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October 2017
 Happy Halloween
 MABTR's 10 Day Challenge
Thank you to all those that sent in money as a result of our 10 Day Challenge.  MABTR's goal is to pay off our medical credit card bill every month in order to not accrue interest.

In September our balance due was $15,262.77 with available funds in the bank of only $8,746.
We set a challenge to raise $6,500 in 10 days, one day shy of when the balance is due.  We went beyond our goal raising $7757.00 in 10 days. 
Donations are always welcome as we will always provide our dogs with the medical care they need but unfortunately adoption fees do not come close to our investment.  click here to make a donation today 
Thanks again for your support!  
Annual T-shirt Quilt Raffle
-one of a kind-
Winner announced Oct 26th via FB & Nov 1 via Newsletter
Halloween Safety Tips for your Dog 
Halloween can be the spookiest night of the year, but keeping your pets safe doesn't have to be tricky. The ASPCA recommends taking these simple, common sense precautions to keep your pet happy and healthy during this holiday
Stash the Treats 
The candy bowl is for trick-or-treaters, not Scruffy or Fluffy. Several popular Halloween treats are toxic to pets. Chocolate in all forms-especially dark or baking chocolate-can be very dangerous for cats and dogs, and sugar-free candies containing the artificial sweetener xylitol can cause serious problems in pets.  
Watch the Decorations and Keep Wires Out of Reach 
While a carved jack-o-lantern certainly is festive, pets can easily knock over a lit pumpkin and start a fire. Curious kittens are especially at risk of getting burned or singed by candle flame. Popular Halloween plants such as pumpkins and decorative corn are considered relatively nontoxic, but can produce stomach discomfort in pets who nibble on them.
Be Careful with Costumes 
For some pets, wearing a costume may cause undue stress. The ASPCA recommends that you don't put your dog or cat in a costume unless you know he or she loves it. If you do dress up your pet for Halloween, make sure the costume does not limit his or her movement, sight or ability to breathe, bark or meow. Check the costume carefully for small, dangling or easily chewed-off pieces that could present a choking hazard. Ill-fitting outfits can get twisted on external objects or your pet, leading to injury.
Be sure to have your pet try on the costume before the big night. If he or she seems distressed or shows abnormal behavior, consider letting your pet wear his or her "birthday suit" or don a festive bandana instead.
Keep Pets Calm and Easily Identifiable 
Halloween brings a flurry of activity with visitors arriving at the door, and too many strangers can often be scary and stressful for pets. All but the most social dogs and cats should be kept in a separate room away from the front door during peak trick-or-treating hours. While opening the door for guests, be sure that your dog or cat doesn't dart outside. And always make sure your pet it wearing proper identification-if for any reason he or she does escape, a collar with ID tags and/or a microchip can be a lifesaver for a lost pet.
In August of 2016 I lost my long time friend and family member Penny (Boston Terrier).  She had suffered with a brain tumor for several years.  I took some time to grieve her loss and then started my search for a new best friend.   
A friend of mine had recommended checking into MABTR.  I checked the various adoption possibilities they had available and soon found Desi.  I am SO GLAD I did too because, I first overlooked her because of her name.  I first thought she was a male and I was in search of a female that would get along with my best friends little male dog Charlie.  We do so many things together it was important that our dogs could get along well.  And, by the way, Desi and Charlie are now the best of friends!!   

In November of 2016 Desi became the newest member of my family.  Desi has been a God send for me.  I am a widow so I live alone.  Desi has brought light back into my life, she makes me laugh, she keeps me active and involved, and she goes everywhere with me.  Desi was 11 when I adopted her and she has now turned 12.  She is blind in her right eye and none of this slows her down.  She is the best friend I could have ever asked for.  I love photography and one of our favorite things to do is go for long walks while I photograph nature.  She goes with me to visit my Mom and other family members and is loved wherever we go.  We even go and visit the elderly people in various nursing home facilities.  I can't begin to express how much she means to me!!  I'm attaching some pictures of her!!

Thank you so much for allowing me to make her a part of my family!!  She is so amazing!!  I am blessed to have her in my life and love her so much!!  If you need anything else please feel free to email me!!  Thank you, Rhonda O. of IA 
Adoptable Dog of the Month
My name is  Toots. I am a 7 year old Boston MIX and weigh 26 pounds with a cute little tail that wags a lot.

My mom was a purebred Boston. My family was moving and could not take me along. I am being fostered in Dubuque, IA.

