August Classes

All classes are held Thursdays from 1-2pm at MACnician. We are located at  1450 Park Ave. West, Highland Park.

August 4      No class.

August 11  iCloud Photo Library/Photos. Learn how to manage your photos and videos using the Photo app and iCloud.

August 18  Take better photos and videos with your iPhoneThis class will teach you photography basics and show you how to make the most of the camera on your iPhone.

August 25  
No class. 

All classes are from 1-2pm and are $30.

Email Blair ( for additional information or to register.  

Top 10 Back To School Tips  
  1. Make sure your computer is backed up.  Use the built-in Time Machine feature and an external hard drive.
  2. Check your hard drive to make sure it's healthy. We can perform this quick assessment at Macnician for no charge.
  3. Do your updates.  Make sure your operating system and software (both computer and iPhone/iPad), including Microsoft Office, has the latest updates.
  4. Create a shared calendar between the student and parents that contains standardized testing dates, project due dates, other test dates and school holidays.
  5. Considering getting a new computer? We usually have used, refreshed laptops in the shop.  Want something new?  Make sure you take advantage of Apple's Back To School promotions and buy adequate storage space for growth over the next few years.
  6. Make sure you have at least 10% free of your total disk capacity.  Use a cloud service to free up space.  Or, get a larger capacity internal drive.
  7. Organize your Mac. Take the time now to clean out old documents, put things in folders and create new folders for this upcoming school year. 
  8. Organize your life and your family. Evernote is the best app to organize projects, vacations, college applications, etc. You can save emails, websites, photos and add your own notes.  
  9. Organize your emails. Clean out old emails and set up folders for this school year.
  10. Download any/all music, movies and TV shows from a reputable source such as iTunes. Using questionable sites for free media can expose your computer to malware.

Did you hear about our new Service Packages?

Macnician and AppleLearn are excited to announce we now have Service Packages, which include discounted rates, additional activities and remote support.

Use this opportunity to lock in service hours at less than Macnician's new hourly rate of $150/hour (effective July 1).

You can view all the details on our websites.

  • For additional details on Macnician's packages, click here.
  • For additional information on AppleLearn's plans, click here
Just a reminder that you can stop by MACnician for a hardware diagnosis, estimate or 15-minute consultation at no charge.

AppleLearn also has drop-in hours on Mondays 1-2:30 and Thursdays 2-3:30.  Come for a 15-minute session to get your questions answered. Please call or text Blair prior to stopping in to confirm she'll be there.

We also offer other services:
Apple mobile device repair - Craig Baron (847) 602-2438
Website development - Shelley Frisch (847) 274-8302

Brian Sugarman | Macnician | 224-770-0070 | Click Here to Email Brian |

Blair Miller | AppleLearn | 847-606-1546 | Click Here to Email Blair |