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The American Space Museum & Walk of Fame has joined the ranks of Aspiration Academy supporters that recognize that our young scholars have a passion for learning.

Each month "Mr. Suspenders" as he is known to students (in real life Darin Roberts, the STEM Education Director) will oversee a “MAD Science” educational workshop at Aspiration Academy which will be a roadshow version of the workshops at the American Space Museum & Walk of Fame. 

Details are on their website.


At our inaugural workshop, our students were enthralled with his scientific experiments that were designed to educate, not simply entertain.

Each month Aspiration Academy students will continue to be inspired by the educational programs and hands-on workshops that will explore a STEM discipline in a way that relates to space exploration and is designed to be fun as well as educational! 

Our young scholars will learn about the influence of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math on the way things work in the universe and everyday life. These are wonderful additions to the regular curriculum at University Park Elementary School

Are you interested in joining our education nonprofit that deals with students that have a passion for learning? Our young scholars might not always have the opportunity to succeed but they certainly have the talent to succeed! Aspiration Academy provides that opportunity.

Are you a grant writer ready to do pro bono work to advance a revolutionary teaching concept? Are you an attorney that wants to have a powerful feather in your firm's cap? Are you a financial "angel" that will support our efforts? Please review our website aspirationacademy.org.

"Aspiration Academy will not replace anything being provided by the Brevard Public School System. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit which will expand each child's love of learning with opportunities for academic excellence. Our partnership with the American Space Museum & Space Walk of Fame is a typical example. Stay tuned as we announce more remarkable partnerships."


Bob Barnes

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