Are You Looking For a Unique Opportunity That Truly Rewards Your Efforts?
B2B clever service for busy tradesmen - Sell building equipment on-site
10 reasons to succeed with MACC :

  1. 56 years of experience - proven business model
  2. Innovative products & quality customer service - MACC is a leading brand with patented and/ or registered products - customers definitely remember you & buy from you year after year
  3. No direct competition - unique concept 
  4. Exclusive territories in England -  adapted from the successful European model 
  5. No experience in sales needed - Intensive training followed by one to one support in the field & ongoing support from our team     
  6. No stock to pay for - Demo product range included - Your van is your mobile showroom 
  7. We allow you to fully focus on sales while we handle logistics, invoicing and after-sales service for you    
  8. You enjoy being outdoors & meeting qualified professionals
  9. High earning potential - benefit from our special start-up offer
  10. Home-based - achieve your ideal work-life balance 
Neil Saunders,
MACC West Sussex

"I wanted to be the key to  the success of MACC in my area"
  "The company genuinely wanted me to succeed and was as important to them as it was to me"
Contact us today to book a day in the field and see for yourself the great potential behind our offer! 1222 049