I am a very well behaved sweetheart! I even gave my foster mom kisses the first day I met her. I like following her and my foster dad around and love being around them. I also like to go in my kennel for a treat before they leave for work. She tells me what a good boy I am every day. Who says an old dog can't learn new tricks? I've learned to shake paws so far. I am a smart pup and also quickly learning not to bark at people and strange noises as I become more familiar with my new surroundings. I also let you know when I need to go outside to potty by getting your attention and barking.

I do get nervous around thunder and fireworks. I am very good at coming when called and know commands like "no", "off", "kennel", "sit", "lay down", "stay", "potty", "stop", "outside", "down" and "walk". Don't let my age fool you. I really love to ride in the car and make my foster parents laugh when I hop into any whatever opening in their vehicles. I'm always ready to go! I love playing ball and running around the yard with my Boston brother. I quiet down quickly after play and enjoy resting and playing with my toys until its time for bed. I also like to help you clean the house by licking the tile floor, the carpet and shower!

I love being petted and brushed too. I'm just a happy and lovable guy! I would do best in a moderate activity family with multiple members and another dog.

~~Eligible for the Golden Paws Program!!!~~
Adopters aged 60+ yrs who adopt a dog 7 yrs and older get
$50 off the adoption fee!!!   
Ask Jennifer
Q: Does your pet have a dry, dull, course, and/or flaky coat/skin?  
A: MABTR has found flax seed oil or coconut oil replenishes the oils the coat/skin are missing for a nice shiny, soft coat and no more flakes.
You will see a difference in just a week and having your dog on flax seed oil or coconut oil; 30 days will make a big difference, along with a good diet.
You can find flax seed oil with omega 3 (key is it has to be 'oil', no seed or powder) at most stores.   

Coconut oil can be found pretty much anywhere but we purchase at Sam's Club in bulk.  You do not need the expensive stuff.  For flax seed oil,  make sure once you open the bottle it goes in the fridge.  Bostons get one tablespoon a day.  Most will eat it right off the plate or place it over their food.

One more tip - wipe baby oil on your dog's coat to control the flakes until the skin has completed treatment.
See more: Link to our FAQs here   
Esty FALL SALE - tank tops
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Why you aren't seeing
our Facebook Posts 
Have you noticed that you aren't seeing our Facebook posts very often? Well it's not just you! Due to changes in the way Facebook works, less and less of our posts are showing up on your timelines. If fact, less than 5% of you see our posts daily! And sadly, this means you are missing a lot of our amazing rescue stories and videos!

The good news is Facebook has created a way around this using new settings.

Read the instructions below, go to our Facebook page and update your settings on your desktop or mobile device so you won't miss a thing!
  • Visit our FB page -
  • Make sure you have clicked the "LIKE" button on our page.
  • Click the "Follow" button.
  • Under the "Following" drop down menu, select "See First" in your news feed.
  • Under the "Following" drop down menu, select "On" for notifications.
And last but not least, be sure to routinely "Like", "Share" and "Comment" on our page. If Facebook doesn't see that you are interacting with our posts, they will remove us from your Facebook Feed.

Plus, by sharing our posts, you are helping our mission in educating and rehoming bostons. 
Share your travel plans with MABTR and  
in return help out a Boston 
As many of you know MABTR covers 13 states. 75% of our adoptions occur between foster homes and adopters in different states, requiring MABTR to set up a transport by car.  We do not fly our dogs.

Many of us travel for business or pleasure by car so we ask that you share with us your travel plan should you have room for a Boston to hitch a ride.

Just some examples, and not limited to, of routes completed.  Note that some routes are short distances where others a whole day:
  • Colorado Springs, CO to Cheyenne, WY
    • Omaha, NE to St Louis, MO
      • Omaha, NE to Boise, ID
        • Des Moines, IA to St Paul, MN
          • Kansas City, MO to Springfield, MO
            • ... the list goes on 
Share with us your travel plans - even those scheduled in the future. 
It is simple.  Just email your starting and ending location, date(s) of travel, and your name and phone number.  We will file the travel schedule shared and if the need approaches we will contact you with details.

Most of our dogs ride well in cars without a crate, but if you require a crate we can supply one. 
The doggies thank you for allowing them to hitch a ride!!!!!  Without drivers we would struggle moving our dogs closer to their forever homes.
Remember that you can write off at tax time your gas or mileage when transporting our Bostons.  

