Jan. 5 - Greeters at The Blue Quail

Jan. 12 - Greeters at The YC Heritage Museum hosted by Visit McMinnville

Jan. 16 - Women in Business "Personal Portable Survival Kit Preparedness"

Jan. 19 - Greeters at McMinnville School Dist. #40 - District Office

Jan. 19 - Ribbon Cutting
Great Harvest Bread Co.

Jan. 26 - Greeters at KeyBank



  wvmc Recology

waste management

CandD Landscape
McMinnville Water & Light


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MACC e-News - January 2018           Vol. 29 - #1
Dear McMinnville Chamber Member,
As I look forward to this year with great anticipation, I'd be remiss in not recognizing 2017's milestones. Here are a few to note:
  • Tracked over 33 legislative bills that were important to our member businesses.
  • Talked to legislators and wrote letters opposing business unfriendly legislation such as the BOLI Overtime Rule.
  • Organized a member visit to the capitol to meet with legislators, resulting in the largest attendance from one Chamber.
  • Organized 100 young entrepreneurs to set up their lemonade stands across McMinnville.
  • Arranged and organized the cooking of 1,200 turkey halves for Turkey Rama.
  • Welcomed over 7,000 attendees to the July 4th Celebrate in Mac event.
Membership programs:
  • Organized 49 Greeters at member businesses resulting in an average attendance of 87 members.
  • Arranged 9 Business After Hours resulting in some having over 100 attendees.
  • Ran 7 Women In Business programs on topics such as skin cancer awareness and success over stress.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting your chamber and the work we do on your behalf. I am especially grateful to the many businesses that sponsor our events, Lemonade Day, July 4th and Turkey Rama would not be possible without your continued support.

My wish for you is that 2018 exceeds your expectations and brings all your dreams to fruition. 
Thank you for supporting your chamber and your community through your membership.

Warmest regards,

Gioia Goodrum
With the New Year it is time to think about hosting GREETERS. We have some dates available in the New Year, but it is filling up fast. Contact Holly at:  hgleason@mcminnville.org to find out if hosting is part of your membership level and the dates available. This is a great way to share your story with an average of 87 people and wonderful exposure for your business.
Thank You, Reinvesting Members!
Chuck Colvin Auto Center - 1911
First American Title Company of Oregon - 1979
Baker Rock Resources West, LLC - 1980
Buchanan Cellers - 1980
Cascade Steel Rolling Mills - 1980
Davison Auto Parts, Inc. - 1980
Farnham Electric Construction - 1980
Gormley Plumbing + Mechanical - 1980
Hagan Hamilton Insurance Services - 1980
Haugeberg, Rueter, Gowell, Fredricks, & Higgins, P.C. - 1980
Housing Authority of Yamhill County - 1980
Larsen Motor Company - 1980
Linfield College - 1980
Mac Prescription Shop - 1980
Macy & Son Funeral Directors - 1980
McMinnville Gas - 1980
McMinnville School District #40 - 1980
McMinnville Water & Light - 1980
Metropolitan Agencies, Inc. - 1980
Oregon Lithoprint Inc. dba News-Register - 1980
ProBuild - 1980
Recology Western Oregon - 1980
Roth's Fresh Market - 1980
Ticor Title - 1980
US Bank - 1980
Western Title & Escrow - 1980
Centers Insurance Service, Inc. - 1984
Fitzpatrick & McKenzie - 1984
Riverbend Landfill - 1992
Wine Country Farm, LLC - 1992
Miller Chiropractic Health Clinic, Inc. - 1993
Excell Fitness - 1994
Windermere Pacific Crest Realty, Inc. - 1998
OVS (Oregon Vineyard Supply) - 2001
McMinnville Adventist Christian School - 2003
Lanning Family Chiropractic, P.C. - 2004
Home Town Dental - 2005
V2 Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, PC - 2006
Neurotherapeutic Pediatric Therapies, Inc. - 2006
McMinnville Economic Development Partnership - 2007
Edward Jones - 2007
MV Advancements - 2008
LCG Pence Construction, LLC - 2008
Solid Form Fabrication, Inc. - 2009
Fluid Communications - 2010
Homeward Bound Pets Adoption Shelter & Thrift Shop - 2010
Yamhill County CASA - 2010
Twist Salon, LLC - 2011
Yamhill Enrichment Society - 2012
Mikey's Pizzeria - 2012
Renaissance Travel and Events - 2013
Suite 4 - 2013
Laura Wallace CPA PC - 2015
Lawton Publishing - 2015
Wellness 2 Go Vending, LLC - 2015
Pacific Overland Express - 2016
Morris Carpet Cleaning of Oregon - 2016
Nathan Labunski Photography - 2016
Dayton Mercantile - 2016
Organic Valley - 2017
SEDCOR - 2017
The Good Land Company - 2017
Denison Cellars - 2017
Local Flow Health Bar - 2017
Zurvita A Higher Way of Life - 2017
Splash Gallery - 2017
Armstrong Family Chiropractic - 2017
Willamette Valley Hospice - 2017
Poseyland - 2017

