treatment with him there is no easy fix and no root cause could be determined, so her issues are thought to be genetic and she just isn't "wired" right. Since we had her since she was 6 weeks old and knew she had not experienced any serious trauma and our regular vet had not been able to identify any physical ailments, this was not a surprise. However, to complicate matters, she developed hip dysplasia and as she has gotten older, we can tie some aggressive days to when we think she is in pain, but she is a special mess and does not show pain like a typical dog so we have to watch for different pain signals.
We were given different training exercises to manage or help modify Zoey's behavior, some similar to obedience training.  We made changes to our daily routines, she had to get 1-1 ½ hours of walking per day (she's a 12 lb. dog), and interactive exercises with our other pets.  We also had to learn the proper corrective actions to use with her; some corrective actions such as negative reinforcement or punishments can actually make an aggressive dog more aggressive. Most importantly we placed her on medication providing a better chemical balance which allows her to be able to control her reactions better. She will require this medication for the rest of her life.
We kept a journal of what was going on before an attack or aggressive outburst.  It's important to note everything, even small differences -- this information helped us learn so much about her behavior and helped us identify some triggers and learn body language, of both the aggressive and passive dog(s). This can be very helpful as we learned to take Zoey to another room on the evenings Spike, our Chinese Crested "told" us that Zoey was going to get angry.
Some questioned why we just didn't get better training; they didn't understand that her aggression is not just being a "bad dog."  Zoey is fairly well trained and her butt hits the floor before we're done saying the word sit, but when she has gone into her aggressive mode, she is checked out ("Zoey has left the building"). In this mode, she has turned into Cujo; she doesn't hear commands or see anything other than what she is focused on attacking.  Nothing other than physical intervention can stop her at these times, and no amount of training can change that.
As the owner of an aggressive dog, we have had to change our expectations of what being a dog owner is, including our thoughts about the freedoms and limitations we should be able to enjoy with our dog.  In addition to ensuring we practiced the various training exercises on a regular basis, we had to be willing to live with her "special needs" the rest of her life.  These needs required us to purchase a treadmill because the weather in Kansas is not conducive to walking outside every day of the year.  We have to coordinate vet trips and avoid other clients which can be difficult since she goes once a month for a shot.  We cannot have family members dog sit (which they have done for 20 years), we can't take her to dog parks, dog meet-ups or other public places, and while she has not attacked a person, due to her instability we cannot allow her around small children.  While she is not the dog we expected - when I got this Boston Terrier puppy, I was going to train her to be a therapy dog - we have learned so much and love her dearly.
New All Occasion Boston Greeting Cards available at the Boston Bay
-A set of five greeting cards (one of each design) for all occasions. Artwork by Buck Reist. Includes envelopes
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Two images to choose from in celebration of the upcoming holiday. 
 Measure 12 x 18 inches, double sided and fade resistant .
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MABTR Alumni - Raven  

Meet Raven, my beautiful girl.  I have owned Boston Terriers since the day I was born (65 years ago). In all my years I have maybe spent 5 of those years without having at least one Boston.  Sometimes as many as 5. I cannot believe how completely ignorant I was because I had always purchased puppies, I had absolutely had no idea there could possibly be such a thing as a Boston Terrier Rescue.  In my mind no one would or could ever not want a Boston and take excellent care of them.  I had no idea what a puppy mill was.  Well was I in for the shock of my life.   
I sat down with my computer one night to see if I could find a new baby.  For the heck of it I Googled Boston rescues.  I'm sure you know the rest of that story.  I was on the MABTR site and saw this beautiful little girl named Raven.  She had to be mine.  Put in my application, went through the process, and was then able to speak to her foster mom, Heather.  Heather advised that Raven was a little beauty and that she was absolutely petrified of life in general.  She was barely over a year old. We chatted and she said she "had hope that Raven could actually make it in the right place."  That was scary.   
We got our approval and now got to meet our new baby.  She arrived in Denver on a cold November Sunday afternoon in 2010.  She arrived from Nebraska in a van filled with Goldendoodles.  When we picked up the kennel she was in she had pooped and was a real mess.  She was shaking soooo horribly.  The first night I put her up in bed with us.  She laid there with her eyes bugged out trembling horribly.  After a while I put her into her kennel.  The next night when I got ready for bed I looked over and she was sitting in the bed waiting for me.  She hasn't left her spot since.  I wish I could say she became a calm girl in a week or two but that's not how life has been.  Only God knows what happened to her in that darn mill but it must have been beyond horror.  She is our girl and comfortable when it's just me and my husband but she's extremely nervous when anyone else comes around.  She usually wants to go to bed which is fine.  Bed is her comfort spot.  She plays with us every morning and snuggles as close as possible all night. She loves to play tug of war with her stuffed toys.  She comes and sits on the arm of my chair in the evening for pets but has never sat or laid down on my lap with any comfort.  She lays on the back of the couch, and if we sit there we can have kisses.  She comes and barks at her Dad every morning and evening for her treat.   
I tried after we got her to work a couple of events with her in attendance.  The first time someone ask to pet her she pooped all over she was so scared.  She loves the other dogs and always has.  Likes to chase the cat occasionally but will also lay down to sleep with her.  
To sum up, she is our girl and we love her dearly.  We assure her daily no one will ever hurt her the rest of her life.  We get a kiss.  I have learned so much from her and from working with this amazing group.  I know where I will look for my next baby. - Ruth C 
The H
s Are Coming!!!

