We are approaching the end of 2019 and firmly standing at the gates of 2020 with a very clear vision. I am excited about the direction of Young Black Entrepreneur Magazine and our partnerships with National Black Arts , Fulton County Arts & Culture , 8-time Emmy Award winning journalist- Maynard Eaton (The Maynard Report) , Own the Vision Foundation and The Women's Professional Basketball Alumnae.

There are a number of amazing events and exhibitions scheduled for this month. We are also building a terrific schedule for next year which includes our Atlanta Exhibition in February of 2020. For us to continue building upon our great work in our communities we will need additional partners who are as committed as we are. Combining resources, skills and creativity with strategic planning will continue to fuel our mission of building a stronger Atlanta.

Founding Publisher & Editorial Director
The New Masculinity Exhibition:

At the hands of America’s media machines the Black Man’s image has always been imbalanced and purposely misrepresented. Within every facet of American life Black Men are portrayed in a negative light.

Hardly is the Black Man seen or celebrated as a father, husband, provider and protector of his community. This current narrative has produced a toxic environment for the Black community which has led generations of misguided Black boys to grow downward into defeated and self-destructive Black males who will never taste the fruit of being a strong and forward moving Black Man.
Though it is not impossible, it is very difficult to become what you cannot see. With the ongoing American media warfare against Black boys, coupled with the alarming rate of absentee dads our communities are dying from within.

The New Masculinity Exhibition has been conceived and curated by visionary and Atlanta-based Arts business leader Okeeba Jubalo. His vision will begin with a virtual exhibition which will be launched from his digital flagship OkeebaJubalo.com on 11.28.19 @ 7pm

Jubalo and his team have selected a group of Black fathers and husbands from all walks of life who will be the celebrated center of this exhibition which can be experienced from the comfort of your own home. We are looking forward to sharing this paradigm shifting work with you.

October 18, 2019

“The very serious function of racism is distraction. It keeps you from doing your work. It keeps you explaining over and over again your reason for being,” – novelist Maya Angelou.
Hillary Rodham Clinton is arguably America’s quintessential gutsy woman. She has had the grit and grace to serve as the nation’s former First Lady, a U.S. senator, President Barack Obama’s Secretary of State and a Democrat presidential candidate, who nearly lost to President Donald Trump. She has also co-authored  The Book of Gutsy Women , which profiles her courageous political journey, and those of others like her.
Because of her stellar, if not remarkable career achievements, Secretary Clinton, was praised and honored at the 2019 SCLC annual convention by SCLC First Lady, Cathelean Steele. She was presented with the civil rights organization’s top trophy, it’s Realizing The Dream award at its 61st national July convention at Atlanta’s Hyatt hotel entitled:  Maintaining The Global Village…Housing, Health, and Our Common Humanity.
“I’m so happy to stand here with Secretary Clinton,” said Mrs. Steele during her SCLC Women’s Empowerment Luncheon. “She has realized many, many dreams and that’s the epitome of an empowered woman. I have been honored to sit in her office when she was Secretary of State, and to be in her presence several times. I don’t care what the Electoral College votes say, she is my President.”