MAC Newsletter |January 2018
January News to Know
Locker Rentals
 Lockers are available to rent. 

Cost: $8.00/month

Please contact Amy Goff  if interested.
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Dear Members and Friends,

It is time for New Year's Resolutions version 2018. Oftentimes these goals include ways we may become better versions of ourselves.  With that thought in mind, I would like to share with our MAC family some remarks from a commencement speech given by Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer of Facebook, to the graduating class of University of California-Berkeley, on Saturday May 14, 2016. She gave this speech after her husband suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. I stumbled upon it online, shortly after she delivered it; I printed it, and I keep it with me at all times. I find her message to be both inspiring and uplifting, and I hope that you will enjoy these edited remarks as well, and perhaps discover a great idea for a new year's resolution as well. 

"... I'm sharing this with you in the hopes that today, as you take the next step in your life, you can learn the lessons that I only learned in death. Lessons about hope, strength, and the light within us that will not be extinguished....You will almost certainly face more and deeper adversity. There's loss of opportunity: the job that doesn't work out, the illness or accident that changes everything in an instant. There's loss of dignity: the sharp sting of prejudice when it happens. There's loss of love: the broken relationships that can't be fixed. And sometimes there's loss of life itself.... The question is not if some of these things will happen to you. They will. Today I want to talk about what happens next. About the things you can do to overcome adversity, no matter what form it takes or when it hits you. The easy days ahead of you will be easy. It is the hard days-the times that challenge you to your very core-that will determine who you are. You will be defined not just by what you achieve, but by how you survive... Finding gratitude and appreciation is key to resilience. People who take the time to list things they are grateful for are happier and healthier. It turns out that counting your blessings can actually increase your blessings. My New Year's resolution this year is to write down three moments of joy before I go to bed each night. This simple practice has changed my life. Because no matter what happens each day, I go to sleep thinking of something cheerful. Try it. Start tonight... I hope that you live your life-each precious day of it-with joy and meaning. I hope that you walk without pain-and that you are grateful for each step...And when the challenges come, I hope you remember that anchored deep within you is the ability to learn and grow. You are not born with a fixed amount of resilience. Like a muscle, you can build it up, draw on it when you need it. In that process you will figure out who you really are-and you just might become the very best version of yourself."

I wish for everyone in our MAC family peace, happiness, and success, however you define it, in 2018.  And, please continue reading the newsletter if your goals include fitness related objectives, as MAC is offering several new programs and training opportunities that may re-vitalize and challenge your workouts!

With Health and Happiness,

Melissa O'Toole

If you would like to watch the entire speech, click  HERE .

If you would like to read the entire speech, click  HERE.

MAC is launching MYZONE's new MZ-3 physical activity belt-a Bluetooth enabled, heart-rate based effort tracking device. The MZ-3 provides you with immediate, motivating feedback on all of your physical activity by displaying your exercise progress and history via the free MYZONE app.

Exercise wearing the MZ-3 to earn MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs). Wearing your belt during all activity, inside and outside of the club, helps you stay on track to get the results you want.
  • Set personal goals each month to stay challenged.
  • Compete with friends on a monthly leaderboard to keep your exercise fun. 
  • View your workouts in MYZONE's social network. 
  • Encourage friends and stay accountable with those in your network.
  • Share your progress with the world via MYZONE's social media integration.

Unlike wrist worn lifestyle trackers, MYZONE is extremely accurate and inclusive of all exercise efforts. Whether you are doing cardio, group exercise, push-ups, burpees, lifting weights or cycling outdoors, the MZ-3 will give you the fitness credit you deserve.

Enjoy using popular GPS tracking apps such as Strava, or using your own Bluetooth/Ant+ enabled devices, such as the Apple Watch or a Garmin bike computer? The MZ-3 and MYZONE app were built with versatility in mind so your heart rate data can be viewed through these platforms as well. MYZONE integrates seamlessly with other third party apps!

How does MYZONE work?
The system works by having members wear a heart-rate monitoring belt that sends their readings to their smart phone app and to screens around the club, in real-time. The information provided by MYZONE includes: color coded heart rate zone, calories burned, peak heart rate, average heart rate, duration of workout, graphs of work out intensity, and 

Our first club screen will be installed in the indoor cycling studio. 

Through a series of personalized,  color-coded tiles, users know precisely what heart-rate zone they are in at any given  moment during their workout, allowing them to put in optimum effort to obtain maximum  results. Users may view their workouts on their smart phone or on the TV displays. This data is also recorded within the user's online personal activity report, accessible  either through the MYZONE website or the free MYZONE app, allowing them to log in at any  time to see how close they are to reaching their goals. 