Sale ends November 10th.

Beautiful, handmade birch ornaments by Dana Mielke measure 2.75" around.  
Options include a standard Boston terrier silhouette, a standard 
Colorado Boston terrier logo, or any custom image.  
Now only $7 - $11 plus shipping.
Proceeds support the lifesaving activities of MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue 
Adoptable Dog of the Month
Hi, my name is Flossy!  I turned 12 on October 5th and weigh 34 pounds.   I need a new home because my owner could no longer care for me.  I am being fostered in Higginsville, MO. 

I require a single level home.  I have some vision and hearing loss. Though I do not do well with stairs, I LOVE to take walks.

I am friendly to everybody and everything I've met.  I love to sit on the couch with you.  I have been known to catch popcorn when we are all sharing.  I am very content to sleep in my big wire crate all night, but I do like to snuggle on my foster mom's bed. 

I never bark. Not even when the scary neighbor dog barks at me when I'm by the fence.  I've never had an accident in the house.  I enjoy short walks so I can stop and sniff everything along the way. 

From foster mom: "Flossy is a very sweet and tolerant girl.  She doesn't know what toys are, but she does enjoy treats.  She's very cooperative to be in her crate while we are at work and at night.  She loves to lay by you on the couch.  If you want a very low key, sweet girl, she is the one for you." 

~~Eligible for the Golden Paws Program!!!~~
Adopters aged 60+ yrs who adopt a dog 7 yrs and older get
$50 off the adoption fee!!!   
Ask Jennifer
Q: What is cherry eye and does it need to be treated? 
A:Cherry eye, otherwise known as prolapsed tear gland appears as a red swelling in the corner of the eyeball of an affected dog, about the size of a cherry, hence the name cherry eye.  The tear gland normally attaches to the undersurface of the eyeball by a ligament, which holds this gland in place, and out of sight. In affected breeds, this ligament is either weak or nonexistent, which then results in the gland "popping out" and appearing in the corner of the eyeball.
Aside from appearance, the prolapsed tear gland can actually rub against the surface of the eye known as the cornea, and cause irritation, and sometimes ulceration of the cornea. Excessive drainage from the affected eye is sometimes seen.  This gland also belongs inside and not exposed.
The required treatment is having the gland sutured, stitched or "tacked" back into place.  Years ago, and some veterinarians still, are removing this gland as a form of treatment. If the gland is removed and the patient develops dry eye, long term medication is required then to keep the eyeball moist as this gland is responsible for the tear production in the eyeball. Thus, this procedure should never be considered as an option even though it is cheaper.
See more: Link to our FAQs here   
MABTR's new website banner 

Why you aren't seeing
our Facebook Posts 
Have you noticed that you aren't seeing our Facebook posts very often? Well it's not just you! Due to changes in the way Facebook works, less and less of our posts are showing up on your timelines. If fact, less than 5% of you see our posts daily! And sadly, this means you are missing a lot of our amazing rescue stories and videos!

The good news is Facebook has created a way around this using new settings.

Read the instructions below, go to our Facebook page and update your settings on your desktop or mobile device so you won't miss a thing!
  • Visit our FB page -
  • Make sure you have clicked the "LIKE" button on our page.
  • Click the "Follow" button.
  • Under the "Following" drop down menu, select "See First" in your news feed.
  • Under the "Following" drop down menu, select "On" for notifications.
And last but not least, be sure to routinely "Like", "Share" and "Comment" on our page. If Facebook doesn't see that you are interacting with our posts, they will remove us from your Facebook Feed.