Celebrating January Member Anniversaries

Do you want to reach a new market?
Do you want to get in touch with folks who have just bought a house and are committed to the McMinnville Area? We have the perfect opportunity for you to reach these people - The Welcome Home Packet. This program is a monthly mailing of your information to new home owners in McMinnville, folks who are either new to the area or new to home ownership who need to know what you have to offer them! You can be part of this welcoming arm of the community for only $35 per month and the inserts you would like to be included in the packet. Please contact Holly at hgleason@mcminnville.org or call 503-472-6196.
FREE to members - RSVP NOW -  http://bit.ly/2zNvTCG

Brooks Wines
Janie Brooks Heuck, Jaclyn Easton  TITLE Managing Director, Community Liaison
21101 SE Cherry Blossom Lane, Amity | (503) 435-1278 |  http://www.brookswine.com/

Brooks Wines is the living legacy of Jimi Brooks who was a Portland Native with a passion for Biodynamic farming and a hands-off approach to making Pinot Noir and Riesling.  When Jimi passed away suddenly in September of 2004, 12 winemakers from throughout the Willamette Valley pitched in to produce the 2004 vintage for the Brooks label. Jimi's son, Pascal, who was eight years old at the time, inherited the winery. Jimi's sister, Janie, took on management of the company, and Jimi's friend and assistant winemaker Chris William has been the head winemaker at Brooks ever since.

Located on an 18 acre vineyard in the Eola-Amity Hills, with a sweeping view of the Cascade Range, Brooks continues to produce Pinot Noir, Riesling, and other Alsatian style white wines. Brooks is certified Biodynamic vineyard and winery. The tasting room is open daily from 11:00-5:00. In addition to tasting flights, guests are welcome to relax in our living room style tasting room and enjoy a glass of wine, beer, or cider. We also offer daily food and wine pairings, fromage and charcuterie plates, a box lunch, and other snacks. Groups of 8 or more are welcome with an appointment. See our website, Facebook page, or Instagram account to keep up with current events at Brooks.

Runway Construction Delays at the McMinnville Municipal Airport
MCMINNVILLE, Ore. - Dec 26, 2017 - At last week's weekly construction meeting for the Runway 4-22 Rehabilitation project at the McMinnville Municipal Airport, Kerr Contractors Inc. announced the project completion is now expected to be sometime at the end of February, "weather permitting", and not the previously announced date of January 11, 2018. The remaining major work items associated with the project are asphalt paving of the Runway 4-22 and Runway 17-35 intersection, and infield safety area grading around Runway 4-22.

The contractor provided the following justification for this most recent delay to project completion: The current short-term weather forecast predicts relatively cold and wet weather conditions, which are unfavorable for paving.

As is the case for all City-funded projects, the contractor for the Airport project is held to a set of technical specifications (specs) for all elements of construction, including asphalt paving. For this project, Kerr Contractors is required to construct in accordance with FAA's specs. With cold and wet weather in the short-term forecast, Kerr Contractors has expressed concerns with their ability to meet the following project requirements:
* The FAA's asphalt pavement spec does not allow for asphalt to be placed in exceedingly cold or wet weather. The FAA includes this requirement because placing asphalt in exceedingly cold and wet weather has been proven to result in a low quality pavement surface. It should be noted that favorable paving weather often comes in short windows of time
during these winter months. Due to the amount of time needed to produce and transport the asphalt to the Airport, it can be challenging for the contractor to successfully predict when the weather will allow for a large enough window of time in which to pave. That said, the City is encouraging Kerr Contractors to take advantage of favorable weather conditions as they come, even if it results in multiple days of partial paving.
* The FAA specs also do not allow for asphalt to be placed when the asphalt mix temperature drops below 250 °F prior to paving. The asphalt for this project is produced and hauled to the Airport from a production plant in Sherwood. Although there may be asphalt plants located closer to the Airport than Sherwood, Kerr Contractors selected the Sherwood plant based on cost and the plant's ability to produce FAA's specified asphalt mix. The relatively long haul time from Sherwood, and colder temperatures in the short-term forecast, create additional risk of the asphalt mix temperatures dropping below the allowed minimum temperature.