Thank You for Your Donation! 
$150 in honor of our sweet Tully Dew's 9th birthday
$50 in memory of Molly Merrick
$50 in memory of Higgins
$25 in honor of Bella
$20 in memory of Molly
$500 Lauri H
$300 Mary C, Megan F
$250 David E, Anne B, Eric P
$216.76 Network For Good
$200 Marilyn D, Susan M, Tammie P, Deepak K, Bounce Software Team, Gary F
$175 Tamera H
$125 Toni S
$120 Raymond N
$100 Lori L, Lisa L, Claudia M, Jennifer V, Audrey C, Wayne G, Clay M, Heather S, Desi G, Susie M, Chris T, Evan H, Deidre T, Vicki F, Trish R, Rachael O,
Claudia E, David N, David E, Susan S, Deborah B, Judy M, Morgan G, Brad D, Marlana C, Karen M
$93.46  Giving Campaign
$75 Kimberly K, Denise S
$50 Audrey C, Dennis D, Pet Stuff MO, George M, Dana G, Kimberly M, Virginia P, Barbara N, Caroline W, Aaron S, Leah G, Gail W, Chad B, Courtney M, Angela L, Marjorie A, Maureen W, Carol N, Monu R, Janet S, Pam M, Barb K, Susan C, Candace L, Erica L
$40 Diane B
$30 Lori L, Leslie M, Cynthia K, Sara B, Angela P
$25 Charity C, Karla R, Kathleen P, Paul M, Amy J, Christy C, Kelly B, Nancy W, Patricia M, Brico B, Brad W, Jeana L, Kristen D, Patricia R
$20 Matthew S, Susie M, Pam M, Ashley H, Michael M, Diana Z, Sara S, Mary A, Lisa M, Kerin P, Elizabeth M, Jerome M, Jeffery B, Mary S, Lacey E, Jackie R, Tammy P, Joe D, Grace T, YourCause 
$15 Mark S, Robert S
$10 Katherine F, Cindy F, Kelly B, Ann A, Angela P, Lisa B, Angela C, Robin B, Mart D, Loni D, Veronica Z, Pets 4 Christ, Kristin H, The Singing Boston, Daniel C, Danielle K, Andrew B  
$5 Angie V, David H
$2 Michael S
All donations are tax deductible!

Wall of Fame  


Olathe, KS
Glendale, CO
Omaha, NE
Volunteer Opportunities

Our rescue organization has a very hard-working and dedicated crew of volunteers committed to improving the lives of Boston Terriers and Boston mixes across 13 states.


If you are interested in helping please email your interest and contact information to


Also make sure to add yourself to our email list by clicking here

Include your state so you get the proper notices.


You're in for a rewarding experience! Opportunities to help include:

  • Newsletter articles
  • Volunteer at local events
  • Fundraising
  • Fostering
  • Babysitting
  • Transporting
Quick Links
(monetary or items) are

100% volunteer-driven. Your entire donation amount goes towards rescuing, rehabilitating, and re-homing Bostons in need in foster care.

Employer Match Programs
Did you know that many employers will match your donation to a 501(c)3 organization? Some even pay a flat fee to the organization for volunteer hours! 
Check with your human resource department for details!
A few companies we know of are:
  • AT&T
  • Wells Fargo
  • MidAmerica Energy Holding Comp.
  • Pfizer
  • Allstate
  • CenturyLink
  • CNA Surety
  • CSG
  • 8z Real Estate
  • Great Western
  • Thrivent Financial
  • Western Union
  • SalesForce
  • Microsoft
  • United Way
  • First National Bank
  • Lockhead Martin Corporation
  • Benevity: Apple, Google, ADP
  • Johnson and Johnson
  • United Healthcare
  • Walmart
Fundraiser Results
NE Pet Celebration - $287
Thanks to ALL 
who participated!!!
  Adoption Corner...
~~Happy Tails~~

 21 dogs rescued

in September!


172 dogs rescued to date in 2017


3,280 dogs rescued since November 2005!


We ask that you help us educate the public about their options when looking for a new pet. We appreciate the fact that you are not purchasing your pet from a pet store that sells lives animals, since 98% of all puppies in a pet store come from terrible situations such as puppy mills. For more information on puppy mills visit our site and read all you need to know about puppy mills.


If you are interested in a breed other than a Boston check out the links below.


-Rescue list by breed 

-Google search under

"breed" rescue"

AGE is just a number
I wish applicants would make personality and behavior priority when adopting a dog but the truth is that a majority are not even interested in learning about a dog if it is out of their age range.

Remember that just because a dog is young does not guarantee he/she will live to be 14. MABTR cannot promise anyone how long a dog will live. We unfortunately have experienced the loss of a life at a very young age unexpectedly.