Plus, by sharing our posts, you are helping our mission in educating and rehoming bostons. 
Share your travel plans with MABTR and  
in return help out a Boston 
As many of you know MABTR covers 13 states. 75% of our adoptions occur between foster homes and adopters in different states, requiring MABTR to set up a transport by car.  We do not fly our dogs.

Many of us travel for business or pleasure by car so we ask that you share with us your travel plan should you have room for a Boston to hitch a ride.

Just some examples, and not limited to, of routes completed.  Note that some routes are short distances where others a whole day:
  • Colorado Springs, CO to Cheyenne, WY
    • Omaha, NE to St Louis, MO
      • Omaha, NE to Boise, ID
        • Des Moines, IA to St Paul, MN
          • Kansas City, MO to Springfield, MO
            • ... the list goes on 
Share with us your travel plans - even those scheduled in the future. 
It is simple.  Just email your starting and ending location, date(s) of travel, and your name and phone number.  We will file the travel schedule shared and if the need approaches we will contact you with details.

Most of our dogs ride well in cars without a crate, but if you require a crate we can supply one. 
The doggies thank you for allowing them to hitch a ride!!!!!  Without drivers we would struggle moving our dogs closer to their forever homes.
Remember that you can write off at tax time your gas or mileage when transporting our Bostons.  
Littleton, CO
Des Moines, IA

Thank You for Your Donation! 
$50 in memory of Larry Braqa
$120 Raymond N
$100  Patricia F, Kathleen B, Deborah B, Judy M, Morgan G, Brad D, Marlana C, Karen M,  Claudia E, David N, David E, Susan S, Deborah B, Judy M, Morgan G, Brad D, Marlana C, Karen M, Caroline W, Audrey C
$93.46  Giving Campaign
$85 Robin B
$80 YourCause
$75 Kimberly K, Denise S, Johnson & Johnson
$60 Lori L, Leslie M, Cynthia K
$50 Dennis D, Pet Stuff MO, George M, Dana G, Kimberly M, Virginia P, Barbara N, Aaron S, Leah G, Gail W, Chad B, Courtney M, Angela L, Marjorie A, Maureen W, Carol N, Monu R, Janet S, Pam M, Barb K, Susan C, Candace L, Erica L, Charity C
$40 Diane B, Susie M, Matthew S, Pam M, Ashley H, Michael M, Sara S, Diana Z
$37.69 Network for Good
$30 Sara B, Angela P, Kelly B
$25 Karla R, Kathleen P, Paul M, Amy J, Christy C, Kelly B, Nancy W, Patricia M, Brico B, Brad W, Jeana L, Kristen D, Patricia R, Patricia M, Catherine G
$20 Mary A, Lisa M, Kerin P, Elizabeth M, Jerome M, Jeffery B, Mary S, Lacey E, Jackie R, Tammy P, Joe D, Grace T, Katherine F, Angela P, Ann A, Lisa B, Angela C, Cindy F, Loni D, Mart D, Veronica Z, Danielle K, Reynold P 
$15 Mark S, Robert S, Jeanna P
$10 Gerald P, Kelly B, Robin B, Pets4Christ, Kristin H, The Singing Boston, Daniel C, Angie V
$5 David H
$2 Michael S
$1.50 Jose H
$1.10 Scarlet A
All donations are tax deductible!

Wall of Fame  


No anesthesia Dental Cleaning
Boulder, CO
Well Animal Institute offers dental cleanings that are anesthesia-free.

So many dogs are in need of dentals; however, health concerns may deter them from getting what is needed. 

Here is your solution for only $185!

For every dog that  comes in and gets their teeth cleaned, 
$30 goes towards a rescue.

Win-win for MABTR and the dogs!

Volunteer Opportunities

Our rescue organization has a very hard-working and dedicated crew of volunteers committed to improving the lives of Boston Terriers and Boston mixes across 13 states.


If you are interested in helping please email your interest and contact information to


Also make sure to add yourself to our email list by clicking here

Include your state so you get the proper notices.


You're in for a rewarding experience! Opportunities to help include:

  • Newsletter articles
  • Volunteer at local events
  • Fundraising
  • Fostering
  • Babysitting
  • Transporting
Quick Links
(monetary or items) are

100% volunteer-driven. Your entire donation amount goes towards rescuing, rehabilitating, and re-homing Bostons in need in foster care.