The above requirements are designed to protect the Airport from an inferior finished product. Since the contractor assumes the risk of not being paid for asphalt pavement that does not meet the project specs, they have decided to delay paving operations until there are more favorable weather conditions. It should also be noted once the paving is completed, the FAA will need to perform a "Flight Check" to ensure all of the approach equipment such as the PAPI and Approach Lights are set properly and ready to be placed into service. The Flight Check is an actual flight of the approach using a specialized FAA aircraft that verifies the equipment settings. Until the FAA Flight Check is made and FAA approves the equipment settings, the runway lighting and approach equipment will remain turned off.

As a result of the delayed project completion, and as allowed in the construction contract, the contractor continues to accumulate financial  penalties for every day that construction continues beyond the contract end date. The City and its consultant, continues to monitor and work with Kerr Contractors to complete the project in a timely manner and insure the airport receives a quality product that meets FAA requirements.

Turkey Rama UPDATE
McMinnville's beloved festival, Turkey Rama, will take place next year, with the core of the event occurring in the downtown corridor, the second weekend in July. The McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce will lead the events downtown, facilitating the festivities, old and new, for community members, young and old. The representatives of both the Chamber and the MDA will continue to work together to make the event better than ever!

For information on the event, please contact: Rhonda Pope at rpope@mcminnville.org or by phone 503-472-6196.  For information on how to volunteer, please contact: Rhonda Pope at rpope@mcminnville.org or by phone at 503-472-6196.

We will keep you posted on plans for the event as they unfold.  Thank you for your continued support of the McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce. ~ Gioia

Bring in the New Year with some New Tips!
If you work for a small business or just want to learn new things, you won't want to miss this Workshop focusing on Instagram basics and increasing brand exposure and sales!

It will be held at Oregon Mutual Insurance on Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2018 at 8:05 AM - 9:35 AM. Registration and coffee at 7:45 AM. Workshop by Rick Weidner,  #mcminnvile_cool .

Workshop fee: $40. All proceeds will benefit SYL Foundation and Give a Little Foundation.
RSVP now at info@seeyalater.org or call/text 503-434-1730.

Yamhill County's Unemployment Rate drops to 3.9 Percent  
Yamhill County's unemployment rate was 3.9 percent in November, down from its revised rate of 4.1 percent in October. Over the past 12 months Yamhill County's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate has declined 0.5 percentage point. Oregon's statewide unemployment rate in November was 4.2 percent, essentially unchanged from its revised October rate of 4.3 percent. The national unemployment rate was 4.1 percent in November.
Yamhill County's employment losses in November were less than normal; total nonfarm employment decreased 250 jobs, when a decrease of roughly 300 jobs would be expected. Seasonally adjusted employment increased 50 between October and November. Yamhill County's employment level was about 1,800, or 5.7 percent, above its pre-recession employment peak in August 2007.

Yamhill County's employment increased 620 over the past year, a 1.8 percent increase. The increase was faster than the nation and Oregon. Oregon's employment was up 1.7 percent and the U.S. employment grew 1.4 percent over the past 12 months. Yamhill County's private sector employment was up 710 or 2.5 percent over the past year. Public sector employment lost 90 jobs, a decrease of 1.8 percent.

The fastest-growing private-sector industries over the past year included: construction (+200 jobs, or 11.4%); mining and logging (+20 jobs, or 10.5%); and manufacturing (+260 jobs, or 4.2%).

Next Press Releases -  The Oregon Employment Department plans to release the December county and metropolitan area unemployment rates on Tuesday, January 23 and the statewide unemployment rate and employment survey data on Wednesday, January 17.

Additional Beverages Included in Oregon's Bottle Bill  As of January 1, 2018
PORTLAND, Ore. - The Oregon Liquor Control Commission wants to remind consumers and retailers that additional beverages are now included in Oregon's Bottle Bill and have a refund value of 10 cents per container as of January 1, 2018. This change came as the result of Oregon statute, ORS 459A.702.

Most beverages in bottles or cans that are sold in sealed glass, metal, and plastic in sizes from 4 ounces up to 1.5 liters are included.

For more information on Oregon's Bottle Bill:

by accessing the Chamber's   Advocacy Updates

2018 4th Floor Members
Betty Lou's, Inc. Columbia Bank | Express Employment Professionals Freelin-Wade  Les Schwab Tire Center |  Meggitt Polymers & Composites |  Spirit Mountain Casino
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