MAC COVID-19 Update
MAC webinar goes over Michigan status, fields county questions

During an hour-plus session with administrators and board chairs today, MAC staffers led by Executive Director Stephan Currie detailed Michigan’s current situation and key issues affecting county governments on the front lines of the corona response.

In an extensive Q&A period at the end of the webinar, commissioners and administrators raised the following issues:

  • Status of filing deadlines for local and state candidates for the 2020 elections: The governor has not issued an EO on this topic. Also, the Michigan Association of County Clerks has advised MAC that they are opposed to such an extension for operational reasons. The clerks understand the difficulties of achieving the signature requirements and instead of an EO that moves the deadline, they are proposing an alternative to achieve the same goal. 

 “I believe we had about 70 people participate, and I know several others wanted to but were themselves on different calls or digital meetings,” said Currie. “So many of these issues are moving targets, but we are doing our best to get answers for our members. As always, I urge everyone to regularly check our resources page at for the latest information we have.”

What about the state budget?

Many counties are wondering about the state budget situation as it applies to counties, a point raised several times during today’s webinar. Here’s where we stand.

First, the legislative fiscal agencies have not produced any projections on what the effects on General Fund revenues will be. Without such data, it’s not possible to provide any worthwhile guidance.

Rest assured, though, that MAC will be making the case at every opportunity that counties are essential to delivery of key services, such as public health, and that such services must be properly funded.

As these discussions begin, it’s vital for MAC to have as much detail as possible on counties’ financial strains – on both the revenue and expenditure sides. Send any such information to

Counties can request 30-day extension on F-65 reports

Counties have the option to request a 30-day extension to their deadlines for filing reports under the Uniform Budgeting and Accounting Act (Public Act 2 of 1968 ) and the Revised Municipal Finance Act (Public Act 34 of 2001), the state Treasury Department has announced.

Ordinarily, audited financial statements, Annual Financial Reports (F65) and Qualifying Statements (Form 5047) are due within six months of their fiscal year-end.

However, if counties are having trouble completing these required reports by the statutory deadline, Numbered Letter 2001-1 outlines the process for filing audit/f65 extensions. If a local unit would like to file a 30-day extension, please use these guidelines. Receiving an audit/F65 extension automatically extends the Qualifying Statement due date for the same period of time.

For questions, contact

MITA issues bulletin on road construction work

In a bulletin released today, the road construction industry group MITA reported:

“Consistent with other states, MDOT leadership affirmed that their construction projects will proceed, unless contractors on specific projects determine that there are COVID-19 concerns that precipitate a project shut down. Local agency and other critical infrastructure projects can proceed, if the involved public owner deems the project to be essential. MITA suggests that all contractors reach out to their respective owner agencies to request official written guidance regarding the clear definition of a project being ‘essential.’

“Not all construction projects, however, will be deemed ‘essential,’ and therefore several owners (public agencies and private owners) may make the decision to shut their own projects down and abide by the ultimate goal of the EO, which is to have as many people stay at home as possible. Ultimately most commercial and residential construction projects have been shut down at this point.”

MAC adds ‘heat map’ to website for county-by-county data

Working with our partners at the data firm Munetrix, MAC has installed an interactive “heat map” of the state showing COVID-19 data by county. In addition to the number of cases and deaths, the map will show cases per 100,000 residents.

Munetrix has offered to share the embed code for this map with our county members for their websites. If you wish to receive the code, send the request to

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