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(Treatment Recovery Education Advocacy for Teens with SUD In ME)
It's not late to Join for FREE CME!  
Are your adolescent and young adult patients struggling with substance use/misuse? Do you have the tools you need to help them?
Join us for a 12 block learning collaborative to increase your knowledge of substance use disorders and comprehensive treatment strategies to treat adolescents and young adults in primary care. Features outstanding faculty from across the country and here in Maine. There is no cost to attend. Open to primary care and behavioral health providers who have access to youth struggling with substance use and substance use disorders of all kinds. Collaborative begins in October/November and features asynchronous content, live webinars and two in-person sessions. There are options to take the entire series or select specific 'blocks' of interest. Continuing Medical Education credit is pending.

The ME SUD Learning Community is proud to launch their newsletter. To read an uplifting personal recovery story, view resources on opioid prescribing, or learn more about the ME SUD Learning Community, view the first edition here:
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