January 18, 2016  
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Liberty Mutual Insurance Drops Breed Restrictions

Good news for dogs everywhere! Add Liberty Mutual Insurance Company to the list of those who no longer believe that looks equals behavior. MAC applauds Liberty Mutual for understanding that each dog is an individual and for no longer asking for breed information on their home owners' insurance applications. Check out Liberty Mutual!!
"All About Dogs" Postponed 'til Spring
It seems that January is not a good month to schedule workshops! Watch for an announcement  for MAC's "All About Dogs" workshop to be held in the Spring. Same speaker, same agenda.

If you have paid to register for this meeting, we are holding your place for you! If you desire a refund now, please email us at info@massanimalcoalition.org

We will reopen registration when we announce the new date.
All About Dogs
Want creative ideas for foster care for dogs?  At the MAC All About Dogs meeting we will hear from Kristen Auerbach, Deputy Chief Animal Services Officer at Austin Animal Services in Austin, Texas. Kristen travels around the country speaking about various topics and she will talk to us about how innovative foster programs can help save more dogs with behavioral challenges.

MAC Board Meets With Advisors
On November 2, members of the MAC Board met at the MSPCA in Boston with our Advisory Council.  In an effort to bring the group up to speed we provided a review of MAC's programs and asked them for comments and suggestions.  We look forward to more frequent discussions because we value the experience and perspective that the Advisory Council members have to offer.    
Remembering Ed Powers 
For those who knew Ed Powers, they will remember his brilliant blue eyes, his quiet, thoughtful demeanor, his quick wit, and his devotion to animals.  Ed was the Director of Operations at Animal Rescue League of Boston, where he worked since he was a young man.  He was a founding MAC board member and worked very hard on our bylaws and the foundation of MAC.  In 2007 he left Massachusetts but remained in the field by working for Petfinder.com and then Purina.   Ed was also on the board of the Society of Animal Welfare Administrators.  Sadly, on October 28th Ed passed away at his home in Chapel Hill, NC. May you rest in peace and frolic with the animals, Ed.  
MAC 2016 Hot Topics Meeting Presentations Are Available
We had a great MAC Hot Topics meeting on October 23rd!
The meeting's theme was "Collaborating to Help More Animals".   
Visit the Hot Topics web page to view information about the meeting and download some insightful and inspiring presentations, including:
  • Shelter Stats Task Force presentation 
  • Informational video by Lorna Grande, DVM about the Human/Animal Violence Education Network (HAVEN)
  • The "I'm Animal Friendly" License Plate new marketing campaign "Drive like an animal (lover)" presented by Mark Bappe of Conover, Tuttle and Pace (CTP) videos (tailgating and distracted driver), a flyer and rack card (you can download them from our License Plate promotions page)
We also distributed the MAC 2015-2016 annual report which you can access on our website, too!
The MAC "I'm Animal Friendly" License Plate Program Granted $185,000 to 38 Worthy Organizations Across Massachusetts
Please help promote the sale of the license plate!  Need flyers and rack cards? We are happy to send you anything you need. Check out these great videos promoting the plate, and please feature them on your website and facebook page: the videos are called

And there are other fun "sharables" developed by Conover Tuttle Pace. THANK YOU TO CTP!   The flyers and rack cards can be downloaded from the License Plate promotion page on the MAC website.
Congratulations to all grant recipients!  Fluffy is just one pet who benefited from this program: 
Who's cuter than Fluffy? This tiny nugget, shown here with Dakin Humane Society staffer Kayla, just received her spay surgery, thanks to funding from the "I'm Animal Friendly" license plate, produced by the Massachusetts Animal Coalition (petplate.org). Her family brought her to Dakin for flea/tick treatment and to be de-wormed and microchipped, but found the spay surgery fee to be a challenge. That's where the MAC funding stepped in to save the day! 

With Valentine's Day coming, you can order an "I'm Animal Friendly" plate for the pet lover in your life AND help animals like Fluffy. Win/win! 

Chaanook is a four year old Australian Cattle Dog whose owner passed away after a fight with Stage 4 lung cancer.  While he was still with his owner, the Humane Coalition for Animals of Greater New Bedford arranged for him to be neutered through an "I'm Animal Friendly" license plate grant so that he could be ready to be adopted after his owner passed.  Chaanook is now in a very good home and he is doing very well. 
AniMatch for Cats is Moving Cats Around Massachusetts! 
BB was posted on AniMatch for Cats database, when she was struggling to adjust to life at a larger, busier shelter - despite being one of their office cats.  It was apparent that what BB needed was a quiet, low-traffic shelter to call home until she found her new people.  Thankfully, our friends at "Here Today, Adopted Tomorrow" shelter felt the same way and agreed to give her a try . . . and it worked!  BB went from shut down and aloof to confident and friendly while at Here Today, Adopted Tomorrow, and her adopters "fell in love with her at first sight", according to Director, Rachael Max.  The proof however, is in the photo below of BB relaxed, sprawled out in her new living room, playing with her new toys.  This is what AniMatch for Cats is all about; finding new avenues for cats like BB to be adopted!

AniMatch for Cats is actively seeking new Sending Organizations and Receiving Organizations.  If your org would like to become a part of this life saving program please contact us at catcaseworkers@macanimatch.org. Visit the AniMatch page on the MAC website for more info about the program.  
Meet MAC's three new board members!

Nancy Cullen served Standish Humane Society in Duxbury, MA in various capacities including Board Member and Director of D
evelopment through July 2016.  Nancy is a magna cum la ude, Phi Beta Kappa graduate of UMASS-Amherst with Bachelor of Arts  degrees in History and Political Science and a cum laude graduate of Boston College Law School.  For 30 years Nancy practiced corporate finance law as a Partner in a Boston law firm.  She retired in 2010 and helps animals in her spare time.  Nancy is currently the Client Liaison/Business Development for Just Around the Corner Pet Sitting & Dog Walking in Plymouth, MA.  Nancy is the proud "mom" of the world's friendliest kitties, 13-year-old tortie sisters Josie and Daisy.  
Valerie Wolf has spent her career working in "corporate America" in project management-related roles, predominantly in high-tech 
companies in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  Throughout her business life she's volunteered with several animal organizations in various capacities including lots (and lots!) of fostering, volunteer coordination, shelter support, and some TNR, while adoring and tending to her own brood of cats and rabbits. She recently left the corporate work and happily and finally added a dog to her family in 2012.  She's thrilled to be part of MAC and AniMatch for Cats.  She lives in Westford with her current family of cats, Rudy and Tommy, and her dog Iscah. 

John Perreault has spent most of his working life in animal welfare and in one place!  He has been the Executive Director at Berkshire Humane Society in Pittsfield, MA for 18 years. Work began on a 
new facility in 2001, and the following year BHS moved from its original location to a 26,000 square foot facility.  John has been responsible for many educational and outreach programs that continue to make a difference in the lives of animals and their people in the Berkshires!  John and his wife Laurie currently reside in Pittsfield with their 4 daughters and many BHS alum.  
A Big Shout Out and Congrats!

to the Animal Control Officers of AniMatch's participating organization, Thomas J. O'Connor Animal Control and Adoption Center, who have been awarded the 2016 Animal Control Officer of the Year Award. This is the first time this award has been given to a group - and what a terrific group it is! 
Check them out online! 

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