August 12, 2022
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You are invited: Paid Leave Oregon Community Conversations
Paid Leave Oregon hosts weekly community conversations starting Tuesday, June 7 through the end of August 2022. This is an opportunity for employers, workers, and community members to learn more about the Paid Leave Oregon program.

The virtual conversations will include a 20-minute overview presentation by a member of the Paid Leave Oregon team, followed by time for questions and answers.

Forums are held virtually through Zoom: if you would like to attend a forum - please email no later than three business days before the forum with your accommodation request. Learn more about Paid Leave Oregon

Chamber Leadership MAC Class has a project need! One of the project requests for this year is from a local not-for-profit that has asked for help with the creation of raised garden beds. The class has a huge need and is asking for your help so that they can complete the project - THEY NEED WOOD! They are struggling to source wood and any help is appreciated.

If you have any spare wood laying around or have a connection to wood that you think would work for the creation of raised garden beds or for this project - PLEASE CONTACT Kerensa Bailey at Citizens Bank asap (503) 379-1891
McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce, 319 NE 5th Street, McMinnville OR 97128