When and where do I buy a MYZONE belt?
Beginning December 4th, current MAC members may buy belts in the business office for $90.  The purchase of a belt also gives the MAC facility access code, so that users may access the full power of the program.

How will MYZONE be used at MAC?
MYZONE will be integrated into the club in a variety of ways.  First of all, users may access the program on their own during individual workouts.  Secondly, personal trainers will offer specific small group programs with a heart rate training focus. Thirdly, group exercise instructors will incorporate MYZONE into indoor cycling classes and select land classes in GX1.

MYZONE also offers games and challenges.  So, MAC staff will create challenges within the entire club membership and within smaller groups. Our first facility wide challenge will launch January 15, 2018. Currently, MAC personal trainers and group exercise instructors are participating in a staff only challenge, which is a race to 1300 MEPs (MYZONE effort points).

MYZONE integrates with the new spinning® bikes and the majority of MAC's other cardio equipment, like treadmills, ellipticals and stair climbers.

Does MYZONE work outside of the club?
YES! The MYZONE belt works wherever users participate in concerted physical activity.  The belt stores exercise data, so every workout counts.The MYZONE belt and app create an online logbook of the user's physical activity which can be viewed anywhere in the world.  Login online anywhere anytime and track activity and progress!

How can I learn more about MYZONE?
More information about MYZONE is available in several places online.  MYZONE has a website, Those who choose to purchase a belt will also have access to MYZONE has a channel on youtube, called myzonemoves.  And, the MYZONE trainers post daily on their FaceBook page, myzonemoves, as well as other social media platforms.

MAC staff will offer tutorials about how to set up an account and how to use MYZONE on various dates and times between 
January 1 and 15, 2018, and other scheduled times.

Video Link
Click HERE to watch an introductory video about MYZONE.

TENNIS & RACQUETBALL, Sandra,  adult programs,  youth programs, instruction

Women's Member-Guest Tournament
Congratulations to our women's member-guest tournament winners!  In the 8.5 division, Melissa Stewart & Paige Oostdyk defeated Kim Michael & Laurie Miller.  In the 7.0 round robin division, Michelle Wycinsky & Susan Greenspoon finished with the best record.  Lisa Pauley & Nancy Mihalko and Tanisha Moseley & Bindy Savedoff were very close behind.

Men's Member-Guest Tournament
Congratulations to our men's member-guest winners!  In the 9.0 division, Wayne Motley & Donnell Stewart defeated Chuck Snow & John Bennett,  6-3, 5-7, 1-0(8).  In the 7.5 division, Kevin Cousins & Adam Hamilton defeated James Gates and Mario Wright, 6-4, 6-4.  Special thanks to Darren Jones and Able Insurance for sponsoring this tournament.

Mixed Member-Guest Tournament
Registration is now open!  Please click the link below to sign up by January 11th.  There are only 16 spots at each level (8.0-9.0 or 7.5 and below).  The tournament runs nightly January 21st-26th.  Cost is $80 per team and includes 3 matches, refreshments, adult beverages, and a goody bag.  Prizes will be awarded for championship and all consolation round winners.  Registration will open to non-members on January 12th, if necessary in order to fill the draw.  If you are willing to pay the registration fee and need help finding a partner, please email tennis

Click HERE to register!

Other Upcoming Tournaments
  • Feb 12th, Love Doubles Mixed Tennis & Trivia Tournament, members can play with their sweetheart who is a member or non-member; tennis player or not. (weeknight) 
  • Mar 18th-23rd, Member-Member (Ladies & Men's) Spring Warm Up Tournament (weeknight)
Tennis Pro Lessons Special
MAC's newest tennis pro , Frank Taylor is offering private lessons until January 15th for just $36 (normally $52).  That's a 30% savings!!!  Please text him at 434 806 4864  to set up your lesson.

MAC Fridays
Please join us in the cafe to support our MAC teams this winter.  We will offer food and beverage specials from 6-9p on the following Fridays:
  • Fri, Jan 5th - World Team Tennis
  • Fri, Jan 12th - USTA Team Chronis & Kile
  • Fri, Jan 19th - USTA Team Williams & Talamo
  • Fri, Feb 2nd - World Team Tennis
  • Fri, Feb 9th - USTA Team Chronis & Talamo
  • Fri, Feb 16th - USTA Team Ealey & Moore
  • Fri, Feb 23rd - USTA Team Roberts & Mason
  • Fri, Mar 9th - World Team Tennis and Party
  • Fri, Mar 16th - USTA Team Ealey & Mason
Please come out and cheer for team MAC and enjoy food and beverage specials!

