February 16, 2022
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You won't want to miss our first networking event of the year. Join us for a fantastic overview of upcoming events with an opportunity to network with local business leaders.
Workers’ Compensation 101
February 24, 2022  10:00am – 11:30am
Workplace Wellness and EAP Programs
Peter Young, PPS Senior Consultant
  • Will discuss Paramount Preferred Solution’s Wellness Program
Jeff Vogel, Director, ProMedica EAP
  • Will discuss ProMedica’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
There will be time at the end of the presentations for Q & A. 
6 Surefire Ways You Can Overcome Freight Capacity Challenges
Sometimes, it’s just hard to find a truck. With a capacity crunch that’s been ongoing for as long as we can remember, the struggle to get your LTL loads covered is old news. But, it’s still relevant news. In fact, it seems like things are projected to get even tougher as more freight enters the network. So, while the capacity challenges continue, how can you get your loads covered without breaking the bank?
How to Weatherproof Your Technology
Prevent Disruptions with Data Backup and Business Continuity
Winter storms have swept across North America over the last few weeks, bringing snow, ice, heavy winds, and frigid temperatures to nearly every corner of the continent. With these storms have come associated disruptions both predictable and surprising—highlighting the need for better preparedness.
In mid-January, a powerful mid-Atlantic snowstorm buried Interstate 95, stranding some drivers in Virginia for more than 16 hours. Two weeks later, Winter Storm Kenan clobbered New England, dumping two feet of snow in a single day on Boston. Last week, Groundhog Day delivered a nationwide wintry mess, with power outages, school closures, and nearly 5,000 flight cancellations reported from the Pacific Northwest to the Rockies, the Great Plains, and the Canadian Maritimes.
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