Employer Match Programs
Did you know that many employers will match your donation to a 501(c)3 organization? Some even pay a flat fee to the organization for volunteer hours! 
Check with your human resource department for details!
A few companies we know of are:
  • AT&T
  • Wells Fargo
  • MidAmerica Energy Holding Comp.
  • Pfizer
  • Allstate
  • CenturyLink
  • CNA Surety
  • CSG
  • 8z Real Estate
  • Great Western
  • Thrivent Financial
  • Western Union
  • SalesForce
  • Microsoft
  • United Way
  • First National Bank
  • Lockhead Martin Corporation
  • Benevity: Apple, Google, ADP
  • Johnson and Johnson
  • United Healthcare
  • Walmart
Fundraiser Results
Boston Boo in ...
Colorado - $683
Kansas City - $117
St Louis  - $241
Omaha - $1,033 
Thanks to ALL 
who participated!!!
  Adoption Corner...
~~Happy Tails~~

 26 dogs rescued

in October!


198 dogs rescued to date in 2017


3,306 dogs rescued since November 2005!


We ask that you help us educate the public about their options when looking for a new pet. We appreciate the fact that you are not purchasing your pet from a pet store that sells lives animals, since 98% of all puppies in a pet store come from terrible situations such as puppy mills. For more information on puppy mills visit our site and read all you need to know about puppy mills.


If you are interested in a breed other than a Boston check out the links below.


-Rescue list by breed 

-Google search under

"breed" rescue"

AGE is just a number
I wish applicants would make personality and behavior priority when adopting a dog but the truth is that a majority are not even interested in learning about a dog if it is out of their age range.

Remember that just because a dog is young does not guarantee he/she will live to be 14. MABTR cannot promise anyone how long a dog will live. We unfortunately have experienced the loss of a life at a very young age unexpectedly.

MABTR is not prejudiced when it comes to rescuing. A life is precious no matter
*gender   *age
*disability  *health

has NO
age limit!
Photo Contest 
October theme:
" Halloween "
The winner is...
owned by Alexa S.
Thanks to ALL  
who participated!!!
November's theme will be " Thanksgiving - stuffing my face "
Raffle Results
Congrats to
Debbie F of KS     
who won the Boston Quilt, which raised $2975 !!!

Thanks to everyone who participated!
Monthly Raffle
Holiday Set 
Holiday variety pack includes two glass Boston ornaments, one cloth ornament, one gift bag 9.5 x 7.5, pair of socks 9-11 adult, 4×4 wood ornament, 16 holiday cards with envelopes, 10 x10 wood hanging plaque, and a 100 piece puzzle

Make a donation
in Memory of..
in Honor of...
of someone special
(human or pet)
MABTR has a program that will mail your special someone a card recognizing the individual pet or human
that your donation was made in behalf of.

  Make your donation here
Boston FB Groups to 'Like' by city
Did you know that there might be a Boston Terrier fan page on FB in your area?  You should consider joining in!

Click below for the link in your area! 

St Louis
Saying Goodbye

"Keep their memories close to your heart and remember in another time, in a beautiful place, you will see them again."
   Golden Paws for Golden Years

Did you know
that MABTR has such a program where an adoptor 60 or older adopting a Boston 7 years and older receives $50 off the adoption fee?

Local MABTR Events 
***Join us!***
~all breeds welcome~
Saturday, Nov 4
2nd Annual Wine Tasting and Art Action
3 - 6pm
Avanti Winery, 9046 W Bowles Ave
Click here for more details!
Saturday, Nov 18
Meet and Greet
1 - 4pm
Riley's Pet Supply, 7580 S Pierce St
Saturday, December 2
Castle Rock
Santa Photos
Chuck and Don's, 4765 Front St.
More details to come!

Sunday, December 3
Santa Photos
11am - 3pm
Chuck and Don's, 6380 S Parker Rd
Saturday, December 9
Christmas Party
4 - 8pm
Destiny's Paws, 5950 S Platte Canyon Rd
More details to come!
Sunday, Nov 19
1 - 2pm
2800 78th St.
Free admission!  Door prizes, water... Kids and vaccinated dogs welcome.
Click here for more details!

~St. Louis area~  
Saturday, Nov 11
St. Louis
Monthly Playdate
1:30 - 3:30pm
Museum of the Dog, 1721 S Mason Rd.
$5 per dog.  All breeds welcome! Children friendly! 

Saturday, Dec 16
St. Louis
Monthly Playdate - Holiday Themed!
1:30 - 3:30pm
Museum of the Dog, 1721 S Mason Rd.
$5 per dog.  All breeds welcome! Children friendly! 

~KC Area~
December 2 & 3
Kansas City
Great KC Pet Expo
KCI Expo Center, 11730 N Ambassador Dr
Free admission!
Click here for more details!

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!
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