Spring Teams
The next tennis team registrations will start in February.  Below are the captains that we had in place last year.  If you would like to captain a spring team this year, please contact Sandra at
Ram Division - Ed Blackwell - 3.0, 3.5, 4.0
National Division - Chuck Snow - 4.0, 4.5, 5.0+ 
7.0 - Vince Lacovara
 6.0  or 7.0 - NEED A CAPTAIN
2.5 - Carolyn Martin
3.0 - Mark Chronis, Gail Gold
3.5 - Bernice White, Val Stephens, Team Fondren
4.0 - Beth Overacre
4.5 - Allen Huang
5.0+ - Allen Huang
4.0 - Reny Abraham
3.5 - Debbie Messmer
                   6.5 & below, 7.5 & below, 8.0 above - Mark Chronis
                  6.5 & below - NEED CAPTAIN

Tennis Bookings
If you are a MAC gold member and don't have a tennis bookings log-in to book tennis courts at MAC, please register today.  Go to and click on "create an account."
We use email addresses from this site to distribute important information about tennis programs and activities at the MAC.  You don't want to miss out!

MEMBERSHIP and BUSINESS OFFICE or 804 330 2222 ext 308, membership, billing

Reminder that membership dues will increase in January for Open Term Memberships only.  Silver Memberships increase $3, Gold Memberships increase $5.  Any members who recommit for another year or two in the month of January will receive a credit towards February dues for the difference.  

Also, the bill member later feature will no longer be an option when purchasing anything at MAC.  All items/services will need to be paid for at the time of purchase.


MAC Birthday Parties
Looking for a great spot to have your son or daughter's birthday party? Look no further! We handle the set-up, clean-up and all the fun in between. Your child can choose between playing games/sports in our basketball gym or swimming in the indoor pool, or playing in the water park and end the event with a celebration in our birthday room. Contact  Jill   Stansfield  at 330-2222 (ext. 318) for further details and to reserve your party today!

Click Here for more information about our MAC parties.

Parents' Morning Out 
Every Tuesday, we offer Parents' Morning out from 9am-1pm.  Price is $3/hr per child for Members and $5/hr per child for non-Members. Please sign up in Kids' Club by the day before your child will attend.

Parents' Night Out
Drop your child off for Parent's Night Out January 12th   from  5:00-8:30pm . The cost is $3 per hour per child for members and $5 per hour per child for non-members. Sign up by  Thursday before the event.  Please remember, our MAC Center Court Cafe offers a special $5 kids' meal during Parent's Night Out. Simply ask a Kids' Club staff member for further details about how to make this event even easier!

Click HERE for Group Exercise Attendance Policy

Yoga Sculpt
Fridays at 10:35am with Melissa
This hybrid  yoga -strength class is designed to target flexibility, strength training, and functional training by working multiple muscle group at all times, through multiple planes and in different directions.  The use of light weights works the muscles to fatigue and builds strength.  The flexibility focus helps to prevent injury. A few plyometric bursts will be thrown in just for fun. Prior experience with either fitness classes or  yoga  is suggested, as this is not a beginner's class. Come with bare feet and  yoga  mat, and be prepared to challenge your mind and body in new ways. Intermediate-Advanced

Tuesdays at 5:30pm with Heather M.
A full-body cardio jam session,  POUND   combines light resistance with constant simulated drumming.  The workout fuses cardio, Pilates, isometric movements, plyometrics and isometric poses into a 45 minute series.  Burn between 400-900 calories per hour, strengthen and  sculpt  infrequently used muscles, and drum your way to a leaner, slimmer physique-all while rocking out to your favorite music.  All levels

MAC Burn
Mondays at 4:45 pm with Melissa
Wednesdays at 10:35am with Melissa & Jen
Thursdays at 6:30pm with Tina
Sundays at 11:15am with Emily
This class offers 45 minutes of high intensity interval training designed to challenge the participants' fitness level.  Research shows that HIIT training is an efficient and effective approach to exercise.  Cardiorespiratory, strength, plyometric, and agility drills will be presented in timed intervals, and participants will use variety of equipment.  The goal is for the participant to push their expectations and their achievements. MYZONE® heart rate training will be utilized, but it is not required for participation. Intermediate-Advanced

Les Mills' Launch is January 12-14th, 2018!

