April 16, 2021
This year, the Maryland General Assembly conducted a legislative session unlike any other due to the enduring COVID-19 pandemic. The unique circumstances surrounding the 442nd legislative session, including necessary health and safety measures, posed a challenge for lawmakers and advocates alike.

Despite the unusual circumstances, MACo’s advocacy still led to more positive outcomes for its members. Bills that we supported had a greater likelihood of passage, while bills we opposed had a larger tendency to fail. MACo also helped improve many pieces of legislation through articulating county positions in amendments and will continue to work with State partners in several areas of ongoing administrative improvement.

Some of the big wins for the 2021 session include successful county initiatives to expand broadband access and strengthen support for our state’s front lines of public health and prevention efforts – the local health departments.

MACo also successfully supported legislation to establish an assistance program for homeowners facing tax sale, led a successful effort to restore veto-driven cuts to the Disparity Grant program, and ensured that Maryland will continue its ambitious and important move toward Next Generation 9-1-1.

Several bills were improved and passed with MACo amendments that relieved the strain on local resources. And overall, counties were saved from costly mandates and preemptive regulations.

Click on the links below for a detailed summary by policy category or get more details on MACo's session recap on Conduit Street.

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