MABTR is not prejudiced when it comes to rescuing. A life is precious no matter
*gender   *age
*disability  *health

has NO
age limit!
Photo Contest 
September theme:
" Best Smile "
The winner is...
owned by Thera M.
Thanks to ALL  
who participated!!!
October's theme will be " Halloween "
Raffle Results
Congrats to
Mary B of MO    
who won the Boston socks, which raised $345 !!!

Thanks to everyone who participated!
Monthly Raffle
T-shirt Quilt 
One of a kind - double sides with 18 t-shirts.

Make a donation
in Memory of..
in Honor of...
of someone special
(human or pet)
MABTR has a program that will mail your special someone a card recognizing the individual pet or human
that your donation was made in behalf of.

  Make your donation here
Boston FB Groups to 'Like' by city
Did you know that there might be a Boston Terrier fan page on FB in your area?  You should consider joining in!

Click below for the link in your area! 

St Louis
Saying Goodbye

"Keep their memories close to your heart and remember in another time, in a beautiful place, you will see them again."
   Golden Paws for Golden Years

Did you know
that MABTR has such a program where an adoptor 60 or older adopting a Boston 7 years and older receives $50 off the adoption fee?

Local MABTR Events 
***Join us!***
~all breeds welcome~
Saturday, Oct 14
Meet & Greet
11am - 3pm
Chuck & Don's, Cherry Creek - 201 University Blvd

Saturday, Oct 21
Boston Boo
6 - 8pm
For the Love of Dog Doggie Daycare - 4751 E. Virginia Ave
$5 per dog - kids and adults free!
See flyer at left for details!

~St. Louis area~  
Saturday, Oct 7
St. Louis
Puppies + Pies
Noon - 3pm
Start Bar -  1000 Spruce Street Front 1W
Love puppies?  Love pizza?
Come to Start Bar for some great specials and fundraising for MABTR, to include...
 - 50% off pizza sales
 - 20% off Afternoon Delight, Master Slush, and Honey Lemonade sales.
 - Bentley's Pet Stuff will also be present with coupons, goodies, and a silent auction.
LOTS of fun stuff going on!  Click here for more details!

Saturday & Sunday, Oct 28 - 29
St. Louis
Amazing Pet Expo
St. Charles Convention Center
Free admission!
Exhibitions, activities, entertainment, and more.
Click here for more details!

~KC Area~
Saturday, Oct 7
Annual Barktoberfest
10am - 9pm
Shawnee Mission Park's Theater
Pet and Music Festival - Free admission!
Food, drinks, activities, vendors, and kid zone.
Click here for more details!

Saturday, Oct 14
Boston Boo
Bentley's Pet Stuff - 14905 W 119th (Center Pointe Shopping Center)
Free admission!
See flyer at left for more details!

Saturday, Oct 21
Kansas City
Pooches and KC Kids Compassion Pet Expo
9am - 3pm
Penn Valley Off-Leash Dog Park - S 29th St & Wayandotte
Free admission!
Pet parade, costume contest, vendors, entertainment, food, and more.
Click here for more details!

Sunday, Oct 22
Blue Springs, MO
Dogtober Fest
10am - 4pm
Kemper Outdoor Education Center - 8201 S Jasper Bell Rd in Fleming Park
Free admission!  Just bring a donation for the dog food drive.
Contests, games, demonstrations, and more.
Click here for more details! 

Saturday, Oct 8
Boston Boo
10am - noon
Sue's Park - 5901 S 51st St
Free admission!  Breakfast served!
See flyer at left for details!

Sunday, Oct 1
Des Moines
Puppy Up Cancer Walk
1 - 4pm
Gray's Lake Overlook Terrace - 2101 Fleur Dr.
MABTR along with other vendors supporting the cause.  Fair, Silent Auction, Free Food, Demonstrations, Dog Costume Contest, Entertainment and Games.
Click here to view the schedule and sign up to walk!

Saturday & Sunday, Oct 21-22
Des Moines
Great Iowa Pet Expo
Iowa State Fairgrounds - 3000 E Grand Ave
MABTR will be exhibiting at this annual event both days.
Click here for details and times!
No anesthesia Dental Cleaning
Boulder, CO
Well Animal Institute offers dental cleanings that are anesthesia-free.

So many dogs are in need of dentals; however, health concerns may deter them from getting what is needed. 

Here is your solution for only $185!

For every dog that  comes in and gets their teeth cleaned, 
$30 goes towards a rescue.

Win-win for MABTR and the dogs!

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