FITNESS and PERSONAL TRAINING, personal or small group training

MAC offers a variety of private and small group fitness training programs, designed and coached by our personal training staff.  Please read about them below, and plan to try out some new types of training.

MAC Post Rehabilitation Program
The Midlothian Athletic Club (MAC) offers a facility conducive to a fully functional post-rehabilitation program. We have an indoor pool with handicap accessibility and a full water-based program with both group and individual training options.
2.     Equipment
Our facility offers a wide variety of cardio equipment that is beneficial to meeting the needs of clients recovering from injury. We have an extensive selection of Life Fitness, Cybex, ellipticals, treadmills and bikes (recumbent and stationary). In addition, the MAC offers FreeMotion resistance equipment and a newly renovated functional training room that accommodates all your rehabilitation needs. 
3.     Staff Background
Our staff is highly educated and equipped to handle the specific needs of anyone -from the athlete trying to get back to sport to the individual looking to transition back to a normal functionality.
4.     Benefits
  • Open relationship with physical therapists to work toward new goals
  • Private, customized sessions to continue building strength, flexibility and endurance
  • Progress checks and program adjustments as needed
  • Education about each exercise - What? / Why? / How?
  • Increased overall functionality
Jim Cohen, Director of Personal Training
MAC Performance Packages

MAC Barbell
MAC Barbell classes utilize the lifting equipment in the fitness area.

The rates for personal and small group training are:
$70 for 1 hour private session 
$40 for a 30 minute private session 
$700 for a package of 10 sessions, the 11th session is free 
$1400 for a package of 20 sessions (3 free sessions)
$80 for semiprivate 
$90 for 3 people small group 
$100 for 4 people small group 

Senior rates 
$55 hour private session 
$30 for 30 minute session 
$550 for 10 sessions (1 sessions free)
$1100 for 20 sessions (3 sessions free)
$65 semiprivate 
$75 3 people small group 
$85 4 people small group training 

Healthy Gourmet Express
MAC is pleased to announce a partnership with a local Richmond business, Healthy Gourmet Express.  This meal service company will provide meal plans specifically designed to help you lose weight, to help you build muscle, or to help you feed your family in a healthy manner. Meals may be ordered online and pick up at the MAC! Please visit their website and consider how this service may enhance your health and wellness goals, and save you time!

AQUATICS, aquatics programs for youth and adults, including swim team, pool maintenance

Important Aquatics Reminders
-When necessary, please be sure to share a lane with fellow lap swimmers and remember lap lanes in the outdoor pool are lap swimming.
-Cell phone use is strictly prohibited in the hot tub and in the locker rooms. 
-Please make sure that proper swim attire is worn in the pool and the hot tub. Workout shorts, cotton and denim are strictly prohibited.
-Please click HERE  for January lap lane charts.

ACTIVITIES,  activities  and member programs

Texas Hold 'Em Tournament
Our next day of poker is scheduled for Sunday, January 7th, from 1-4 p.m. Come and watch the Wild Card NFL Games while playing your hand at poker.  Click HERE to registe r,  or sign up at the front desk.  $20/members, $25/non-members.  Prizes for 1st and 2nd place, beer specials, and light hors d'oeuvres. Bring a friend and have a fun afternoon.

Wounded Warrior Racquetball Demo
Beginning Wednesday, January 10 , from 1-3pm, MAC will begin supporting the Wounded Warrior Organization and will continue supporting this program for the next few months. Come out and support the efforts and watch their rehabilitation demonstration. The MAC Cafe will be open.

Member Breakfast
Our complimentary member breakfast is scheduled for Wednesday January 17th from 7:30-9:30am in the cafe.  

Self Defense Class with Master Lorenzo Gibson
Master Lorenzo will teach a self defense course over two Thursdays, January 11 and 18, from 6:30-7:30pm.  The cost is $45 per person for both days. Please sign up at the front desk.

The benefits of taking a self-defense class are well worth the investment of time and effort and could potentially save your life.  Women and men will gain more confidence in themselves and their ability and willingness to tackle their  surroundings  when they learn self-defense techniques.

All Sports Spring Break Camp
We will have limited spaces so please sign up early for spring break camp at the MAC.  Register at the front desk.  Camp will be held April 2-6 for ages 5-13.  A $20 discount will be offered for everyone who registers before March 1.

(804) 330-2222